Sometimes pictures are better than too many words

I said I was going to do a post about some of my frustrations over things that are happening right now...and I might still do that, but I also might not. Right now I'd rather just reflect on the good stuff. Here are some pictures from the past few days:

Andrew LOVES his soccer ball, so much so that I am always a little concerned if we leave the house and I realize I've left it behind. You just never know when we might need to find a field to kick it around on!Here he is in his Canada Day shirt. It was a little chilly yesterday so I doubled it with a white onesie underneath so he could show it off rather than having to wear a jacket over top.We were impressed with how this building went all out with Canadian flags on all the balconies!Andrew couldn't quite believe it himself!This here pretty much says it all. I think it was getting pretty close to nap time by this point...although he ended up resisting and didn't nap at all...Which of course meant more tears and tantrum time!Here he is today. This face just melts me, gawd I have a cute kid!!!!! I don't usually go on about myself as being awesome but if there's one thing I did amazing at, it was producing a beautiful baby (oh yeah, thanks to James for that too...but it was mostly me! heehee)


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