Here comes trouble!

It's hard to believe that this angelic face could belong to such a little terror!

He's figuring things out too quickly, and as soon as he's figured out one thing, he's looking for the next problem to solve. He's keeping me on my toes to the extent that soon I might levitate!

Today he figured out that climbing onto the stools in the dining room gets him onto the table. Which happens to be right by a window. That is always open because it's so freaking hot given the 'dining room' is also the 'solarium.'

The window is now closed, and all I can say is twofold: thank god there is a lock at the TOP of the window as well as the bottom so there's no chance of him figuring out how to open it, and, more importantly at the time, THANK GOD I WAS THERE TO SEE HIM GET UP ON THE TABLE AND START HEADING FOR THE WINDOW. I wouldn't want my baby jumping from the first floor of a house out the window. I certainly would not want it to be 9 storeys, which is what we have here.

Andrew now wants to open up the pantry cupboard (blocked by one of our now-deemed EVIL table stools, most of which are on top of the table now unless in use, so he can't climb them)...I can't let him open the pantry cupboard because there are a lot of breakable things in there that I would be really sad to have broken.

He has figured out how to open up the drawer in the little stand we have near the front door. It has lots of wires in it (cell phone chargers, ear phones) and other things like sunglasses that we don't want broken or for little hands to get a hold of (and, well, break).

He's determined to put anything and everything in the toilet, except of course what is actually MEANT for the toilet since he's still in diapers!

He also loves to flush the toilet repeatedly, and I'm convinced he's going to make it so the next time I need it to flush, it won't.

He went on a tear today and just seemed to be into everything he shouldn't be and there was no stopping him. Well, I did stop him, but that only seems to egg him on more and I just KNOW he's waiting for me to turn my back so he can try to get away with it all.

Is it any wonder it scares me half to death that he has run of the house at night now that he's in a big boy bed due to jumping out of his crib till we took the rail off?!!!!

Why is my little tyke so keen to grow up?


How am I ever going to sleep again??!


Lojo said…
Hahaha, oh my God, trouble, indeed!

Poor Liz. :) Hang in there, home fry.

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