'Seas' the day

It’s nearly midnight and Andrew is blissed out on the couch. Completely zonked, with one arm over his head and his legs resting on top of a pillow. It’s boiling in the apartment (the monitor says his room is 29 degrees Celsius) so I think he’s enjoying the coolness of the A/C in the living room. Or maybe I’m just making up excuses for him. He really HAS to get used to his new big boy bed.

We were in Victoria for a really quick trip – took the 4pm ferry yesterday (after missing the 3 sailing by 2 minutes, argh!) and caught the 5pm home today. It’s exhausting because when you don’t miss the ferry you’re intending to catch, it takes just shy of 5 hours to get there. So 6 when you do happen to miss it. It felt like we travelled for as long if not longer than what we got to visit. BUT we did see a lot of the family, some who I hadn’t even met before and many that were meeting Andrew for the first time. We arrived to 23 people at their house (and it’s not a very big house!) for a dinner party and Andrew was nervous for about 2 seconds, then he was racing around like he owned the place. He was the only baby there but there were a few kids (12 and 14) who really took to him and they were playing like crazy for several hours. It’s amazing how much energy Andrew has, he just goes and goes and doesn’t even go till he crashes – he goes till he fights it and fights it some more until he can’t possibly stay awake any longer. Then he cries because he’s SO MAD that he has to go to sleep and might miss out on something, anything…and then he’s out like a light. !!!

I love watching him interact with people and I love watching how other people interact with him. It was a nice visit, just short. I am so freaking sick of the stupid BC Ferries and if I don’t see another bus or skytrain for some time I will be glad of it.

Rowing is going SWIMMINGLY, actually I just used the word because it’s funny, although thinking about it further it’s not at all. Because I seriously would NOT want to swim in the water we’re rowing in. For one because of how polluted it is given all the boats in the area, but mostly because you can’t see the bottom and I’d be totally freaked not knowing (or perhaps having some idea is even worse) what’s beneath me.

But in all seriousness I am LOVING the class immensely. So I urge whoever reads this to go and sign up for something or do something beyond your comfort zone. Something you’ve always thought would be fun or interesting but resisted trying because it’s not something you’d normally do. Me, join something to do with SPORTS??? Me, decide of my own accord to be a part of a TEAM? A SPORTS TEAM??! There probably isn’t much that would be more of an unlikely thing for me to do, honestly. But yet it is quite possibly one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

It just feels so good to be doing something for me, I can’t stress that enough. I haven’t done anything for me in years, always putting the boy first and loving doing that, obviously, but a mom has to be her own person sometimes, too! And I love how it’s something I can be interested for me, myself, not for anyone else. And I’m learning from it, I am actually going to have SKILLS at rowing, which is awesome, and something I can continue with if I choose. Which I think I will do. And it’s great being a part of a team and trusting each other, getting to know each other at least a little bit, learning together. It’s so much fun! It’s amazing being out on the water. On Saturday I was in seat 1 (right at the bow) and on Sunday I was in seat 2. I got a lot of practice, especially on Sunday. And I felt pretty confident about it. I think being in a group can be stressful because you know you have all these people relying on you in a way, but it’s also a great motivator because you want to do well not only for yourself but for your team mates. It’s also such a beautiful setting for rowing and I love exploring this part of living on the water. I do enjoy the water in terms of walking the sea wall and marvelling at its beauty, but it’s a shame not to get out more on the water and enjoy it from a different perspective. So it’s nice to be doing that. I realize I do really love the water. Could do without travelling by BC Ferries so often…but rowing I can handle! And we had our wedding on a chartered yacht, and our honeymoon was a cruise – so I guess I’m realizing that I’m more into the water than I initially thought!

Anyway….tomorrow is my last day to breathe for 3 weeks. At least that’s how it feels this moment. Then the m-i-l arrives. Is that when all hell breaks loose?? Only time will tell. I have many issues with her, but knowing we have the entire country between us is usually a pretty good buffer. Knowing she’ll be living down the street for 3 weeks makes 21 days seems like an absolute eternity. Just sayin’.

I sent her an email the other day, in reply to her last one…touched on some issues and sending a previous email she claims to have not gotten (interestingly is claiming yet again to have not got it, although I don’t believe she didn’t get it the first time, so I certainly don’t believe her the second)…and the reply she sent me? All it says is, “Good O. See you soon.” Ummmmmm, WHHHAAAAAT????!

Sigh. Some people never change. But it helps not expecting them to, I find. I have no expectations. If anything, my expectations are in the negative at this point. So at least I can’t possibly be disappointed by her. LOL (Yes, even I am laughing at that one…if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry!)

It’s going to be a stressful time for sure, but there is thank gawd a lot to look forward to as well, so I’m going to just do my best to focus on those things.


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