Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few quick tidbits from the past few days...

On Friday night we went to a restaurant just off Broadway called Tomato. I noticed a woman sitting on the patio looked very much like Nancy Robertson (Wanda from Corner Gas). I mentioned to James, and he said it had to be her. Sure enough it was, and she was there with her husband Brent Butt! Given how huge of Corner Gas fans we used to be, it was pretty cool to see them sitting so close. I really wanted to get a picture of them with Andrew (how cute would that be?!) but in the end I chose not to disturb them. Quite a few people went up to them during their meal and once they were finished and I figured they would probably love to be able to go out and just enjoy a meal without being bothered every 2 seconds. They were really good about it and seemed to be quite friendly with everyone, but I know I’d want to be left alone so I chose not to bug. It was just cool to see them like that! Although I’ve actually seen them once before in passing. It’s just weird and cool to see people from tv in person!

Total switch of topics:

Yesterday was a milestone for Andrew! He used his potty for the first and second time! He seems to be taking to his potty quite nicely. He will actually say, ‘pee pee!’ and then we take his diaper off and he goes pretty quickly. Once yesterday he said, ‘Poo!’ and ran into the bathroom so I took his diaper off and he immediately sat down on the toilet and let out some gas. LOL No poo ensued but he definitely has the idea!! He used it again today for number 1. I don’t expect to potty train him any time soon (fully, I mean) – he is the one who instigated this. I am fine with him being in diapers for some time yet, given he’s not even two! But this is a really good sign and I’m hoping it means that it won’t be tooooo much of a process to get him trained and out of diapers.

Switching topics again:

I finished rowing level 1 (sweeping) today. It was a 4 week, 8 class course at the Vancouver Rowing Club and I highly recommend it. It was SO much fun, I got to meet some really great people and had a blast out on the water. It really was an awesome experience. I loved the water and felt more confident than I’d expected to. But I also realized that I don’t necessarily enjoy going really fast, and therefore racing isn’t really my bag. We had a Regatta today. Our team lost but we did really well – we just didn’t stand a chance against the team we were up against, and there were some odds against us given we were the only team that had a class today as well as the race, so we were pretty tired by the time we were racing. But it was all in good fun and we did SO WELL and I am really proud of what we accomplished as a team, having only met each other a month ago and almost none of us having any experience with rowing in the past. It was a great entry level course. There is rowing 2 (sculling – which means two oars, as opposed to sweeping which is just one) and you have to take that in order to advance to do recreational rowing or become a member and row competitively. I would love to be able to row recreationally, but at the same time weighed the pros and cons and decided not to do level 2 at this point in time. I’m happy with having done what I did for now. I’m excited that I can cross something off my bucket list, and proud of myself for having done it and got through it. I didn’t miss a single class, I learned A LOT and I have a few ideas for some other water sports I might like to try in the future.

Anyway…it was a VERY long day and I am completely beat. I want to write a little restaurant review of sorts about my experience on a quick little date with James tonight (thanks to Andrew’s Uncle N for babysitting!) but it will have to wait till next time…

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A douchebag comment

When I was walking home from my rowing class this afternoon, a guy on a bike passed by me. On his way by, he looked at my chest and said, ‘Ooh, nice melons!’


I was taken aback. I had no time to react, and honestly I don’t think he’s worth giving the time of day to, anyway. So I just kept walking, outwardly reacting as if I hadn’t heard his comment. But I was a little shocked.

I was wearing an Adidas t-shirt. It’s fairly form-fitting, but still. It’s not like I was wearing something to intentionally grab lewd comments from sick-o cyclists. Not that wearing specific clothing should mean it’s OK to talk that way to someone, but I might be more understanding of it if my boobs were literally popping right out onto the sidewalk!

Should I be flattered that someone (other than my husband) found my rack attractive? Back in the day (when I was in my late teens/early twenties) I got whistled and honked at fairly regularly, and I suppose that while I did always deep down feel slightly disgusted by it because, really, come on guys, can’t you do better than that…?...there was a part of me that was flattered because obviously it’s nice to think people find you attractive, right? So I don’t know if it’s my ripe old age of 30 or what, but I was really, REALLY disgusted by the pervyness of this dude’s comment.

First of all, he looked kind of like Jack Black. And no offence to the guy, I think he’s hilarious, but if you imagine him with his Jack Nicholson-esque demeanour saying, ‘Ooh, nice melons’ while staring at your chest, it is quite likely that you, too, would find yourself with a case of the heebie jeebies.

It just made me wonder about some people. I mean, seriously. Who do you think you are, that you just blurt out things like that to a total stranger? I wouldn’t even think to say something like that out loud. I can’t really see myself even thinking it in the first place, but you generally don’t randomly tell strangers what you think of their body parts, whatever the case may be.

I don’t understand why some people feel entitled to share whatever’s on their mind, regardless of what it is. And I really don’t understand the purpose of saying ‘nice melons.’ WHO SAYS THAT??!! Is that really what we’re calling them these days?!

Maybe I am also struggling a bit with my boobs being sexual in the eyes of men. After 18 months of breast feeding my baby, I see them as a source of nourishment for my young. That was actually one of my first thoughts after the guy went by. Imagine if I blurted back to him, ‘Oh, you mean these things filled with milk for my baby?’ Not so sexual now, are they?! Not that Andrew is still feeding from them because he’s not, but that’s not the point!

Maybe I over reacted or over analyzed this. It really isn’t THAT big a deal. I’ve certainly heard worse! I guess I just wonder why people don’t think more before they speak.

I’m going to have name this guy Douchebag of the Week!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My boy the bully

Today I took Andrew to the aquarium. I knew it would be a total gong show (I try not to go there AT ALL during the summer if I can help it because it’s packed with tourists) but we needed to renew our membership before the end of the month. Luckily he’s not old enough yet to feel let down if we go for 2 seconds and leave! I just couldn’t hack it. The crowds were insane. We took a quick look at the dolphins and then at the belugas, and then were on our way.

I was tempted to leave before seeing anything, but not because I selfishly can’t stand how crowded the place gets. We were in a line-up to try to get to the outside exhibits when I heard an ‘Oooow!’ in front of us and looked to see that Andrew had a hold of a woman’s hair. (I was carrying him because he’s in his phase of hating the stroller and refusing to stay in it longer than absolutely necessary).

I felt so bad! I apologized several times and scolded Andrew, but I felt terrible because even a few minutes later I saw her rubbing at her head where he’d been pulling.

It’s a serious problem, his bullying behaviour. I don’t know what to do about it.

He isn’t doing it to be a bully. I really think he thinks he’s being playful. It doesn’t help that he’s got 2 cats (one in particular) that he LOVES to play the hair pulling game with. Not to mention that each and every day he rips out a chunk of my own hair. It’s a wonder I don’t look as if I suffer from alopecia, seriously! I don’t know what his obsession is with pulling hair.

He will also go up to kids and just grab them by the shirt and pull them down to the ground. Most parents are good about it, and recognize that ‘kids will be kids.’ But it makes me wonder why I’m not generally seeing the other kids exhibiting this type of behaviour. Why is Andrew pretty much ALWAYS the kid on the playground who’s causing problems for everyone else?? Or in the play room on the ferry. I swear pretty soon they’re going to put up a picture of Andrew outside the door with a caption that reads ‘This boy is denied entry.’

I feel like I’m running out of places to take him because I resist taking to places where other children will be around for him to be mean to. On the other hand, I don’t want to isolate him entirely because he can’t learn how not to be if he’s never around people at all. It’s quite a dilemma though, because I seriously start dreading taking him out because I’m so worried about what he might do. I hate having to be the one to apologize all the time and leave and have everyone watching, most likely tsk tsk’ing me as if his bad behaviour reflects on how I am as a parent. I swear he did not learn this stuff from me, or anyone else that I know! He just does it. And yes, a certain level of it is totally normal toddler behaviour. But he has even taken to grabbing and pinching me, I have a cut on my nose from a pinch the other day and James is practically my twin now with a very similar gash on the side of his nose. It’s not funny, it’s getting to the point where something has got to be done – but what??! He’s only going to be 20 months in a few days. You can reason with him but only to an extent. He really doesn’t understand when you say ‘you’re hurting me, please stop’ and that sort of thing.

I know that what I ultimately have to keep in mind is that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Just like any other phase he’s been through, it has to run its course eventually. But while we’re going through it, life is made extra complicated.

He’s such a sweet angel a lot of the time, and so clever and happy. I don’t know what gets into him sometimes.

Anyone have any tips on how to deal with this type of behaviour at his age??

We usually leave wherever we are right away, or at the very least I talk to him about why he shouldn’t do that. I’ve tried getting him to say ‘sorry’ (he can’t say it but tries) but recently that made him lunge for a little girl a second time and she got bullied again, so I’ve resisted doing that again since!!

I’m at a loss. I guess I have to just let it run its course, but in the meantime – anyone wanna take him to the park FOR me??! =P

Pills of the bc variety

So I started back on birth control pills a month ago.

I don’t want to get pregnant again any time soon, but my main reason for wanting to go back on them was because I seriously couldn’t handle the intensity of menstrual cramps sans the pill. I guess I’d been on it for so long before getting pregnant with Andrew that I forgot how horrible the side effects of the monthly cycles could be.

I talked to my doctor about what I was on before – it worked for me perfectly, but he said they were kind of an ‘old’ brand now. Not surprising given I started on them so long ago! So he got me on a similar one, but apparently it’s a lower dosage pill (even though back in the day the one I was on was also considered low dose. I guess comparably it no longer is). Anyway, I’m taking Tri-cyclen Lo, and while it’s still early days I don’t see it causing me any problems.

I started taking it the first day of my period last month and maybe it was coincidence and I was going to have a light period anyway, but I swear I barely had any cramps and my period generally didn’t bother me much at all. I was amazed! For a while there I was popping quite a few Tylenol per day to not be so offended by the severity of the cramping but that seems to be a thing of the past already. Thank gawd. So I’m pretty happy with it. I’m still adjusting to remembering to take a pill every day because for so long I wasn’t taking any medication whatsoever. And I miss not having to remember that. But I’ll get into the groove of it, and the pros definitely outweigh any cons.

Something I find really interesting is that while my periods sans the pill were for the most part regular and ‘on time,’ there were months where it would be a week late or sometimes even a few days early. I never knew for sure when it was going to happen. But it just so happens that the month I decided to go back on the pill, it fit back into my exact schedule that I had when I was on the pill before. Which means my pill pack start day is the same as it was before, which is awesome! Which means I will not have my period on weekends, which is double awesome!! I think it’s really neat how it worked out that way. I told James about it and he just shrugged and said it’s not that amazing. ‘There are only 7 days in a week, so it was a 1 in 7 chance it would happen that way. So it’s not that big a deal.’ Guys sometimes. Seriously! I feel like he’s been really putting his foot in his mouth lately. I wasn’t really thinking about the actual ‘odds’ of it all, I just thought it was cool that it worked out that way. I swear, men are just not tops on my list at the moment. Sorry again for the stereotyping, but honestly. It is what it is.

Anyway. I still don’t love being ‘medicalized’ by being on the pill. But it is a personal choice. And I went with it because a) being on the pill for a long time before proved to not mess with my fertility, so I’m no longer concerned that that could be an issue and b) I don’t notice the pill changing me at all other than making me feel better during ‘that time of the month.’ So why not reap the benefits of it if it can help me out?

What can I say, I am a fan!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An afternoon nap kind of day

Today I decided I really had to take care of myself, and what that meant was that when Andrew napped, so did I. I think it did me a world of good. About 2 hours sleep in the afternoon, sprawled out on the bed with my boy beside me, the fan blowing an ever so slight breeze through the hot hot room. It was quite glorious actually. I had some weird dreams that I can’t totally remember now but at least I was getting some much needed rest! I woke up about an hour in and thought I should get up and get some things done but then I thought NO! I always do that and then I feel like such a zombie by early evening. The chores can wait. Of course, now I have a huge list of chores and still no gumption to get it all done. But, it will keep.

Andrew must have got used to his momma being there in the bed with him, because he’d have had to roll 3 times at least in order to fall off the bed. Lo and behold, as I’m going to the bathroom I hear a loud KA-THUNK! and then crying. He had rolled and fallen and hit the closet door. Obviously he hurt his head a little because when I got to him he was rubbing his head, shaking his finger at the floor saying his version of ‘Don’t do that!’ LOL As if it was the floor’s fault! I laid him back on the bed and lay beside him and we just looked around the room, waking up. I love watching him look around, as if deep in thought. Then I played a game of trying to scare him and he was laughing so hard. I love nothing more than the sound of his laughter! A baby laughing is seriously the funniest and cutest thing on earth.

Tensions aren’t so bad now, well at least not between me and James. I still feel frustrated by everything that’s going on, but what can I do? It’s beyond my control. He knows how I feel, what he does with that is up to him. His mom is off to the island for the next week so I think I’m feeling a little less pressure knowing she won’t be around for a while. I might go to the island next week (a different part of the island, let me clarify!!) and I’d be staying a few days after she’d be coming back here, so by that point there would be less than a week I think till she leaves. So I think I can handle that. I hope. I guess a lot of it hinges on how things go in the meantime. Even from afar, as we all know she is capable of almost anything!

My next project is once and for all getting going on Andrew’s 2nd year scrapbook, so I think I’ll go work on that for a while. Not long before the boys come back from the park and I’m back on Mom duty =D

Monday, August 23, 2010

I need a vacation...Seriously, when is it my turn??!

I want to be positive, and of course a part of me is. A part of me just wants to flip the bird at everyone and everything that pisses me off, to send the message that I DON’T CARE and I WILL SURVIVE.

But another part of me just feels really sad and betrayed.

I’m probably also emotional because my mom had to leave tonight and given all that’s going on I wish she could have stayed longer.

I was going to go back to the island with her, because really, the way I see it at the moment is WHY THE F*CK AM I HERE. I might as well be there. But at the same time I feel like I have been taking the ferry an awful lot lately, the mood I was in today I couldn’t see myself taking it late tonight, and I also feel like I’ve barely seen James at all lately and thought it might be good for us at some point, eventually, to talk about some things.

One thing I will say straight out though – and no pun was intended there, I swear – in my next life I am coming back as a lesbian.

And it’s not because I want to have sex with women, because far from it. I am not thinking at all along those lines. I am just feeling at this moment that even the most wonderfulest of men are sometimes total assholes and they JUST DON’T GET IT and I am sick and tired of the way men can sometimes be. Perhaps I am stereotyping but I doubt it’s total coincidence that pretty much all women would agree with me at some point or another on this. And yes, women can be total bitches, I am not going to deny that, but I have an inkling if I was a lesbian my partner would get me better than a man ever could.

I’m pissed off right now, can you tell?

I’m hurt more like. I just feel like whether it’s meant this way or not, I am always the one who ends up getting shit on and I am sick and tired of feeling like I have to fight for myself so much. This only happens when a particular person is in the picture, this isn’t how I feel all the time. But I have come to realize that even if it’s just when this person is involved, it’s too often. I don’t want to put up with this for the rest of my life. So what does that mean?

I don’t know. It makes me sad though. It makes me want to burrow under the covers (I would if it wasn’t so hot) and not come out for a while. I kind of wish I could do that.

I finally got Andrew to bed – he fought to the end tonight, totally did not want to give in but finally drifted off anyway. It was a very long day though, not one of his greatest days mood-wise, and certainly not one of my most memorable either. I got him to bed and did part of a chore and just lost my ability to even focus on something I’ve been looking forward to doing – which right there tells you something’s not right with me. If cleaning and tidying and organizing just makes me feel sad and blah and I can’t even get through a task, I would almost say I should be rushed to emergency!!

Oh and just after I finished writing that, Andrew once again fell out of his %#&#!^%!*! toddler bed and is on the couch falling back asleep again.

Did I mention I feel as though I’m having a bit of a nervous breakdown at the moment? I’ve been sobbing and blah and now James is on his way home and truthfully I sooo don’t feel like talking tonight. Yet I can’t snub him because then he’ll bug like I’m doing something wrong and oh how sick I am of feeling as if I’m doing something wrong when I know I’m not!

I’m so tired, I wish my brain had a light switch and I could just shut ‘er down till morning. I’m tired of thinking tonight.

songs that remind me of the better times

I want to be positive and focus on the things that are important to me. Less attention on toxicity and more on the goodness going on.

I am loving rowing! It has been an amazing experience and I’ve learned so much and it feels so healthy to be doing it. It ends after next weekend, but I’m actually happy about that in a way. Because it means I successfully will have completed level 1. And it means I can think about something else to try out that I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t know what that is yet, but I’m looking forward to it already!

A month or so ago I bought a new scrapbook – I wasn’t going to scrap Andy’s second year of life just because it can get so time consuming, but I caved and bought the book for it and it came with some stickers and paper and I’m itching to get started on it. Black’s Photography is going to love to see me coming! Although I’ll have to find the time to also print a bunch of pics myself to have various sizes. It’ll be a time-consuming project but worth every minute. I love making scrapbooks and I certainly will enjoy flipping through it when it’s done and looking at all the cute pictures of Andrew transitioning from one year old to two!

I can’t believe my baby boy is going to be TWO at the end of this year, but he is, and he just gets more adorable by the minute!

I love my boy so much. Even if he does pull my hair and pinch and bite me sometimes. He also hugs and kisses and cuddles me! And the latest thing I taught him is this:

Me: Andrew, who’s your best friend?
Andrew (gleeful): MOMMA!!!


Bad timing all around

I was writing a post about my date with James last night and I was going to mention a few little tidbits about our day today. But I don’t feel like it now.

Andrew was not only maniacal but just totally mean to his Momma tonight. He was in such a mood that all he seemed to want to do was pull my hair and pinch me till I bled. On my face. Yeah, not pleasant. He was just sooo fussy and I think, no I KNOW, it was because he was so overtired.

So I left the hotel from visiting my mom with him just after 9pm to get him home to bed. I was smart and got him into his jammies at the hotel so he’d be ready for night nights as soon as we got in. He cozied up on the couch and watched Wiggles and was out in about 2 minutes!

I’ve been ‘giving in’ a lot to his desire to sleep on the couch lately. Which is fine on the one hand, the couch isn’t far from his bed since his bedroom is right by the living room! But out of principle and habit I think it’s better if we get him sleeping in his own bed at night. I tried laying on it with him last night and read to him and made up elaborate stories to go with some of his books. Which he enjoyed and almost fell asleep to, but stubborn boy that he is – and smart! – he realized the couch was calling out to him and after story time ran back to the couch, cozied up, and went to sleep.

I was so proud of myself when I was able to transfer him to his bed tonight and he stayed there! And is still there now, several hours later. Even if he doesn’t stay in all night (and I could pretty well guarantee he won’t, although if he does I’ll be pleasantly surprised!) it’s a small victory for me to have him be in his bed at least for several hours.

But that’s not what I want to be writing about either. Actually, it’s closer to what I’d WANT to write about, but not what I feel I now NEED to write about.

Because now I feel the need to VENT.

Did I mention my mother in law is in town? For 3 weeks? She is. She’s been here for 5 days now. And, actually, the visit has been going very well. I have had lots of space, in fact I have only seen her twice and for short periods of time both times. She seems to be doing well at giving me my space. And spending time with James and Andrew without me. I’ve had my mom here as a bit of a buffer, which has helped a lot. I still have concerns because we’re only into day 5 of 21, so it’s not like we’ve made it completely just yet. Not even close. All it takes is one moment in time for things to come crashing down on us, as has happened so many time before.

I am just at a point right now where for my own wellbeing I need to take a step back. While I am comfortable (to some extent) with making an effort for Andrew’s sake (thus me spending any time with her at all), I am not wanting it to come across that we’re buddy buddy just because we’re hanging out in the same room here and there. I want us to be able to be civil to each other because that’s easier. But I don’t see us strengthening our relationship as James seems to wish so much could happen, because to be honest with you, too much has happened in the past for us to change things now. I mean, sure, if she becomes a different person and starts taking accountability for her actions, perhaps things could improve over time. But I can’t have faith in that happening given the pattern I’ve seen in the past 12 years.

I don’t want to feel the negativity anymore of dealing with constant issues and having to put in this effort that I don’t even want to put in because I just don’t care to anymore. I’m done trying. I tried many, many times and obviously I failed miserably. I am done, and that’s truly the way I feel. So I need space and I need to just not be too involved.

I thought its been working well, we hang out for a short period, mostly making it all about Andrew, and have surface-level conversations and that can work for me. It might be somewhat fake since obviously there are some deeply rooted issues that are still there that we’re just not dealing with, but whatevs, right? I sort of feel like why bother dealing with them at this point? It’s too late anyway, so let’s just not go there.

But then James throws it at me tonight when he got home at about 11:30pm from being out with his mom this evening. That she’s thinking about moving to Vancouver.

She lives in Halifax. And I remember thinking from the minute she decided to flee the west coast because she was so miserable here, to create a new life for herself on the east coast, that she would have regrets. How can you move a whole country’s distance from your children and never have any regrets? Now she’s got a grandson whose life she’s not very involved in due to the distance and she’s wondering what she’s done. Not to mention she’s not happy with the man she married and blah blah blah is thinking of leaving him and omg she might move to Vancouver.

Is it so wrong of me to think it’s too close for comfort? To say that I honestly, whole-heartedly feel that if she moved here I would have to move somewhere else?

I was really hoping to move soon-ish and have been getting excited about thinking about different areas where we could go and I want to make the right decision on where we end up because we’ll want to stay there for quite a few years most likely. At least that’s the hope.

But now I feel like we’ll have to just stick it out as long as possible here and wait till she decides what she’s doing because I don’t want to go ahead with all the costs and things involved with moving only to find out she’s going to move practically next door. I need space from her, why can’t people get that????? Having her live in the same city as us is NOT the solution to our problems! It will just make things worse and more complicated, if that’s possible. Not sure how it could be but maybe it is.

I understand wanting to be closer, like I said, I always figured she’d have regrets. I thought it would have happened a lot sooner than it did. But being in our backyard? Seriously? Do we really have to even have this conversation right now? Never would be too soon for me, so right now? Not the greatest timing.

Maybe a few cities away or hours of driving or SOMETHING but being right nearby wanting to babysit constantly and all this shizzle – I SERIOUSLY CAN’T DEAL WITH THIS. I just said shizzle, clearly I am not thinking straight!!!!!!!

HEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPP! I wish someone could rescue me somehow.

Once again, there has to be this huge looming threat of something happening. Why can’t we ever just have a visit without these goddam complications?? Why does there always have to be SOMETHING??? Because now I just have this anxiety about the idea of her being so close by ALL THE GODDAM TIME and I can’t handle it.

I can’t even write about it more thoroughly, one because it’s so freaking late and I’m tired but also because I just don’t want to. My head feels foggy from just having got this news, I need to absorb it a bit more I think.

I don’t want to though, I resent that I even have to think about this. I am seriously sick of her at this point in time and I just don’t want to deal with anything that has to do with her. Why can’t she just not be the focal point of things for a while? A good long while. That would be nice for a change.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yesterday's news

Written on Saturday (Aug 21)

I am SO TIRED. To the point I pretty much feel like doing nothing, but I’m writing this anyway.

Last night my birthday gift from my brother and s-i-l finally arrived (my bday is in February!) – which means that my mom and I saw Naturally 7 and Michael Buble play at Rogers Arena and it was an AMAZING show. Saw them both perform there a few years ago and it was every bit as good a concert this time as last. Obviously Michael Buble is incredible, but I would also go to a Naturally 7 concert (where they’re not just the opening act). They are so beyond talented, it’s ridiculous. I kept listening to their songs forgetting that there are no background instruments, it’s just their voices, and I was sitting there in total disbelief.

Michael Buble donated ALL proceeds from last night’s concert to Vancouver Children’s Hospital.

Rowing is going great, I can’t believe there’s only 3 classes left before level 1 is complete. It’ll be sad not to be getting out on the water anymore, not that I won’t ever take level 2 to go further with it but likely not for some time. We’ll see how it goes. But I’d say this will be it for a while, only because of the cost. I’m really enjoying it while it lasts though! Today was such an intense work out. We finally rowed as a complete team – well, 7 of us did as one person was unfortunately sick today. But all of us in the boat got to row together and we actually did a really great job keeping up with each other. I can’t express enough how fun it is to be out on the water.

Most likely my mom is babysitting the boy tonight so James and I can go out on a date.

I’m too tired to type. It’s really quite pathetic.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Here comes trouble!

It's hard to believe that this angelic face could belong to such a little terror!

He's figuring things out too quickly, and as soon as he's figured out one thing, he's looking for the next problem to solve. He's keeping me on my toes to the extent that soon I might levitate!

Today he figured out that climbing onto the stools in the dining room gets him onto the table. Which happens to be right by a window. That is always open because it's so freaking hot given the 'dining room' is also the 'solarium.'

The window is now closed, and all I can say is twofold: thank god there is a lock at the TOP of the window as well as the bottom so there's no chance of him figuring out how to open it, and, more importantly at the time, THANK GOD I WAS THERE TO SEE HIM GET UP ON THE TABLE AND START HEADING FOR THE WINDOW. I wouldn't want my baby jumping from the first floor of a house out the window. I certainly would not want it to be 9 storeys, which is what we have here.

Andrew now wants to open up the pantry cupboard (blocked by one of our now-deemed EVIL table stools, most of which are on top of the table now unless in use, so he can't climb them)...I can't let him open the pantry cupboard because there are a lot of breakable things in there that I would be really sad to have broken.

He has figured out how to open up the drawer in the little stand we have near the front door. It has lots of wires in it (cell phone chargers, ear phones) and other things like sunglasses that we don't want broken or for little hands to get a hold of (and, well, break).

He's determined to put anything and everything in the toilet, except of course what is actually MEANT for the toilet since he's still in diapers!

He also loves to flush the toilet repeatedly, and I'm convinced he's going to make it so the next time I need it to flush, it won't.

He went on a tear today and just seemed to be into everything he shouldn't be and there was no stopping him. Well, I did stop him, but that only seems to egg him on more and I just KNOW he's waiting for me to turn my back so he can try to get away with it all.

Is it any wonder it scares me half to death that he has run of the house at night now that he's in a big boy bed due to jumping out of his crib till we took the rail off?!!!!

Why is my little tyke so keen to grow up?


How am I ever going to sleep again??!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'Seas' the day

It’s nearly midnight and Andrew is blissed out on the couch. Completely zonked, with one arm over his head and his legs resting on top of a pillow. It’s boiling in the apartment (the monitor says his room is 29 degrees Celsius) so I think he’s enjoying the coolness of the A/C in the living room. Or maybe I’m just making up excuses for him. He really HAS to get used to his new big boy bed.

We were in Victoria for a really quick trip – took the 4pm ferry yesterday (after missing the 3 sailing by 2 minutes, argh!) and caught the 5pm home today. It’s exhausting because when you don’t miss the ferry you’re intending to catch, it takes just shy of 5 hours to get there. So 6 when you do happen to miss it. It felt like we travelled for as long if not longer than what we got to visit. BUT we did see a lot of the family, some who I hadn’t even met before and many that were meeting Andrew for the first time. We arrived to 23 people at their house (and it’s not a very big house!) for a dinner party and Andrew was nervous for about 2 seconds, then he was racing around like he owned the place. He was the only baby there but there were a few kids (12 and 14) who really took to him and they were playing like crazy for several hours. It’s amazing how much energy Andrew has, he just goes and goes and doesn’t even go till he crashes – he goes till he fights it and fights it some more until he can’t possibly stay awake any longer. Then he cries because he’s SO MAD that he has to go to sleep and might miss out on something, anything…and then he’s out like a light. !!!

I love watching him interact with people and I love watching how other people interact with him. It was a nice visit, just short. I am so freaking sick of the stupid BC Ferries and if I don’t see another bus or skytrain for some time I will be glad of it.

Rowing is going SWIMMINGLY, actually I just used the word because it’s funny, although thinking about it further it’s not at all. Because I seriously would NOT want to swim in the water we’re rowing in. For one because of how polluted it is given all the boats in the area, but mostly because you can’t see the bottom and I’d be totally freaked not knowing (or perhaps having some idea is even worse) what’s beneath me.

But in all seriousness I am LOVING the class immensely. So I urge whoever reads this to go and sign up for something or do something beyond your comfort zone. Something you’ve always thought would be fun or interesting but resisted trying because it’s not something you’d normally do. Me, join something to do with SPORTS??? Me, decide of my own accord to be a part of a TEAM? A SPORTS TEAM??! There probably isn’t much that would be more of an unlikely thing for me to do, honestly. But yet it is quite possibly one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

It just feels so good to be doing something for me, I can’t stress that enough. I haven’t done anything for me in years, always putting the boy first and loving doing that, obviously, but a mom has to be her own person sometimes, too! And I love how it’s something I can be interested for me, myself, not for anyone else. And I’m learning from it, I am actually going to have SKILLS at rowing, which is awesome, and something I can continue with if I choose. Which I think I will do. And it’s great being a part of a team and trusting each other, getting to know each other at least a little bit, learning together. It’s so much fun! It’s amazing being out on the water. On Saturday I was in seat 1 (right at the bow) and on Sunday I was in seat 2. I got a lot of practice, especially on Sunday. And I felt pretty confident about it. I think being in a group can be stressful because you know you have all these people relying on you in a way, but it’s also a great motivator because you want to do well not only for yourself but for your team mates. It’s also such a beautiful setting for rowing and I love exploring this part of living on the water. I do enjoy the water in terms of walking the sea wall and marvelling at its beauty, but it’s a shame not to get out more on the water and enjoy it from a different perspective. So it’s nice to be doing that. I realize I do really love the water. Could do without travelling by BC Ferries so often…but rowing I can handle! And we had our wedding on a chartered yacht, and our honeymoon was a cruise – so I guess I’m realizing that I’m more into the water than I initially thought!

Anyway….tomorrow is my last day to breathe for 3 weeks. At least that’s how it feels this moment. Then the m-i-l arrives. Is that when all hell breaks loose?? Only time will tell. I have many issues with her, but knowing we have the entire country between us is usually a pretty good buffer. Knowing she’ll be living down the street for 3 weeks makes 21 days seems like an absolute eternity. Just sayin’.

I sent her an email the other day, in reply to her last one…touched on some issues and sending a previous email she claims to have not gotten (interestingly is claiming yet again to have not got it, although I don’t believe she didn’t get it the first time, so I certainly don’t believe her the second)…and the reply she sent me? All it says is, “Good O. See you soon.” Ummmmmm, WHHHAAAAAT????!

Sigh. Some people never change. But it helps not expecting them to, I find. I have no expectations. If anything, my expectations are in the negative at this point. So at least I can’t possibly be disappointed by her. LOL (Yes, even I am laughing at that one…if I didn’t laugh, I’d cry!)

It’s going to be a stressful time for sure, but there is thank gawd a lot to look forward to as well, so I’m going to just do my best to focus on those things.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Starting fresh

Time’s been going by and I keep thinking to myself that I’m going to write things down so as to remember the little tidbits that matter most. But it hasn’t happened and at this point in time I’m thinking maybe it’s best to just cut my losses and start over. Its felt like a whirlwind this past while, getting out to enjoy the summer sun, playing at the water park, starting my rowing class, going to the island. I can’t wait till the weekend when I get to go out and row again!! And Andrew has a little photo shoot scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Which should be fun, and he will look so cute sporting his new big boy hair cut!!

He just had his hair cut this morning. It was his second ever hair ‘do. He did a bit better than the first time, although not by a huge stretch. It’ll just take time before he gets used to it. But he got a lot more cut off this time, although still probably not enough to be really noticeable to those that don’t know him. She even used the razor on the back part, just at the bottom to clip off that little bit of hair that comes down more in the middle. Although I loved that little bit of hair there, it is super cute to see him sporting his new ‘do.

After his hair cut we went and got him some fries and a Julius at the food court and he played a bit at the little children’s play area nearby. I wish the malls in Vancouver had little play areas, it would make taking him to the mall so much easier (tire him out then Momma shops – makes sense, right?!)

Nothing really newsy to report. I’m feeling nervous about the near future. Right after my class on Sunday we head to Victoria just for one night to visit some of James’ dad’s partner’s family who are visiting from around the world, then home Monday night, Tuesday will be getting-ready-to-panic day because James’ mom arrives Wednesday. For three weeks. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to the fact that she’ll be in town – apparently staying just down the street from us – for that length of time. It seriously makes me want to run as fast and as far away as I can in the opposite direction until further notice (about 3 weeks time, lol).


But it’s out of my control (which I know she is looooving). So maddening. I’m going to go think about something else now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

North Van fun

When we borrowed my mom's car a few weeks back, one of the things we did was take an evening drive to North Van. We're considering the Lynn Valley area as our next place-we-call-home, so we wanted to check it out and get a bit of a feel for it.

We didn't actually do any scoping out of places to live, just drove around a little.
While in the area, we decided to check out Lynn Canyon.
We hadn't realized there was a free suspension bridge there (unlike the Capilano Suspension Bridge that costs over $20 to go across!)

However...I panicked and wasn't able to cross the thing. Don't judge me. I had Andrew with me and he wanted to race across, but obviously I couldn't let him do that so it was near impossible to hold onto him AND try to safely walk on a bridge that's suspended in the air and thus moving around with each step.

I took about 5 steps onto the thing with him and James was saying, 'Don't worry, it's all just psychological' in relation to being concerned about being out there like that. So when I started panicking all I could think to say was, 'It's psychological! It's psychological!!!' while backing up and off the bridge. James was laughing so hard. I'm so glad no one else was around to witness that.
It just didn't seem right when I looked down and saw how far up we were, on this suspended bridge, and seeing my little guy out there. It felt too vulnerable and unsafe to me. It was the motherly instincts kicking in, I had to protect my little cub!

From there we drove to another park area down the way, I can't remember what it was called. There was a little playground so Andrew got to have some play time before we headed back home.
I'd like to explore the area a little more, but I liked what I saw of Lynn Valley. I think I could see us living there.

I refuse to let her ruin my summer...

I feel like I haven’t written in so long. I need to go back through the days and remember what’s been happening. But not so much right now…Maybe I’ll do it ‘in pictures’ later, it might jog my memory on what’s been going on!

The best thing going on right now is that I’ve started my rowing class and I am absolutely LOVING it!! I’m beyond happy I joined. It’s SO MUCH FUN. We’ve only been out on the water once, tethered, but next class we go out. It’s just amazing. And unbelievable the learning curve! I hadn’t thought about how hard it would be to row in sync with 7 other people rowing at the same time. But, as the saying goes, ‘We’re all in the same boat!’ so we all have the same learning curve. The people in my group are great, only 2 have rowed before so for the most part we’re all just beginners and completely have the same fears and excitement about it. I just feel so exhilarated by it and it’s so nice to have something I’m learning and doing for ME for a change.

I will write more about this later.

Right now I’m reeling…and can’t totally focus. I was just informed, after JUST getting used to the fact that James’ mother would be in town for a week visiting…SURPRISE she’s decided to stay for 3 weeks instead.

If you know how I feel about my m-i-l, you can well imagine how this makes me feel.

I just can’t believe her total disregard for anyone but herself. I can’t even write about it at the moment, I’m too upset.

But rather than end this on a negative, I will say that Andy and I are enjoying an island visit at the moment. I got some new bras yesterday and am throwing out all my nursing bras, which feels unbelievably good to do! The girls are almost perky now that my bras aren’t all stretched out and all-about-baby!

I think I’ll go sit outside…perhaps with a little vodka in my beverage? I could use a stiff drink right about now.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

New found freedom for the boy...but a bit of a nightmare for me!

So last night the boy went to bed late. Then less than 3 hours later, the monitor was set off by his cries. Not an entirely uncommon scenario, until I heard him calling out, ‘Mommom, Mommom’ over and over again in between cries. How could I not go to him when he’s calling me by name?!

I tried consoling him with hugs and kisses while keeping him in the crib but this only made him cry harder. So I pick him up and he cuddles right into me and I know it’s going to be like pulling teeth trying to get him to go back into his crib.

We go to the couch and I tell him, ‘Cuddles, but only for a minute ok? Then you have to go back to your crib to sleep.’ To which he replies, ‘No. NO!’ and burrows himself into me just a little more, as if the harder he cuddles the more likely I am to give in to an entire night time of cuddling.

I laid on the couch with him and he fell fast asleep in my arms, but if I tried to move even just the slightest amount he would open his eyes to see what I was doing. I started getting a headache – the combo of exhaustion and laying uncomfortably the most likely culprit – so I had no choice but to tell him it was time to go back to bed.

He was having none of it though, so I caved and took him to our bed, in the hopes that he would relax there like he had on the couch and we could all get a decent night’s sleep.

Not happening Momma!

Not even close. About an hour later, I got up with him again because he had spent that entire time either kicking me, pulling my hair, squirming and fussing. My head was throbbing harder by the minute. So after another minute of cuddles I said, ‘You HAVE to sleep in your crib now, Andrew’ and into his crib he went. Resulting in a full-on tantrum. I put Tiny Tad onto his 10 minute night time music routine, but this only angered the boy and he tried to throw Tiny Tad right out of the crib in a rage.

I blew some kisses and said goodnight and left the room. But went back in about 2 minutes later when he hadn’t settled and if anything was just crying harder.

That’s when it happened. Seemingly in slow motion.

Andrew was having such a fit and was leaning over the crib rail when suddenly he fell over the front of the crib and went crashing to the floor. He had escaped!

Although it wasn’t exactly a ‘great escape’ given the way he landed. I was positive I would pick him up only to realize he was paralyzed from the neck down, given the way he landed on his head, neck twisted, arms in uncomfortable positions underneath. But luckily he was OK, shaken up and upset but OK.

Obviously I couldn’t put him back in the crib after that episode, so I didn’t know what to do after that. I just knew it was going to be a long night!

I woke James up and told him what had happened, warned him that he was probably going to be getting up earlier than usual to help me out. Andrew kept going back to his bedroom, shaking his finger at the floor where he’d fallen saying his version of ‘Don’t do it!’ and rubbing at the back of his head saying, ‘Ow!’

He watched some tv with me but would not sleep and finally at 4:30 in the morning I couldn’t take it anymore. I was starting to feel really barfy and the headache was worse and my whole body ached with tired. I took him back to our bed, only for him to fight me on it once again, so this time James took him so I could get some sleep. Andy ended up sleeping on the couch with his dad after about another half hour to 45 minutes of fuss. It took me forever to get any shut-eye because I was feeling so sick by that time, that when I closed my eyes the room spun as if I’d had one too many drinks (of which in actual fact I’d had none!)

I think I ended up with less than 3 hours sleep last night, and it occurred to me pretty much the minute I got up that today was going to be a total write off.

I did manage to get us out in the morning to do a much needed grocery shop, but even at that I thought I might puke and it was really, really difficult to get there, do the shop, and get home without feeling like I might pass out at any second.

It’s just been a whirlwind since then. I don’t know what we’ve done today. I did make a homemade lasagna…which I’m sure will be tasty, except that I feel so damn SICK today that I can’t seem to hold down any food. I’ve been throwing up, have the mother of all headaches, and after FINALLY lulling the boy to sleep with ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘You are my Sunshine’ realized that I am too sick to nap. Even though sleep is what I so desperately need.

James came home a bit early and has taken Andrew out so I can rest. In between writing all of this I think I’ve thrown up about 5 times. I don’t usually get this sick from lack of sleep, there has got to be something else to this. Maybe the heat is getting to me. Who knows. All I do know is that I’m lucky that James is so helpful and has taken the boy out to give me a break. And I hope and pray that he goes to sleep at a decent hour tonight and sleeps through…in his crib, no less!

Andy’s on a roll trying to be a bigger boy than he needs to be just yet. Not only did he escape his crib for the first time last night, but this morning he figured out how to open the fridge on his own, and can also escape from the confines of his stroller! He’s a regular menace. Keeping Momma on her toes every step of the way.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Did you know that newborn babies typically don’t have any freckles or moles yet? Not having been around a lot of babies in my life pre-Andrew, I had no idea. And when I was around wee babes I would be obsessing over the adorableness of their teensy fingers and toes, not looking for little freckles!

We were given a book by my brother and s-i-l for Xmas 08 (2 days after Andrew was SUPPOSED to be born, 6 more days before he actually was!) called Amazing Baby and it’s an ‘amazing’ book about babes from birth to about 2 years. There are tons of beautiful pictures of perfect babies (well, I thought they were perfect till Andrew came along…now I’d say they’re cute, but…!) and when I first looked through the book I was annoyed with what I saw. Not because I didn’t think it would be a great, informative book, but all the babies in the pictures had completely flawless skin. And I thought they had been airbrushed for the sake of looking perfect as is done with adult models for books and magazines. I found the idea of that rather disgusting, till I read on one of the pages of the book that babies actually DO tend to have perfectly flawless skin. As time goes on, from I think around one till age four, freckles and moles tend to develop.

This is fascinating to me. I love to think how Andy’s body was/is this new canvas and little dots are being painted on it, and each and every little freckle or mole is his, and is therefore perfect, and meant to be.

I don’t imagine people generally look at another person’s moles and freckles and think aaahhhh and fall in love with the person all over again because of them. But when it’s your own child, you might find yourself doing just that!

Around age one, maybe a bit younger, Andrew developed a tiny little mole (it's his skin colour, not a dark one) right smack dab in the middle of the back of his neck and every time I see it I just want to hug him and kiss him. He has since developed a dark freckle on the small of his back, he has a few teensy ones on his head/face, and one on his left arm. When I say, ‘Andrew, where’s your freckle?’ he points to the one on his arm, since it’s the only one he can see. It’s tiny, but I showed it to him once and from then on he remembered it. Then he will point to mine, of which I have many (freckles, though I don’t have any of the moles that stand out at all) and smile.

It’s so cute watching my boy change. I love every single little thing about him!

A double date kind of day

On Sunday James and I had 2 dates in one day – a first for us since becoming parents! My b-i-l and s-i-l came over and babysat in the early afternoon, planned last minute when they called up saying they were free to look after the boy if we wanted them to. Um, yeah, as if we'd pass that up!!

So we went and tried out this new bistro a few blocks away and it ended up being SO GOOD. We were about to leave when we saw their sandwich selection and didn’t see a single vegetarian option, but James mentioned that there was nothing veggie and the woman said she could make something for us. James had a baguette with brie, a few other cheeses, lettuce and tomato, and I had a panini with the same only goat cheese instead of brie. It was seriously one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted. Sooooo good. I could eat it right now, in fact!

Bro and s-i-l mentioned about possibly taking Andrew out during their babysit, well we were sitting there enjoying lunch and saw the three of them walk past. It was so cute, I saw Andy’s little head suddenly look back and I wondered if maybe he caught a glimpse of his Momma but wasn’t totally sure, since he wouldn’t be anticipating seeing me in a restaurant. Awww! We were so tempted to go find them and I was going to pretend Andrew was their baby and start gushing about how he’s the cutest baby I’ve ever seen in my life. LOL But we didn’t =P

After lunch we went for a stroll around Lost Lagoon, a different route than we usually go with Andrew. It was so nice to grab a coffee and saunter along, only having to worry about ourselves and just enjoy being free for the afternoon. It was also glorious knowing we had the evening to look forward to, since usually a 3 hour date goes by in what feels like minutes and I’m sad to see it end. But we were going to see Broadway’s version of The Lion King in the evening so we were excited to get home and change and get ready to go to the theatre, something we do so rarely. I couldn’t believe the night had finally arrived, given I’d bought the tickets for James’ birthday present in April!

So we went home and found the boy asleep, had a little visit with the bro and s-i-l and then they left so we could get ready. Andrew woke up so I had some cuddle time with him, because I had a feeling he’d be out of sorts not spending much time with his Momma most of the day AND night – not our usual routine. In fact, not our ever routine in his lifetime! He really does need to learn how to spend more time apart from me (and vice versa, arguably) but the opportunity just never arises.

Anyway, James and I got all dressed up and regrettably never got a picture of how done up we both were, but it was nice to dress up for the occasion. So many people under dress for the theatre and I didn’t want to be one of those people. I ended up having to drape a baby blanket over my dress for the walk to my aunt and uncle’s to drop Andrew off, because he was so needy for me that he demanded I carry him the entire way to their place (about a half hour walk). Good thinking on my part covering my outfit because he was slobbering all over the place! LOL My back felt like it was going to break by the time we dropped him off, but I think it was good for us to have that extra cuddle time together. Attached much? Yes, but I can’t help it!

Before heading to the Queen E we went for a really quick drink and appy at a place called Rosies. We’d had some wine before leaving the house so I was feeling quite a buzz by the time we got to the theatre! We got in really quickly and James bought me (for Andrew and me, that is!) a stuffed animal of the character Timon. Then we went to our seats, row 20 seats 37/38. It was a perfect view, although I doubt there’s a bad seat in that entire theatre, really.

The show was beyond fantastic, I can’t say enough good things about it. The costumes were incredible, the puppetry, the music. It was so rich and so beautiful, and soooo emotional. I found it especially touching since we have a son of our own, and just thinking about the whole circle of life. I could have cried numerous times throughout the show if I’d let myself, but I refrained! And I mean crying in a good way, it was just such a touching performance. I would say it was possibly the best live performance I’ve ever been to.

After the show we went back to pick up the boy and he had just zonked out. Had gone to the park for a good run around and had supper with his great aunt and uncle at White Spot so it sounded like he’d had a pretty great night himself. We had a little visit there and a glass of wine before packing Andrew up into his stroller and heading home. He was asleep the entire way home and was easily transferred to his crib when we got in.

It was such a great day all around, James and I got to spend some much needed quality time together AND Andrew slept relatively decently that night – what more could a person ask for?! It was one of those days where it just seemed as if everything fell right into place. I love it when that happens!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Visiting the old 'hood

James took Mon-Wed off last week so we could have our own mini summer vacation time together, and since we had my mom’s car for the week we wanted to make the most of it. So on Wednesday we piled into the car, picked the b-i-l up along the way, and headed out to our old ‘hood in Burnaby.

James and I met and fell in love on Burnaby Mountain while living in residence at SFU. A year later we moved into our first apartment together. We ended up loving the place so much that we stayed for 7 years. By the time we moved downtown it was a welcomed change, but that place will always hold a little piece of our hearts. So much happened there, so many memories were created. We took a little look at the outside of the apartment, bought some snacks at the convenience store we used to go to, and went down to Stoney Creek.

James and I used to hang out there quite a bit, it’s so tranquil there and makes you feel as if you’re deep in the forest even though the road isn’t that far away. Soooo many memories of that place, and going back was as if we had been there the day before. It was amazing. Not that I’d expect something like that to change much. Sure, certain parts were overgrown, James pointed out a few spots where we used to walk to get closer to the water that had completely overgrown with plants and shrubs, but over all it was exactly as we remembered it.

Andrew LOVED it so much that as soon as we went near the water, he ran right in!! Even he was shocked with his actions that time, he ran in over his ankles and then just stopped and looked down in disbelief that his feet were in the water. LOL He ran back out, but was happy to throw some rocks into the water and splash about.

It was such a blast from the past, and even though we really want to find a new area to call home when we move next, that area still feels very home-y to me.

After hanging out there for a bit, we drove to Hume Park in New West. James and I want to go again with Andrew some other time when we have a whole day to spend because we want to walk along Caribou Trail from our old neighbourhood to get there like we used to. It’s quite a trek and might not be the greatest plan with the boy so we’ve put it off for now, but it will happen, oh yes, it will happen!

We were able to park right near the water park area and set up a picnic near it. Andrew was in heaven because there was a water park, a playground, AND a big open field to run around in with his football and our Frisbee!

We had a nice picnic, chats, and took turns running after our little Energizer baby. I had a lot of fun with Andrew at the water park and enjoyed cooling off in the water a bit myself.

Here we are at Stoney Creek the other day...
And here we are at Hume Park in 2005!
And at Hume Park last week, me taking a picture of James and the boy.

It was just such a fun trip down memory lane. I often went to Stoney Creek as well as Hume Park with James, but I also frequently had my journal with me. And I remember doing a lot of soul searching and writing at those places. Wondering who I would be in a few years, what paths I would go on. And then to be there again, only this time with my child, enjoying those spots through his eyes as well as my own…Call me sappy, but there was such a romantic element to the whole thing.

I love days like that, where you’re reminiscing but you’re also creating new memories to look back on fondly.

We really made the most of those days James took off. I just wish he could be home with us every day. I love being together as a family, and it’s so much fun heading out the door for a fun new adventure together.

Our 3rd Anniversary of Wedding Bliss

On the 27th (James and my 3 year wedding anniversary) we took Andrew for a swim at a nearby outdoor pool. He wore his new water wings and was able to swim on his own with the help of his arms floating. Our swim instructor has said she doesn’t recommend water wings as they don’t promote learning to float on your own…But I guess I saw it that water wings would look totally adorable on Andrew (lol) and I found it gave me peace of mind knowing he could float automatically. At his age (or even years older) I wouldn’t let him out of my sight or get any distance away from me, even with the water wings on – obviously I’m not suggesting they be a substitute for being right there with him. But it gives him that little bit of independence in the water, and although he was a bit apprehensive he seemed to enjoy it. He loves to play on the stairs of the pool, and without the water wings I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting him out of my grasp to do that, but with them I know he’s safe.
It was exciting for me seeing him ‘swim’ on his own for the very first time. I know he wasn’t ‘really’ swimming on his own, but for a 19 month old I thought it was pretty impressive! He’s so comfortable and happy in the water. I loved the water from an early age too, but didn’t learn how to swim till I was 8. I like that he’s gaining more confidence in the water at such a young age. We start up with swim lessons (well, his baby nursery rhymes splash in the water class!) again in September.

Here Andrew is sporting his new giraffe shirt from the zoo:
The evening of our anniversary my aunt and uncle came over to babysit so James and I could have a date night. We went to an Indian restaurant on Robson for dinner. It would be good for take-out but we’d never eat there again. The atmosphere left something to be desired, and it was boiling hot in there, but live and learn. We still had a good time together, and the food was good. After that we went up to Cloud 9, the revolving restaurant on the 42nd floor of the Landmark Hotel. We had a drink and went the full circuit around so we got the entire city view and even saw the sunset. It’s so beautiful looking out at the city from that high up, and sitting in the lounge for drinks is no more pricey than having drinks anywhere else. After that we went to DQ for a blizzard treat. It was a weird combo of Indian food at a run-down looking restaurant, drinks at a classy restaurant in the sky, and then Dairy Queen for dessert, but that’s how we roll.

Next up: our trip down memory lane checking out our old neighbourhood in Burnaby. Stay tuned!

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