I’m writing this while Andrew naps beside me on the couch. One of his favourite things to do is to ‘get cozy’ under blankets, well this time it just melted my heart because he kept pointing and it turned out he specifically wanted the blanket that I cross-stitched for him before he was born. He’s wrapped in it now and snoozing away.

Poor lil guy is having a bit of a time with the weaning process. He’s doing really well, far better than I thought he would, but he still has his moments. Today was our first day of NO NURSIES at all, no morning feed, nothing. So I’m pretty sure this is going to mean we’re done, now it’s just getting through the ‘withdrawal.’

I ended up getting James to bring home some cabbage this afternoon and that has alleviated some of the pain associated with not nursing when I’ve still got milk in there. I’m not actually feeling a lot of pain from it, but enough today, I guess from not feeding in the morning, that I felt I needed something. It’s a strange feeling, like I’ve gone full circle, and I wonder where the time went. It seems like just yesterday my milk suddenly came in and (sorry for the mental image here, guys!) was literally dripping to the floor and my breasts were beyond painful and I used the cabbage trick to help with it. It’s hard to believe that was just over a year and a half ago now!

Anyway, it’s not as severe as if someone died, obviously, but I feel as though there is a little mini grieving process to go through now! For me, and for Andrew. You should hear his little scream cry when he’s desperate for it and I can’t give in. He gets lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles and reassurance that it really is for the best, but it breaks this Momma’s heart to see her little one in such distress.

But like I said, he’s actually doing a lot better with it than I thought, and I’d say in a few more days he’ll be getting used to his new routine and he’ll forget all about it.

In the meantime, his Dada and I are exhausted because with no morning nursies, he is getting up at 5 in the morning =S

This morning we decided to make the most of it and we were out the door before 7am for an early morning stroll along the seawall. We’ve had to take turns napping and just vegging since getting home (we got home just after 11am and yet it felt as though it must be dinner time, we are so out of whack time-wise!) but it was sooooo worth it to go out that early. I took lots of pictures so as soon as I’ve got them organized on my computer I’ll post about our adventures. Stay tuned!


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