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Written on Saturday (Aug 21)

I am SO TIRED. To the point I pretty much feel like doing nothing, but I’m writing this anyway.

Last night my birthday gift from my brother and s-i-l finally arrived (my bday is in February!) – which means that my mom and I saw Naturally 7 and Michael Buble play at Rogers Arena and it was an AMAZING show. Saw them both perform there a few years ago and it was every bit as good a concert this time as last. Obviously Michael Buble is incredible, but I would also go to a Naturally 7 concert (where they’re not just the opening act). They are so beyond talented, it’s ridiculous. I kept listening to their songs forgetting that there are no background instruments, it’s just their voices, and I was sitting there in total disbelief.

Michael Buble donated ALL proceeds from last night’s concert to Vancouver Children’s Hospital.

Rowing is going great, I can’t believe there’s only 3 classes left before level 1 is complete. It’ll be sad not to be getting out on the water anymore, not that I won’t ever take level 2 to go further with it but likely not for some time. We’ll see how it goes. But I’d say this will be it for a while, only because of the cost. I’m really enjoying it while it lasts though! Today was such an intense work out. We finally rowed as a complete team – well, 7 of us did as one person was unfortunately sick today. But all of us in the boat got to row together and we actually did a really great job keeping up with each other. I can’t express enough how fun it is to be out on the water.

Most likely my mom is babysitting the boy tonight so James and I can go out on a date.

I’m too tired to type. It’s really quite pathetic.


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