Summer summer summer time

What a gloriously HOT summer’s day!

I can feel the vitamin D soaking into my bones, taking away a little bit of the glum I’ve been feeling the past little while.

I had the mother of all headaches last night, perhaps got a little dehydrated on the trek home (the bus was insanely hot – oh and a little side note, it’s summer people – time to whip out the deodorant…wearing it year round is also good, but seriously, when it’s going to be 30 degrees Celsius, it’s kind of essential). Anyway. My headache got worse and worse through the night, I even had to get up at 4am to take Tylenol and James got up before 5 to get me another ice pack. I seriously thought I might die. I still had the headache this morning but now it’s just barely there. I shouldn’t over-exert myself this afternoon to be on the safe side, but I think I’m good now.

But that’s not really where I’m going with this post! Where I’m going is where we went, which is the water park in Stanley Park. OMG is it ever fun there! I felt like a kid myself. I wasn’t really expecting to get right in there myself, and it’s not like I was running straight into the water but I definitely did get wet enough to cool down. It was so fun watching Andrew there. He wasn’t in his bathing suit because I knew he wouldn’t venture in too far, although he was wet enough that before we left I changed him into a fresh diaper and different shorts.

He was quite gleeful when I held him near the water and he felt a light spray on his arms or his back. It was so cute watching him run around. A little girl was chatting with me for a few minutes and asking all sorts of questions about him while he hesitated going near the water. I actually really like kids, it’s fun hearing the things they say and the questions they come up with.

We stayed there for quite a while, and it was really refreshing having that water to cool off in. Andrew also loved that the seaplanes just happened to fly RIGHT over where we were standing. He points and says ‘Cool!’ He can also say helicopter now, sort of. It sounds more like ‘copper’ but I know what he means =)

He can say taco, purple, poo, tries to say plane, and still more. His vocabulary is really expanding! And while he still only says a lot of things when he’s repeating what we say, he will say things like ‘please’ when he wants something really badly, and pointed at a flower the other day and said ‘purple’ (and it was!) He also says ‘bee’ when he points at the garden at my parents’ house, in the section where the bees tend to ‘be’! Clever monkey =)

Anyway, it was SO MUCH FUN being out at the park today. But after some running around and being in the hot sun like that after the night I had, my head start pounding full force again and I didn’t think it was a good thing to stay much longer. Andrew was really upset to leave (especially when he saw his soccer ball in the stroller and desperately wanted to get it out to kick around but I instead insisted on strapping him in and heading out). So we stopped at the canteen for a drink and I also got some popcorn which Andrew looooved and we sat in the shade on the grass (well, I did, he stayed in his stroller) and had a little snack, then headed for home. He was out in 2 minutes and is still sound asleep in his stroller!

It was a great outing, I would have totally stayed way longer if my head hadn’t been hurting. I can’t wait to head back that way with James too. It’s such a great area because there’s also a playground right near by, lots of big open field space, and it’s also right near the aquarium (which is a gong show all summer long because every kid on the planet seems to want to go there but with having the membership I don’t mind as much going in just for a few minutes to see what we can). I love the area. And I was thinking while we were there how lucky we are to have it. Oh and as we were leaving I could hear some First Nations drums so we went and checked out the area by the Farmyard (oh, yes, there's also a farmyard!) and there’s a whole First Nations thing set up and they were doing song and dance, so Andrew enjoyed that for a few minutes – it was shortly after that that he fell asleep.

That’s our day so far! I have to say, being a stay-at-home mom certainly isn’t easy by any means, but it definitely has its perks. I feel so lucky not only to live in such a beautiful city that offers so much to do – and for free, to boot – but to have the life that I do and the little boy to live vicariously as a child again through! I may have my issues and worries and life doesn’t always seem totally peachy – but I am feeling thankful today for all that I have.

What a difference it makes when the sun is shining and the sky seems to be the only limit!


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