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Why not dwell on the GOOD instead?

My brother and s-i-l both (although my s-i-l is far worse) have a very negative outlook on life and the world in general.

While there’s nothing wrong with seeing that there IS a negative side to both life and the world more generally – it’s not all peaches and cream, after all – it can be really depressing to spend hours hearing the negative spin on everything when there is a positive side as well.

I definitely have a negative streak in me, it seems to run in the family. There is a lot of negative-attitude happening in my family, actually. It seems a common thing for a lot of people I know (family or not) to dwell on the negative. Maybe it’s part of human nature, although part of me wonders if it’s a slightly more modern-day trend?

I don’t have a problem with people (myself included) complaining about the things that bother us about the world. If we didn’t acknowledge the negative, it would be pretty hard to work toward something better. It’s healthy and natural to recognize what co…

A poem I enjoy

By W. H. DaviesLeisure WHAT is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare?— No time to stand beneath the boughs,
And stare as long as sheep and cows: No time to see, when woods we pass,
Where squirrels hide their nuts in grass: No time to see, in broad daylight,
Streams full of stars, like skies at night: No time to turn at Beauty's glance,
And watch her feet, how they can dance: No time to wait till her mouth can
Enrich that smile her eyes began? A poor life this if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare.

Life's path

In one of my Restorative Justice courses at university, we had to keep a weekly journal. One of the entries was to Write Your Own Obituary.

I struggled with this particular one - at first, although the more I thought about it, the more intrigued I was by it. That’s a really big question to ask: How would you want to be remembered? And, maybe more importantly, what would you want your life to look like? WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH YOUR LIFE, when all is said and done?

That exercise really got me thinking.

Thinking about my life, who I want to be, what I want to accomplish, and what I would hope others would say about me when I’m gone.

I don’t have a huge bucket list. But I’d like to live to be old, so that I’ll have had the chance to live a full and happy life. So I’ll be able to see my child(ren) grow up and become adults and know where life is taking them. So that they will have known me and I can continue to live through them.

Since I was 7 I’ve always been adamant tha…

Serenity now

Remember when I was griping in the not so distant past that my m-i-l was discussing ‘with her boys’ the idea of moving out this way?

Well it is sounding like it’s going to be happening sooner than any of us would have thought.

Already she’s had ‘the talk’ with her husband and their house is going on the market. It’s up in the air as to what will happen for sure, but her current plan, from the sounds of things, is to live in Vancouver 7 months of the year, the rest in Halifax.

Anyone gotta gun? Wanna shoot me now??

Seriously, I don’t know if I can take this.

I found this out this morning…Let’s back up to about a week ago.

I asked James if his mom had mentioned when she’s planning to come out here next (something always nagging at the back of my mind, given her discussion of moving here or at the very least spending more time out this way). He casually mentioned that it was ‘just an idea floating around in her head’ but that she was considering coming here for Andrew’s birthday.


Life in pictures

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks or so...

A nightly ritual, Andrew with his Yop before nite nites!
Me and the boy just horsing around...
This one just melts my heart...Although as much as I like to think Moorka wanted to be close to her brother, in reality it's that she is a sucker for a good rug to sleep on!!
The shirt says it all =) A gift from his great aunt and uncle's trip to Harrison Hot Springs.
Lounging, watching tv, playing barnyard and eating Cheerios - who says a boy can't multi-task?!
Anxiously awaiting the Yo Gabba Gabba concert!! Lizzie's excited here if you can't tell =) tee hee
Yooooooo Gaaaaaabbaaaaaa Gaaaaaaaaabbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
The balloons up by the ceiling that dropped shortly before the intermission (it was a good idea, but too bad there weren't enough balloons for everyone...Andy seemed a little upset that he didn't get one)
The only 'family' shot I was able to get...LOL
Here they are!!! From lef…

Not a second to myself...

Some days Andrew naps. I welcome his nap time with arms wide open, obviously. It gives me time to get a few chores done and hopefully either grab a bite to eat or use my computer for a bit.

Lately it seems to be that if he has a nap (usually for about 1 ½ to 2 hours), regardless of what time of day he has it, he doesn’t want to go to bed till 11pm (sometimes midnight or 1am). If he doesn’t nap at all, he usually goes to sleep between 9-10 (generally closer to 9, but not always).

I love nap days because, selfishly, I really do need that bit of time to myself to just sort of ‘be’ if that makes sense. Or if I’m feeling especially tired that day myself due to lack of sleep or whatever, I can try to catch a few zzz’s myself. It’s not often I do that, but there are times when it’s absolutely necessary in order to get through the rest of the day with our insanely energetic little monkey.

But I don’t really enjoy being up with him till midnight or later. Because then James and I get ze…

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

I’m high. On Life brand’s version of Nyquil. It could be super powerful stuff, or it could be that I haven’t taken many pills whatsoever in the past few years. Pregnancy and then nursing Andrew for almost 19 months put a damper on my drug-taking ability! LOL Although I will say I am now much more conscious of what I take and when and why. Not that I was popping pills right, left and center before getting preggo, but I would take stuff without giving it a second thought. But whoa, whatever it is, this stuff is stroooong.

I really, really, really, really, REALLY hope this cold doesn’t last much longer. Oh and because I totally suck at return-comments and apologize deeply for that because I often have every intention of commenting back and then it never happens: A shout out to Lojo – I hope you’re feeling better soon, too, girlfriend!! XOXOXO It sucks to be sick.

It sucks enough that today was the FIRST OFFICIAL DAY OF FALL, being sick just rubs salt into the wound.

I can’t believe…

It'd be nice to get some answers...

I worry about death every single day. Not to the point that it totally gets in the way of much happier thoughts – I certainly am not constantly dwelling on it. But as great as it would be to be as prepared as possible knowing that death could come knocking at any moment, I have to say I think it’s far easier said than done.

How does one really prepare for death, anyway? I’ve tried going through all my things and getting rid of anything I wouldn’t want people to come across. Not that I have much of anything I’m needing to hide, but you know, the odd journal entry here and there about something obscure or embarrassing pictures I might not want anyone to see. That sort of thing. But ultimately, as neat and tidy and organized as I SAY I am, there is a helluva lot more I could do to go through stuff and purge it and feel that much closer to not leaving too much behind as to overwhelm those who have to deal with it all.

Even if I had no possessions whatsoever, I still don’t see how I co…


I feel kind of nasty with this stupid cold. It’s totally sunny out and apparently the last day for at least a week where we’ll be graced by the sun’s presence, and I don’t feel well enough to go out. Adding to that is how frustrated I am that out of 4 of Andrew’s swim lessons so far we’ve only been to ONE! The first class. How sad is that. We skipped the second class to be on the island through the week, thinking we’d be going this week so no biggie…but then we got sick. So maddening when we paid close to $60 for the lessons! At least there are still a few weeks left so hopefully we can make up some attendance…

I’m totally plugged, my head is achy, I have a gross cough. I hate feeling like this! Especially when there’s always so much to do. Or just to be able to take Andrew to the park would be a plus.

He’s currently napping on his mattress…but not in his bed, on the living room floor! I was getting desperate for things to entertain him with that wouldn’t involve me having to…

Working on things

My mind is fighting to see through the hazy fog of my cold. Yes, my cold. My 2nd cold in 2 weeks. Hardly seems fair, does it?

But I guess such is life with a toddler. Luckily, and keep your fingers crossed that this doesn’t jinx it, James hasn’t had one yet. Just me and the boy. Which makes sense given that I spend every second with him, with tons of cuddling, and I don’t stop kissing him even when he’s sick. Why would I when he sneezes on me 20 times a day anyway, so what’s the difference right?! TMI, sorry!! But yeah, best James doesn’t get it, not only because I wouldn’t wish a cold on anyone but also because it would kind of suck even worse if we were all sick.

It’s toughest, I think, being the Mom and being sick. Because even though you feel like crap and desperately want to just lie down and sleeeeeeeep and lounge and work at feeling better, you have to still be in Mom mode. Which is none of the above but rather catering to Little One and cooking and cleaning and going …

Sunday on the island

Yesterday while my parents watched Andrew, James and I went and rented a canoe on Long Lake in Nanaimo.

It was so fun to get out on the water! It was also an interesting experience after having learned to row this summer. Being in a canoe is totally different, and I’d only ever been in one once before, almost 10 years ago. Which is sad considering I live on the west coast, I should have had plenty of opportunities to do such things…but I am working at making up for lost time now ;)

I found myself super tense at first and my back is absolutely KILLING me today as a result! Obviously rowing is way more of an intense work out than canoeing is, yet I never felt in any sort of extreme pain after rowing. It’s not because of my paddling though, just the way I was sitting all tense and practically hunched over the front of the canoe thinking I was going to fall into the water. LOL I DID ease up as time went on, and by the end of the hour I was totally into it, it just takes me a little…

There's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy!

I can't help but quote Yo Gabba Gabba (in my title)! I swear, ever since the concert I constantly seem to have one or another YGG song on repeat in my head. It's both fun and annoying!

Anyway...Referred to it by a friend with 4 kids, I checked out the website Weelicious for yummy and healthy meal ideas for kids (that everyone else will love, too!) I’ve gone through just a few pages of the recipes on there and have copied the ones I want to try, and there are so many more on there that I want to check out. Lots of vegetarian stuff, which pleases me!

So tonight I decided to try the Spinach Ricotta Bites and they turned out SUPERB. I enjoyed them, James enjoyed them, and even Andrew said, ‘Mmmm!’ when he took a bite!

You can find the recipe with more info on the website, but here’s the lo down:

Spinach Ricotta Bites (Makes 20 Bites) (for me it made 24!)

2 Tbsp Butter
1 Small Yellow Onion, chopped
1 Garlic Clove, minced
2 Large Eggs, Beaten
1 Cup Ricotta Cheese (low or full fat rico…

Men are from mars, so perhaps we should send them back?!

Last night while James and my dad watched a movie (that was totally inappropriate with a toddler in the room, so of course Andrew had to be in the living room with me and my mom) I got to thinking about how much it seems that men can get away with that women simply can’t.

What I’m referring to here is how ‘easy’ it seems to be for James to be zoned out and therefore unable to help with Andrew, yet if I used the same excuses for ‘me time’…well, it just wouldn’t happen. I haven’t had it work to my favour yet, anyway.

Let’s deal with a few issues first. Yes, Andrew is very much attached to his Momma. Apparently when my brother was around his age, he would say, ‘Momma do!’ for practically everything. Andrew doesn’t say ‘do’ yet but if he did, he would be saying Momma do, too. He always says, ‘Mom-mom, Mom-mom!’ for everything.

Which is fine, and perfectly normal I would think. After all, he has been with his Mom-mom since the moment he became more than just a figment of our imagination…

Everything changes...except for how tired I am!!

Andrew seems to be going to sleep later and later all the time. It doesn’t matter if he has an early afternoon nap, late in the day nap, or no nap at all. He’s been going to bed at close to midnight – sometimes much later – on a regular basis. And it is starting to take its toll on his Momma!

On a happier side note, tonight he started saying, ‘Night, night!’ for the first time!

In fact, he’s been saying new words every day lately.

And there’s this Yo Gabba Gabba song that was on the concert line-up that I taught him tonight. Not that he can sing it, but he does the actions and says, ‘Clap Clap!’ at the end while clapping.

The song goes something like this:

Point to your head, Point to your head
Point to your arms, Point to your arms
Point to your legs, Point to your legs
Point to your feet, Point to your feet
Bee dee dee dee dee dee dee, Clap! Clap!

(Watch this for a video clip!)

It’s so catchy! I couldn’t get that song out of my head tonight so I started singing it to Andrew while he was…

Sale was a success

We had a garage sale today. It went pretty well, as far as garage sales go. We made close to $300.

It’s just funny how you’re absolutely SURE of what items will be hot sellers, and then it ends up not going that way AT ALL. We had a garage sale several years ago and there were a lot of items left over from that sale in this sale…Well it turned out that a whole bunch of the stuff that people barely looked at last time were the hot ticket items this time. Most of the furniture items didn’t sell and almost none of the baby items went, which I found strange.

But it went OK and while of course there were a few garage sale whores who just wanted something for nothing, I found people to be a lot friendlier and good about the prices this time than the last time. So that was nice. In fact, a lot of the people were really, really friendly. But then, I guess that makes sense, because if you didn’t want to have to talk to anyone, you probably wouldn’t shop in as ‘intimate’ a setting as som…

Treasure boxes and my great, great Aunt Gertrude

Last night we started going through all our ‘treasures’ in my parents’ garage to weed through and get rid of as much ‘junk’ as possible.

We’re down to many, many boxes of junk to get rid of, but in amongst it all were some fine treasures!

We came across one box of stuff that belonged to my great, great Auntie Gertie. I always felt a strong connection to Auntie Gertie. I remember visiting her at her house, I can even smell it when I really think about it. Then we visited her in the old folks home she ended up in. I remember being told she had died (I was 7) and I threw myself into the couch cushions and sobbed and sobbed. It’s the first time I remember truly feeling the pain of losing someone.

Auntie Gertie was a bit rough around the edges, from what everyone tells me. She lost her twins when they were just a few months old due to illness and I don’t think she was ever the same after that, of course I don’t actually know what she was like before that either. But she apparently …

There's a party in my city!

Today was the YO GABBA GABBA LIVE concert!

Andrew’s FIRST EVER concert.

I have been excited about this event for months, ever since I found out they were coming to town and snapped up the tickets.

It was at the Queen Elizabeth theatre and we were in ROW 9, and had 3 seats right at the end of the row, so it really couldn’t have been better. Of course, Andrew didn’t sit in his own seat (it’s RIDICULOUS that a child under 2 has to pay $50 for a seat they don’t even use, but whatevs). He was content on one of our laps the whole time. It worked perfectly for the people behind us because their kids were old enough to need their own seats so with us not taking up one, they had a good view around us. Anyway, it was all in all SO MUCH FUN.

We got Andy a cute blue t-shirt with all the characters on it and a little stuffed animal keychain thing of Plex, the magic robot, which is the one he pointed at that he wanted. He kept saying, ‘Toy, Toy!’ as I was picking out the shirt so…we had to get him…

Boggle for babies (and other stories!)

Andrew is really on the brink of talking in sentences. It’s both amazing and frightening!

He understands A LOT – way more than we even know. But he tends to not string words together too often yet. He’s definitely getting there though.

He’s obsessed – and I mean OBSESSED with his grampa (my dad). My dad’s a great guy, and wonderful grampa, so don’t get me wrong in saying this – but none of us quite gets the obsession! I mean, OK, we get it, Grampa’s cool! But seriously, this kid believes that Grampa can work more magic than Santa himself. He sees a fire truck on TV and yells out PAPA, PAPA (he can’t say Grampa yet, so Papa it is). An airplane? Yup, Grampa again. Cause obviously he flies planes. He does EVERYTHING, didn’t you know? He drives trucks and diggers and he stands permanently on the other side of our front door because Andrew is forever pointing at the door saying, ‘Papa!’ He says Grampa is ‘cayyy’ (his word for crazy) with a big grin on his face, and talks about t…

A country's distance

The m-i-l is back on the other side of the country. It hasn’t really sunk in yet that the 3 weeks is over. It really went better than expected, but it still feels really good to have that buffer zone of practically all of Canada in between us!!!

Andrew and I still have colds but he’s in good spirits and I am too, surprisingly. Ha! I thought I was going to have a really rough day today because I couldn’t have slept more than 2 hours last night (every time I lay down I cough and do that annoying waking-up-sputtering-and-coughing thing that often happens with a cold). But I’ve done surprisingly well. The wee cheekies (aka our fluffball kitties!) were in need of their essentials (food and litter, what else is there?!) and we needed a few things from the store…so I enticed Andrew to ‘help Momma’ run errands with the promise of going to feed the ducks and geese at Lost Lagoon afterwards. He was quite excited. We still have a fair bit of the duck and goose food pellets so we’ll have t…

fido schmido

I’m writing this not because I want to think about fido for another SECOND but because I want to warn others so they don’t feel screwed over like I do.

So about a month and a bit ago, I decided to get a new phone. My old Sony Ericcson, which I loved, was just seeming really old (I’d had it for almost 2 years), the screen on the front was a bit cracked, and I had my eye on those kinds of phones that flip for better text-ability. I hardly use my cell at all for actual talking, I’m pretty much all about texting with it.

I’d got a text saying that because my plan was up soon (not till January but apparently that’s ‘soon’), they had a special offer for me due to my loyalty. I should have known that I’d leave the place feeling screwed over, given that when I mentioned the text to the guy at the fido store, he just sort of shook his head like he knew nothing about it.

The thing is, I knew I wanted a new phone. And I also had Andrew with me, and even though James was there too, he was in h…

Seatbelts save lives

I don’t understand why people STILL don’t get the importance of WEARING A SEATBELT in a moving vehicle. Why are people not wearing them???

A very close friend of my s-i-l-to-be was killed in an accident, at the age of 25, just 2 days ago. And then I read about the accident that couple from North Vancouver was in, where the husband swerved at the last second so as to save his wife and unborn baby and was killed on scene.

The thing is, these people weren’t wearing seatbelts. WHY WEREN’T THEY WEARING SEATBELTS??

Of course, there is no way of knowing if seatbelts for sure would have saved their lives. It of course depends on the severity of the accident and the force of impact. But so many lives are saved just from clipping the belt into its little holder. One click and you’re good to go.

It’s so tragic when lives are taken, especially young lives, and the lives of those who have yet to meet their first born child. Such horribly horrific events that should never have taken place.


Cold season already?

Well, Andrew officially has his first cold of the season. Even though technically it’s still summer, somehow it feels as though fall is upon us. Where did the summer months go?

The day before yesterday, Andrew kept pointing at his throat saying, ‘Boo boo.’ We asked if he had a sore throat and he would say, ‘Yeah.’ Then late last night he woke up completely stuffed up, coughing, and even felt slightly feverish. Poor little guy.

He’s had some Tylenol and sneezed out a big wet snot ball (sorry, TMI!!) and after he ate breakfast he threw up.

He’s definitely more subdued than usual, not racing around but content to lay on the couch, cozy in a fresh pair of pj’s, watching The Wiggles, and his new favourite dvd – Mighty Machines. He’s not letting it get him down though, he’s in good spirits.

Still, I can’t help it, I feel bad for him and wish I could have the cold for him. I hate to see my boy going through this, even if it is ‘just a cold.’

I hope it doesn’t last long and that neither Jam…

A good date makes all the difference

A week ago tonight, to celebrate my completion of level 1 rowing, James and I went on a date.

It was absolutely HORRIBLE.

And tonight we went on a date that was absolutely FANTASTIC.

(As a side note, in relation to my previous post about m-i-l issues, we got to go on our date tonight because James persuaded his mom to look after Andrew with b-i-l at our place and she agreed…I’m not going to get into all of that though – that’s not what this post is about).

OK…so I want to discuss the two totally different experiences.

Last Sunday we decided to hit up Ciao Bella on Denman Street. We’d been twice before and while the food was good both times, I remember not being super impressed with the atmosphere or the service. We decided to give it one last chance. We were in the mood for pasta and it seemed like a good choice given it’s close to our place and we didn’t want to experiment with a new place.

Now I’m kind of wishing we had.

We were seated on the patio, although they put us at a table rig…