Cold season already?

Well, Andrew officially has his first cold of the season. Even though technically it’s still summer, somehow it feels as though fall is upon us. Where did the summer months go?

The day before yesterday, Andrew kept pointing at his throat saying, ‘Boo boo.’ We asked if he had a sore throat and he would say, ‘Yeah.’ Then late last night he woke up completely stuffed up, coughing, and even felt slightly feverish. Poor little guy.

He’s had some Tylenol and sneezed out a big wet snot ball (sorry, TMI!!) and after he ate breakfast he threw up.

He’s definitely more subdued than usual, not racing around but content to lay on the couch, cozy in a fresh pair of pj’s, watching The Wiggles, and his new favourite dvd – Mighty Machines. He’s not letting it get him down though, he’s in good spirits.

Still, I can’t help it, I feel bad for him and wish I could have the cold for him. I hate to see my boy going through this, even if it is ‘just a cold.’

I hope it doesn’t last long and that neither James or I end up with it. We’re taking Andrew to his first concert (Yo Gabba Gabba) next weekend and we’ve been looking forward to it (OK, I have been looking forward to it!!) for months, it would suck for any one of us to be sick during it. So fingers crossed it’s just a little bug and he’ll be fine in no time at all!


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