Vacuums, shampooers, and other stories

I just made a potato salad to go with whatever else I decide to make for supper tonight. Most likely going to make salad and cheese wraps. Something cold, I think a cold supper on a hot summer’s day is the only appropriate thing.

It’s hard deciding what to make these days, not so much because I lack enthusiasm for cooking (although there are many times where that factors in, too!) but because it’s so hot and one has to weigh the pros and cons of jacking up the heat with the oven set to 400 degrees.

Tonight I get the fun job of finishing up the carpet shampooing, since we have to return the Beast, I mean Rug Doctor, by later tonight. Fun fun! Actually I don’t mind it, I love the satisfaction of seeing all the stains come out and everything looking so fresh and like-new. The carpet is seriously amazing, you can tell more today, now that it’s dry, just how few stains are left. I must say, the Rug Doctor does not disappoint! I think if we had room for one, I’d want to own one and I could see myself becoming obsessive about shampooing the carpets. I come by it honestly, my dad has that very obsession, along with pretty much every other cleaning obsession imaginable! Except for dusting. What is it with men and an inability to see dust? Edit: Andrew is an exception as he loves to dust! He’s his mother’s son =)

Last night I gave Andrew one of his photo albums to look through. He loves to point at people and have me say who they are, he is even starting to try to say their names himself. ‘Try’ being the operative word there, but still! He flipped to one page while I was in the kitchen and was really eager for me to come look at the picture. He just kept pointing and grunting so I had a look and it was a picture of him at the tots gym time playing with a Fisher Price vacuum cleaner. Again with the cleaning obsession, it seriously runs in the family!

I said to him, ‘Maybe tomorrow morning we could go to the gym and you could play with the vacuum again?’ and to this he excitedly answered, ‘YEAH!’ So this morning off we went, and he found the vacuum straight away and wasn’t willing for a second to give it up for another kid to play with! He even took it over to the slide with him and tried to take it on the slide so as not to have to leave it behind. Ridiculous!

He was a bit of a bully, although he got bullied a bit too by one of the kids that always seems to be there. The last time the kid got into a Little Tykes car, got an evil look in his eye, and charged the car toward Andrew. It was as if he remembered using Andrew as a target in the past so he bullied him again. Although it was us who left first, after Andy’d had enough and retaliated by pulling the kid’s hair till he started screaming and crying. He was still screaming as we left on the elevator, poor kid! Although his mom seemed to feel the same as me when Andrew gets bullied: they’re just getting their just desserts for all the mean things they do to other kids!!

Anyway, I wrote the above early this afternoon and now I have completed the shampooing and am taking a breather till the boys get home from the park. It’s so cute, it has become a semi-regular thing for James to take Andrew to the park for a while in the evening, so when they’re getting ready to go Andy gives me a kiss, then gets into his stroller, waiting to get strapped in, and waves goodbye to me. Then off they go!

Going to attempt no breastfeeding tonight to try to cut out the night time feed…then we’re down to one (morning) feed a day…although sometimes I end up giving in during the afternoon. Sigh. I love nursing my baby, I really don’t want to give it up in some ways, but I’ve decided it’s time and I’m HOPING to be done the weaning process in 2 weeks time. Wish me luck!!!!! I think I’m going to need it.


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