Did you know that newborn babies typically don’t have any freckles or moles yet? Not having been around a lot of babies in my life pre-Andrew, I had no idea. And when I was around wee babes I would be obsessing over the adorableness of their teensy fingers and toes, not looking for little freckles!

We were given a book by my brother and s-i-l for Xmas 08 (2 days after Andrew was SUPPOSED to be born, 6 more days before he actually was!) called Amazing Baby and it’s an ‘amazing’ book about babes from birth to about 2 years. There are tons of beautiful pictures of perfect babies (well, I thought they were perfect till Andrew came along…now I’d say they’re cute, but…!) and when I first looked through the book I was annoyed with what I saw. Not because I didn’t think it would be a great, informative book, but all the babies in the pictures had completely flawless skin. And I thought they had been airbrushed for the sake of looking perfect as is done with adult models for books and magazines. I found the idea of that rather disgusting, till I read on one of the pages of the book that babies actually DO tend to have perfectly flawless skin. As time goes on, from I think around one till age four, freckles and moles tend to develop.

This is fascinating to me. I love to think how Andy’s body was/is this new canvas and little dots are being painted on it, and each and every little freckle or mole is his, and is therefore perfect, and meant to be.

I don’t imagine people generally look at another person’s moles and freckles and think aaahhhh and fall in love with the person all over again because of them. But when it’s your own child, you might find yourself doing just that!

Around age one, maybe a bit younger, Andrew developed a tiny little mole (it's his skin colour, not a dark one) right smack dab in the middle of the back of his neck and every time I see it I just want to hug him and kiss him. He has since developed a dark freckle on the small of his back, he has a few teensy ones on his head/face, and one on his left arm. When I say, ‘Andrew, where’s your freckle?’ he points to the one on his arm, since it’s the only one he can see. It’s tiny, but I showed it to him once and from then on he remembered it. Then he will point to mine, of which I have many (freckles, though I don’t have any of the moles that stand out at all) and smile.

It’s so cute watching my boy change. I love every single little thing about him!


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