So much to say, just need some time

I really want to write a big long post about everything that we’ve been doing lately, but I never seem to have the time. The days have been going by way too fast lately it seems.

We had a great time on the island taking Andrew to Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville. Details to come once I’ve got the pictures ready on my computer!

While my mom and dad looked after the boy, James and I went bowling with my grandma on Sunday. It was fun – I did well the first game, not so well the second, OK the third. Obviously I need practice, but I do find bowling fun! I could see myself joining a league in old age =)

We borrowed my mom’s car for the week because we wanted to take Andrew to the zoo in Langley. This meant having to go to the ferries ridiculously early to get back to the mainland. All the ferry reservations were booked for Sunday night even 5 days beforehand, so we just had to show up and hope to get on. We got there just after 4:30pm and got on the 7:30pm ferry, and even at that there were only about 10-15 cars on after us. It was insane! Not the funnest experience ever with a toddler in tow…but we managed. Luckily they have a little playground and big open waiting room so we didn’t have to sit in the hot sun in the car, Andrew was able to race around and get lots of energy out (and make us exhausted!) I thought he might sleep on the ferry but no such luck. He fell asleep in the car just as we were heading home across the Lions Gate Bridge and was in bed shortly after getting in.

Yesterday we went to the Greater Vancouver Zoo and it was fun fun fun!! I was so excited about it that I seemed to say almost everything in a sing-song voice yesterday. A tad ridiculous maybe, but I was just so giddy. I’ve wanted to go to that zoo for years, and taking Andrew was way better than if it had just been me and James because it was kind of magical, him seeing all these animals ‘in person’ that he’s only ever seen before in his books! As with the beach stories, details to come once the pics are ready!

Today is James and my 3 year wedding anniversary. James took Mon-Wed off this week so we’ve been able to have all these adventures. Today we took Andrew to the outdoor pool nearby and it was SO CUTE because we got him water wings (Toy Story 3 water wings!) and he wore them for the first time today and he was able to float so he swam on his own a bit for the very first time! It was exciting to me, and although a little apprehensive he seemed quite pleased with himself being able to move around on his own. Mostly he wanted to hang out on the stairs leading into the pool though, and if we ventured him out into the deeper part he would point and say ‘tair, tair’ (stair, stair!) He had a mini football with him too that he enjoyed throwing around.

Tonight my aunt and uncle are babysitting so James and I can have an anniversary date night. Looking forward to dinner out and drinks after and some quality time just the two of us!


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