fido schmido

I’m writing this not because I want to think about fido for another SECOND but because I want to warn others so they don’t feel screwed over like I do.

So about a month and a bit ago, I decided to get a new phone. My old Sony Ericcson, which I loved, was just seeming really old (I’d had it for almost 2 years), the screen on the front was a bit cracked, and I had my eye on those kinds of phones that flip for better text-ability. I hardly use my cell at all for actual talking, I’m pretty much all about texting with it.

I’d got a text saying that because my plan was up soon (not till January but apparently that’s ‘soon’), they had a special offer for me due to my loyalty. I should have known that I’d leave the place feeling screwed over, given that when I mentioned the text to the guy at the fido store, he just sort of shook his head like he knew nothing about it.

The thing is, I knew I wanted a new phone. And I also had Andrew with me, and even though James was there too, he was in his mood of MOMMA OR NOBODY so I just kind of wanted to pick something out and get the hell out of there.

The guy I dealt with was an absolute moron and I felt really antsy while I was there. You know, I think THE GUT tells us more than what we give it credit for. I should have just stopped right there and waited till a better time (and a different sales associate).

But I went with a new Samsung something-or-other and was told I had to sign up for a 2 year plan (extending my current plan as of January when it’s up, for another 2 years) in order to get that phone. Which I was fine with because ultimately switching from company to company isn’t my bag and so far I’d been really happy with fido so I didn’t think anything of signing my life away for another 2 years.

Until I thought about it later and was like, hey wait a minute! I have 75 fido dollars saved up! Shouldn’t I have been able to upgrade my phone without being locked in to another 2 years?!

But I left for Nanaimo a day or two later for the week and then life happened and here I am all these weeks later still feeling screwed over but never having had the chance to do anything about it.

I got an email several weeks AFTER I had renewed my contract that said if I renewed my contract before September 12th, they had a great special offer for me. So I figured I pretty much had till Sept 12th to ‘really’ deal with it.

In my defence, I’ve tried calling at least 3 times already but the wait times were always ridiculous. At least 15 minutes, the voice prompt would tell me. I often don’t have much time at all, because Andrew is really terrible about me being on the phone. So I’d have to use his nap time to call…and lately, he really hasn’t been napping much at all. Or by the time he does, I am in no mood to deal with a cell phone company representative.

But finally today I thought I’d better do it because time is a ticking and truthfully I’ve been feeling totally annoyed by fido every time I’ve looked at my ‘new’ phone lately because of my bad experience with them.

And then I read the fine print in the email they sent me about the special offer (which got up my nose a bit considering they sent it AFTER I’d renewed my contract, WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN…but anyway…)

It said that if I chose not to renew my contact, I could upgrade my phone with my fido dollars and then MY PLAN WOULD JUST BE MONTH-TO-MONTH. So right now I could have the phone I do, I’d have probably only had to put maybe $50 towards it plus my fido dollars that are just sitting there AND I would not be locked into another 2 years.

Am I angry to only find this out today?? Why, yes, yes I am!!!!!

So I called and just discussed my issues with all that went on (after a THIRTY MINUTE wait and I had to have my ear to the phone that whole time because for some reason when I tried just putting it on speaker phone, their elevator music cut in and out so badly that I was constantly wondering if someone was actually answering my call).


Anyway, the guy was surprised that the sales rep hadn’t told me any details about anything. Well the sales rep was the biggest idiot ever. For instance, before I left he told me that someone would call in a week to do a survey about his performance and basically I HAD to say excellent for everything or they’d ‘get really mad at him.’ Okkkkaaaaaay. THAT’S PROFESSIONAL!

Anyway, there was basically ‘nothing’ this guy today could do for me, other than offer me a feature for free for one month!! What he was offering me was 100 free (talking) minutes. And I said I appreciated that he wanted to offer something, but I really don’t use my phone enough to warrant an extra 100 minutes…he begged to differ and checked my last bill and then was like ooooh, yeeeah…you don’t really talk on the phone much. LOL I probably don’t even use one third of the minutes I pay for on my plan.

I now have call display and voice mail for one month. I told him I was apprehensive about it because it took 30 mins to get through today and I have to call back in a month to cancel the ‘free’ service…and I’d rather not bother if it’s going to take that long. He assured me this is not normal and that its only been the past few weeks that they’ve had higher than normal caller volume…so we’ll see if he’s right about that. I’m not paying an extra $8-$10 a month for this feature so now I have to call back again in a few weeks.


It’s more trouble than it’s worth and I really don’t feel any better toward the company than I did before I called him.

So I guess the moral of the story is, do your research on your own before you just blindly trust a sales rep, even if it is JUST for a cell phone, which shouldn’t have to take so much pre-planning if you ask me.


Lizzie’s annoyed.


Chandra said…
I am with Bell and am lucky enough to be able to have a business plan but even then with the emergency and such which is an extra $10 a month. I too, except for the odd time due to work I never talk on my phone. Mainly texting and that was mainly to keep in contact with the hubby due to differing schedules.

They are sneaky about how they do things. I have my 3 year contract up this month and not too sure what to do. I would like to stay month to month and my phone right now is okay. I actually got it at best buy! They are much cheaper and the scam that bugs me is they say you can't get your phone somewhere else but you totally can.


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