Starting fresh

Time’s been going by and I keep thinking to myself that I’m going to write things down so as to remember the little tidbits that matter most. But it hasn’t happened and at this point in time I’m thinking maybe it’s best to just cut my losses and start over. Its felt like a whirlwind this past while, getting out to enjoy the summer sun, playing at the water park, starting my rowing class, going to the island. I can’t wait till the weekend when I get to go out and row again!! And Andrew has a little photo shoot scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Which should be fun, and he will look so cute sporting his new big boy hair cut!!

He just had his hair cut this morning. It was his second ever hair ‘do. He did a bit better than the first time, although not by a huge stretch. It’ll just take time before he gets used to it. But he got a lot more cut off this time, although still probably not enough to be really noticeable to those that don’t know him. She even used the razor on the back part, just at the bottom to clip off that little bit of hair that comes down more in the middle. Although I loved that little bit of hair there, it is super cute to see him sporting his new ‘do.

After his hair cut we went and got him some fries and a Julius at the food court and he played a bit at the little children’s play area nearby. I wish the malls in Vancouver had little play areas, it would make taking him to the mall so much easier (tire him out then Momma shops – makes sense, right?!)

Nothing really newsy to report. I’m feeling nervous about the near future. Right after my class on Sunday we head to Victoria just for one night to visit some of James’ dad’s partner’s family who are visiting from around the world, then home Monday night, Tuesday will be getting-ready-to-panic day because James’ mom arrives Wednesday. For three weeks. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the fact that she’ll be in town – apparently staying just down the street from us – for that length of time. It seriously makes me want to run as fast and as far away as I can in the opposite direction until further notice (about 3 weeks time, lol).


But it’s out of my control (which I know she is looooving). So maddening. I’m going to go think about something else now.


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