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My real life horror story

I’ve been putting off writing about this because, well, it just feels like a waste of energy. But at the same time I feel like it’s important to get it off my chest.

So my m-i-l is indeed moving to Vancouver. I knew it was going to be happening soon-ish. Her original plan was to get here in mid-December, but then because we won’t be around at Xmas she was thinking of going to Europe to visit family there for the holidays. (Yeah I know, must be nice to be able to do that AND make a major move all within weeks of each other – I have no idea how she manages to do things that way, but whatever!) She IS going to Europe for the holidays…except – SURPRISE! – just the other day she sends James an email in the morning to let him know she’s set to arrive in Vancouver on December 31st.

New Year’s Eve, yes. But more importantly, Andrew’s 2nd birthday.

To most people, it would seem like an obvious thing: a grandmother wants to see her grandchild on his special day. Only this isn’t a normal cir…

A year ago today, Andrew took his first steps!

Happy Halloween!

I’ve been waiting for this day for weeks, maybe even close to two months. Ever since I decided on the PERFECT costume for Andrew…

I couldn’t have picked a better costume for him. After all, he sort of has Bamm Bamm’s personality. Let’s put it this way: When the costume came in the mail (I couldn’t find it in-store so I ordered it online), the first thing he picked up was Bamm Bamm’s club, and he whacked the side of my head with it.
Thank goodness it’s a PLUSH club and not a real one!
I had him wear the costume around the house a few times before today, just to get him used to it. It looks cozy (he loves the word ‘cozy’ and said as much about it!) but because of the plush bone and whatnot on it, I knew there’d be a period of adjustment to wearing it – and I was right. He learned a few weeks ago that he was going as Bamm Bamm for Halloween, so every time he heard the word ‘Halloween’ he’d grin and say, ‘BAMM BAMM!’
He wore the costume all morning and for par…

Comfy couch madness

Today I HAD ENOUGH of watching the same two episodes of Big Comfy Couch offered for free on Shaw on Demand over and over and over for the ten zillionth time…so I took Andrew to HMV and bought him two BCC dvds!

It’s definitely not my favourite program (I’ll take The Wiggles any day), although it has grown on me somewhat having seen it so many times. I have to admit, Snicklefritz (the cat) cracks me up every time! But still…seeing the same 2 episodes over and over was beginning to drive me totally bonkers.

And, no, I do not allow Andrew to watch tv all day long, but there are periods of time where he just whines and whines and whines to watch ‘Molly’ (he only likes the scenes that Molly is in, which makes it even MORE annoying, because as soon as she’s out of view he bugs till I fast forward to her next scene…Does he have me wrapped around his little finger, or what?!) I let him watch BCC this afternoon when we got home, just because the dvds were new and he was obviously excited about…

On a sunny fall day

This was taken maybe a week and a half ago. The crispness of fall in the air was enjoyable with the sun shining so bright. I knew the rain would be settling in soon enough (this is Vancouver, after all) so Anders and I went for a little sea wall stroll to while away the afternoon.
And what fun we had! Andrew delighted in checking out the water park (though he didn't venture in like he did in the summer time!) and we spent about an hour watching the sea planes come and go.

I love this kid sooooooo much!

Pain, pain go away, come again...NEVER!

Today is a day I do not wish to repeat.I had the mother of all headaches, a serious migraine.It actually started last night but I thought I’d be able to pop two Tylenol and sleep it off.Unfortunately not.I woke up with it repeatedly through the night, and by the time it was morning I thought I was going to die from it.And that didn’t change until about 3:30 this afternoon.I tried more Tylenol, ice packs, even Tiger Balm.Nothing worked.The pain got so severe I was throwing up off and on for several hours.At one point I was seriously contemplating calling an ambulance because I was sure my head was going to explode at any moment.Not fun.LUCKILY James was able to stay home and take a sick day, even though he wasn’t the sick one.There is NO WAY I’d have been able to look after Andrew on my own.I’ve been sick and had to be on my own with him before, which is tough enough, but with a migraine I honestly don’t think I could have done it.

I think this is the first day since Andrew was born tha…

More pictures to come...

I just realized it has been AGES since I posted pictures. Which is ridiculous, I mean I only take a few HUNDRED each week. (Which is actually nothing, compared to the hundreds I took each DAY not so long ago!!)

I haven't organized pictures on my computer for a while so I have some work to do before I can post much, but here are a few...

Andrew ready for Mardi Gras...or maybe the Gay Pride Parade?! Rocking out to none other than The Wiggles! (I think this was taken shortly before the Wiggles concert, or he'd be using his plush Murray-Wiggle guitar instead of the mini Guitar Hero one that I gave James for Xmas a few years back!)

Me and the boy before heading out to see my bro and s-i-l's new place (2 weeks ago). I was carrying him in the baby sling, which still works somewhat, at least it helps take a bit of his weight so my back doesn't feel like it's going to break QUITE as soon as without it! I hadn't used it for ages so he thought it was so fun that he got…

Lotions and soaps and sprays, oh my!

Last night while I was running a bath, I decided to do a little cleaning-out-of-the-cabinets in the bathroom. I know, I know, I am constantly talking about cleaning and organizing lately, ENOUGH ALREADY! But honestly, if you looked in the cabinet under the sink in our bathroom, and the little cabinet thing we have attached to the wall, you wouldn’t think I was any sort of neat freak. It’s clutter city in there.

Does anyone else have a problem with how much ‘stuff’ tends to get stocked up in a bathroom? I’m not talking rolls of toilet paper (although they do take up space for sure!), but all the lotions and soaps and then there’s the leftover sunscreen from last summer and oh yeah, did I mention the lotions and soaps?!

I love lotions and soaps, don’t get me wrong. But I tend to forget to put it on every single day. Let me start over, I don’t mean that I don’t use soap and wash myself! LOL I do! But a bar of soap can last a pretty long time. And I love pretty smelling lotions an…

Soooo tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired

Remember that project I was going to work on…Getting rid of tons of clothes and just keeping a few mix and match items – THINGS I ACTUALLY WEAR? Well…it didn’t go so well. I have a pile of about 5 shirts to get rid of and THAT’S IT! I kept wavering on getting rid of stuff and so it pretty much all ended back up on hangers. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM??! I need Stacey and Clinton to come in and just rip my wardrobe apart and make me feel so bad about the clothes in there that I wouldn’t want to wear them again if they were the last clothes on earth!!

I have a bunch of clothes I really like and they are good good good but I just keep thinking I’ll regret getting rid of something in the so-so pile of stuff. I guess because a couple of times in my life I’ve got rid of things making snap decisions and regretted it later. But it seriously has happened so few times. I really need to learn to let go.

I haven’t even put anything in the drawers of Andrew’s desk (that’s currently in our bedroom). …

A new bulldog cousin for Andrew! and other stories

I ended up getting more time to myself than I’d expected yesterday. So much so, that after a while I found myself missing my boys so much that I went and met up with them at the park! I knew if they were out much longer, once they got home James wouldn’t want to go out again. So it was my only opportunity to get out of the house, unless of course I went by myself, but that’s not quite as fun.

So we hung out at the playground for a bit, headed home, and then I stopped by my bro and s-i-l’s place a few blocks away FOR THE LAST TIME. They moved yesterday! It was kind of special for me to see them lock the doors for the last time and say goodbye to the place, since I was also there the day they decided to buy it.

Today we went over to their new place which is soooo nice – way bigger than their last place and so much brighter. With outdoor space, too. It’s exciting moving, part of me loves staying in one place because I love one place to be ‘home’ and having that security and famili…

Oh glorious 'me time'

I have a really hard time prioritizing what I want to do and when. I have systems for getting things done and I’m pretty efficient. It’s just when it comes down to ‘me time’ that things sort of fall apart.

Maybe ‘fall apart’ is a tad dramatic. I enjoy my me time and can get a lot out of the time I have to myself. (Although it never, ever feels like enough, and likely won’t for many years to come!) It’s just hard prioritizing.

For example, this morning James took Andrew out so I could ‘do what I want.’ Which is awesome, and I’m thankful (and obviously they’re still out or I wouldn’t be writing this!) But the thing is, we (Andy and I) just got back from the island last night and hadn’t been here since Monday morning…So while yes James did tidy and clean up a few things, certain things he doesn’t touch (cough, cough, the bathroom…cough, cough, the dusting…) I can’t stand looking at an inch thick layer of dust on our white tv unit (ok maybe not an inch but it was thick, just in ONE …

Back and forth

Back from the island once again. The back and forth is so tiresome, but I go because it breaks things up nicely for me being at my parents’ place during the week. When we’re home all week and James is at work, the hours can go by pretty slowly. Which is not to say we don’t get out and do things that are fun and interesting, it’s just a lot nicer to have other people to help out when I’m super tired. I also love seeing how at home Andrew is at his Gramma and Grampa’s house – he pretty much owns the place when he’s there now. He has his favourite things (mainly Grampa’s ‘chines’ – vacuums and carpet shampooer, and the ‘oy’ – garden hose!) He also loves it when GG (his Great Grandma) comes for a visit! This trip she bought him a snow suit, complete with matching hat, gloves, and boots! What a spoiled boy Andrew is. But he looks so darn cute in everything! A snow suit seems over the top for these parts but rumour has it we’re in for a bad winter this year, and it will be practic…

Fall is in the air

I am wearing a cozy sweater but still I feel cold. It’s that wintery chill that’s in the air. I keep forgetting that fall has set in full-fledged and that winter is coming. I am dressed appropriately for the weather, but it still surprises me when I walk outside and there’s such a nip in the air. Summer went by so fast!

I much prefer the warmth outside and I already long to wear my flip flops again! It’s a whole lot easier to get out of the house with a toddler in the nicer weather. Having to get all bundled up to go anywhere makes me question how badly we need to go out. (I know we have it a lot easier here than a lot of places, but still, it gets cold here too!)

But there are certain things about fall that I love. That nostalgic feeling that comes with the start of any new season, reminding me of the things we did last fall. I can’t believe it has almost been a whole year since Andrew learned to walk!

I love the beautiful colours on the trees and crunching the leaves under my f…

Keep in mind who might be reading...

I think if used correctly, social networking sites can be amazing. You can keep in touch with people that you might otherwise not keep in regular contact with. You can find out what people from your childhood are up to, reconnect with friends from school you’ve wondered about for years. There are also many stories about people finding long lost parents, siblings, and other family that they might otherwise have never met.

When used correctly, you can inform people of the goings on in your life, yell out to the world how you’ve landed that job you always wanted, or that you’re getting married, have a bun in the oven, what have you.

All fine things to share with your friends on Facebook. But the problem is, it seems some people don’t understand the importance of perhaps FIRST informing people close to them in their life who might not be on Facebook before shouting things out to the world.

I have a cousin who doesn’t seem to realize (or perhaps she just doesn’t care) that when she writes…

Imagine all the things I could do (if I wasn't so damn tired...)

One of the suckiest things about collecting on ‘me time’ (a luxury that no one should take for granted!) is how it so often gets collected when all the day’s energy is already washed-up.

I thought this morning about all the amazing things I would accomplish during my ‘me time’ today, but little did I know that by the time I’m getting it, now, at nearly 8pm, I am zombie-fied and therefore lack all gumption to do any of it.


Oh well. Best of intentions…Best laid plans…All of that. 'It will keep' is another saying that comes to mind!

Since my bro and s-i-l are moving next week, they needed to get rid of my brother’s old childhood desk (that they were storing for us in their storage unit). I thought it would be cute (and free, yay!) for Andrew to ‘inherit’ my bro’s old bedroom furniture – his desk, matching chair, and chest of drawers (the drawers are still at my parents’ house). Unlike me, who ruined practically everything, my brother kept all his things immaculate. This fu…

Doctor Nightmareland!

Today I had a dr’s appointment, although it wasn’t to go over my cardiology visit. Gawd, this makes me sound so unhealthy! But now that I know my heart is AWESOME I feel a renewed sense of health in my life so I’m not too concerned! It’s just that I’ve had this stupid cough for a month and a half and its really been getting me down. I can’t sleep much at night because it flairs up when I lay down and I even wake up sputtering and coughing and it just isn’t good. It turns out I have a low grade fever, and I suspect that I’ve had it for a while. I took my temp over a week ago and it was a bit high then, although I thought maybe I’d forgot what the ‘normal’ range is. So that totally explains why I have been SO tired, beyond my usual zombie-state of tired, and also VERY warm, as in sweating and needing the fan on all the time. It’s generally hot in our apartment so I didn’t think a whole lot of it. But anyway...the doctor suggested that rather than taking antibiotics, I try just …

My ticker is strong!

Today I had my appointment with the cardiologist. I was worried that the doctor might be mean or gruff, because I’ve had some bad experiences with specialists in the past. I thought they might be a particular breed of people (without bedside manner). BUT this doctor was AMAZING, I am going to say (aside from my family doctor who I do like a lot) this is probably THE BEST doctor I have ever seen.

It was obvious from the get go that he is a problem solver – really, REALLY wants to get to the bottom of why you’re in pain. He was wracking his brain for reasons for the pain I’ve been having. We don’t have any definitive answers, but he did give me a few ideas of things that COULD be causing it, that I can talk to my gp about. He definitely went above and beyond what his role is meant to provide.

While I’d like to have some answers to what ails me, the GREAT news is that my heart appears to be in perfect health!

It is such a load off. And the doctor was very encouraging about it all,…

Thanksgiving celebrations

Tonight James and I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my parents, brother and s-i-l. I did a lot of the prep work for it last night so today wouldn’t be too stressful. It worked out perfectly. I ended up making a cranberry ricotta quiche (the fancy title is ‘Cranberry and Sweet Onion Cheesecake’) – which I was nervous about because I didn’t know how it would turn out but everyone seemed to really like it. I also made all the usual veg (well, James did the garlic mashed potatoes) – carrots and parsnips, Brussels sprouts, corn, stuffing (from scratch!), gravy, and there was cranberry sauce and olives and beets, oh and I even made some Pillsbury biscuits! It turned out to be a great meal and I think everything was hot enough – that’s always my biggest concern with a lot of food is timing everything just right so it’s all hot.

For dessert we had (from Safeway) an extremely delicious Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake (seriously, SO GOOD) and pumpkin pie. Yum!

It was a fun evening. I wish our plac…

A Wiggly afternoon

Today (Sunday the 10th) we took Andrew to see THE WIGGLES WIGGLY CIRCUS SHOW – live!! – at the Pacific Coliseum. We bought the tickets at the end of August and have been so excited ever since. Or at least I was…and my mom…and secretly my dad, and even James, despite he might have tried to act otherwise.

Yes, even my parents went! After all, they’ve invested a lot of time in watching The Wiggles too!

I started telling Andrew the past few days about the concert coming up. I would say to him, ‘Remember how we saw Yo Gabba Gabba live in concert last month?’ and he’d get excited and say, ‘Yeah!’ So I’d say, ‘Well, we’re going to see The Wiggles live, too!’ he would say, ‘Yeah!!’ excitedly, which made me think he had some inkling of what I was saying. But I knew he didn’t REALLY understand…

Until we got there, and he saw the stage from afar. Right away he started pointing excitedly to the stage and said, ‘More, More!’

We luckily got there early enough that it was OK for my mom and I t…

I want to be positive but in this instance it's a little tough...

While it hasn’t happen yet, it is officially official. The m-i-l is moving to Vancouver. Full-time.

Her husband didn’t take kindly to the idea of having a ‘part-time marriage.’ Surprise, surprise. What SHOULDN’T be a surprise is the fact that she even suggested it, and was mad at him for not being enthusiastic about it. But, even for her, that seems a bit over the top. Nah, scrap that, what am I talking about it’s so her.

Gawd, that would be like me saying to James, you know sweetums, I love ya, but how about I go live across the country for ¾ of the year. And spend your money while I do so. I’ll see you for, like, 4 or 5 months of the year, what’s the big deal?! Did we seriously vow to love each other ALL YEAR LONG??! You ask so much of me!


Anyway. So I totally don’t blame her husband for backing out of the deal, it’s just too bad because while I always thought they were a bit of a strange couple (and got hitched a little too soon considering they hadn’t even known…

Rainy days

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. Andy's first puddle experience with his new boots!

I have a feeling there will be a lot of these afternoons in our near future...

Weekend stuff

Yesterday (Saturday) James and I had a date, thanks to his bro for looking after the boy.We went to Stanley’s Pub & Grill in Stanley Park and had beer and shared some onion rings (big mistake, more on that later).It was so nice to be sitting outside on the patio, no heat lamps, on October 2nd and feel warm!We closed the place down – sounds like we were there all night but no, as it happens they close at 5 during the off-summer seasons!We didn’t realize it when we got there around 4, but it was fine with us as we hadn’t planned to stay too long anyway.We went and sat by a little statue thing on a bench hoping to make-out a little (such a rare thing for us to get to do these days!) but it seemed like everyone and their dog wanted to check out the statue and take pictures of it.So after a few kisses and conversation, we moseyed along and took some pictures of our own along the way.
We weren’t ready to go home yet so we stopped in at the Crime Lab for a drink in the lounge.It was nice …