Working on things

My mind is fighting to see through the hazy fog of my cold. Yes, my cold. My 2nd cold in 2 weeks. Hardly seems fair, does it?

But I guess such is life with a toddler. Luckily, and keep your fingers crossed that this doesn’t jinx it, James hasn’t had one yet. Just me and the boy. Which makes sense given that I spend every second with him, with tons of cuddling, and I don’t stop kissing him even when he’s sick. Why would I when he sneezes on me 20 times a day anyway, so what’s the difference right?! TMI, sorry!! But yeah, best James doesn’t get it, not only because I wouldn’t wish a cold on anyone but also because it would kind of suck even worse if we were all sick.

It’s toughest, I think, being the Mom and being sick. Because even though you feel like crap and desperately want to just lie down and sleeeeeeeep and lounge and work at feeling better, you have to still be in Mom mode. Which is none of the above but rather catering to Little One and cooking and cleaning and going out to get groceries and running errands and pretty much no down time.

Andrew finally has gone down for his nap so I should probably be trying to sleep myself rather than writing this, but you know how it goes. I was totally zonked a couple of hours ago and begged the boy to nap with me and he pretended to till I got into bed. Then he was jumping on it, and playing with the alarm clock and yada yada till I got up and gave up on the napping. But I’m happy just to have this bit of time ‘for me.’ I don’t have to worry about dinner because I made it at 1:00! A big pot o’ chilli, which I sampled and it is reeeally tasty. Cut a few slices of bread, grate some cheese to put on the Chilli once it’s in the bowl and DINNER IS SERVED! I love quick and easy meals – seriously it took me probably 5 minutes to get the Chilli going. Ten minutes TOPS. Those are the best meals, once that are quick and easy but also really healthy. You can’t go wrong with that combo!


I’ve been feeling really motivated (or should I say in desperate need) of rearranging things a bit. My age old grump about not being able to move things around much since our place is so small. I did, however, make the executive decision (I already knew James would agree!) to get rid of the A/C unit. Let’s face it, summer is over, so once we hand that back over to the concierge, we will have a little room to play with. OK, I was so keen about having that space that the A/C unit is sitting by the door waiting to get stored in the basement (they must have a huuuge room to store all those units for 3 seasons of the year!) And I’ve already moved the wardrobe/shelf thingy over where it sat by the window. I also brought the bookshelf out of the solarium and put it where the wardrobe thingy was, and it opens things up a little bit. Not really, but I like to imagine that it does! I put all Andrew’s books on two of the lower shelves so he has easier access to all his books. He did go right back to his habit of taking them all off the shelf and having them strewn all over the place, which reminded me why I moved it into the solarium in the first place! BUT he is getting to an age where I can start getting him to stop doing those things (right??!), at least to SOME degree! So I’m going to work on that…

I’m also working on teaching him ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ and I’m showing him how to do a peace sign! I tried every which way yesterday to get him to hold two fingers up for a peace sign but he just couldn’t figure it out. I was like, ‘Andrew, just hold up two fingers!’ so he held up his index finger on both hands! LOL Funny kid. He will get it soon enough though! How cute will it be when he’s telling people to Peace Out?! =D


Lojo said…
I, too, am sickly-- came down with the flu last night. Blah. Hope you guys are feeling better, soon.

I'd love it if you did some posts on organizing/ rearranging/ decorating your place. I am constantly struggling with how to rearrange my furniture to make my place more comfortable, but I always seem to hit dead ends with my mix matched furniture. If I had some custom built ins it would be another story, but I can never justify putting money into that at this point. Love to see some of the space saving/ organizational tricks you use.

In regards to your men + women double standard post-- I, and I am sure many other women can relate to your frustrations, and this is coming from a childless woman who refuses to cook. The male-female double standard has been present in every relationship I've been in, and even seems to be reflected in the kinds of behaviors that are accepted. There have been many times when I've played mom to moody, hissy-fit raging boyfriends and thought to myself, wow, if I was acting this way towards him rather than him towards me, we would probably be in a screaming match by now. All in all, most men just don't get it, or even see where these double standards are present. That's sexism for ya. :/

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