North Van fun

When we borrowed my mom's car a few weeks back, one of the things we did was take an evening drive to North Van. We're considering the Lynn Valley area as our next place-we-call-home, so we wanted to check it out and get a bit of a feel for it.

We didn't actually do any scoping out of places to live, just drove around a little.
While in the area, we decided to check out Lynn Canyon.
We hadn't realized there was a free suspension bridge there (unlike the Capilano Suspension Bridge that costs over $20 to go across!)

However...I panicked and wasn't able to cross the thing. Don't judge me. I had Andrew with me and he wanted to race across, but obviously I couldn't let him do that so it was near impossible to hold onto him AND try to safely walk on a bridge that's suspended in the air and thus moving around with each step.

I took about 5 steps onto the thing with him and James was saying, 'Don't worry, it's all just psychological' in relation to being concerned about being out there like that. So when I started panicking all I could think to say was, 'It's psychological! It's psychological!!!' while backing up and off the bridge. James was laughing so hard. I'm so glad no one else was around to witness that.
It just didn't seem right when I looked down and saw how far up we were, on this suspended bridge, and seeing my little guy out there. It felt too vulnerable and unsafe to me. It was the motherly instincts kicking in, I had to protect my little cub!

From there we drove to another park area down the way, I can't remember what it was called. There was a little playground so Andrew got to have some play time before we headed back home.
I'd like to explore the area a little more, but I liked what I saw of Lynn Valley. I think I could see us living there.


trista said…
Ok I know I say this everytime, but I cannot believe how fast Andrew is GROWING! WOW! Such a cute lil' guy :)

We went to Lynn Valley when we were in Vancouver a couple years back. It was awesome, so beautiful. We actually thought we were going to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, but the bus driver dropped us off at Lynn Valley Canyon!! Which was totally okay..because it was free, and the hike through the Canyon was beautiful and breathtaking. So neat that you guys might move there. We walked around the Lynn Valley townsite area for a bit too, stopped at a pub, etc.. it seemed like a nice community!

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