Pills of the bc variety

So I started back on birth control pills a month ago.

I don’t want to get pregnant again any time soon, but my main reason for wanting to go back on them was because I seriously couldn’t handle the intensity of menstrual cramps sans the pill. I guess I’d been on it for so long before getting pregnant with Andrew that I forgot how horrible the side effects of the monthly cycles could be.

I talked to my doctor about what I was on before – it worked for me perfectly, but he said they were kind of an ‘old’ brand now. Not surprising given I started on them so long ago! So he got me on a similar one, but apparently it’s a lower dosage pill (even though back in the day the one I was on was also considered low dose. I guess comparably it no longer is). Anyway, I’m taking Tri-cyclen Lo, and while it’s still early days I don’t see it causing me any problems.

I started taking it the first day of my period last month and maybe it was coincidence and I was going to have a light period anyway, but I swear I barely had any cramps and my period generally didn’t bother me much at all. I was amazed! For a while there I was popping quite a few Tylenol per day to not be so offended by the severity of the cramping but that seems to be a thing of the past already. Thank gawd. So I’m pretty happy with it. I’m still adjusting to remembering to take a pill every day because for so long I wasn’t taking any medication whatsoever. And I miss not having to remember that. But I’ll get into the groove of it, and the pros definitely outweigh any cons.

Something I find really interesting is that while my periods sans the pill were for the most part regular and ‘on time,’ there were months where it would be a week late or sometimes even a few days early. I never knew for sure when it was going to happen. But it just so happens that the month I decided to go back on the pill, it fit back into my exact schedule that I had when I was on the pill before. Which means my pill pack start day is the same as it was before, which is awesome! Which means I will not have my period on weekends, which is double awesome!! I think it’s really neat how it worked out that way. I told James about it and he just shrugged and said it’s not that amazing. ‘There are only 7 days in a week, so it was a 1 in 7 chance it would happen that way. So it’s not that big a deal.’ Guys sometimes. Seriously! I feel like he’s been really putting his foot in his mouth lately. I wasn’t really thinking about the actual ‘odds’ of it all, I just thought it was cool that it worked out that way. I swear, men are just not tops on my list at the moment. Sorry again for the stereotyping, but honestly. It is what it is.

Anyway. I still don’t love being ‘medicalized’ by being on the pill. But it is a personal choice. And I went with it because a) being on the pill for a long time before proved to not mess with my fertility, so I’m no longer concerned that that could be an issue and b) I don’t notice the pill changing me at all other than making me feel better during ‘that time of the month.’ So why not reap the benefits of it if it can help me out?

What can I say, I am a fan!


trista said…
I'm ALREADY thinking about what I'm going to do about birth control! lol, I am considering an IUD.... again... and hopefully this time it won't fail me, though I do feel blessed to have Kiwi growing inside of me :) I think IUD's are more meant for women who have had children, so maybe it would be more likely to work. Who knows! I guess it's something I can ask my doc about and see what she recommends. I'm glad to hear that you've had a good experience with that particular pill!

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