A country's distance

The m-i-l is back on the other side of the country. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that the 3 weeks is over. It really went better than expected, but it still feels really good to have that buffer zone of practically all of Canada in between us!!!

Andrew and I still have colds but he’s in good spirits and I am too, surprisingly. Ha! I thought I was going to have a really rough day today because I couldn’t have slept more than 2 hours last night (every time I lay down I cough and do that annoying waking-up-sputtering-and-coughing thing that often happens with a cold). But I’ve done surprisingly well. The wee cheekies (aka our fluffball kitties!) were in need of their essentials (food and litter, what else is there?!) and we needed a few things from the store…so I enticed Andrew to ‘help Momma’ run errands with the promise of going to feed the ducks and geese at Lost Lagoon afterwards. He was quite excited. We still have a fair bit of the duck and goose food pellets so we’ll have to go a few more times this month – it will start getting too cold to be out there soon enough.

Andy actually WAS a pretty good boy during the errand-running. We even made a quick stop at the liquor store to pick up some Scotch for his Dada as a treat! He kept saying ‘Ta’ (which actually means thank you but he also says it when he wants you to give him something) to the clerk, as if he was just going to pass the bottle of scotch to him. LOL Maybe in just over 17 years, Andy-boy!!

I made a point of handing Andrew the bag of food for the ducks on our way to Lost Lagoon, so he was in charge of it till we got there. It helped keep his eyes on the prize of what we were up to, I think, so he wasn’t fussy about being confined to his stroller. I told him that we were going to feed the ducks because he was SUCH A GOOD BOY to help his Momma get the shopping done, and that when he’s a good and helpful boy, he gets to do fun activities like feed the ducks. He shouted out YEAH! to that, like, Amen Sista (or Motha, as the case may be!) It was pretty cute. I want to reinforce as much as possible that if he’s a good boy we can have more fun together. Anything to keep him from grumping too much, especially during a grocery shop. There’s nothing worse!

We got home, had some lunch, Andrew had a bath, we played, watched The Wiggles, read books, and finally after many nursery rhymes and tickles, the boy is ACTUALLY HAVING AN AFTERNOON NAP. What are the chances?! Not great around here, at least not lately. So I’m counting my lucky stars to have this break time. I wish I could nap with him because I need sleep more than anything, but if I lay down I cough, so what’s the point? He seems to be having the same issue, but so far he keeps going back to sleep, so we’ll see how long it lasts.


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