It's SUNday

This morning Andrew and I met up with an old friend of mine from high school and her daughter, who happens to be just 4 days older than Andrew. We’ve had a rough history because she dated my brother for 5 years and it ended poorly. We were the best of friends but once they were a couple, things became complicated and…I’m not going to get into it other than to say we didn’t speak for many years, including a few of the years of their relationship.

But when you have babies within 4 days of each other and time has passed and you don’t have familial ties, you can put things into a different perspective and move on. We’ve been emailing back and forth since shortly before our babies were born – her due date was the day after mine, so her babe was born 3 days late and Andrew 8. It’s just all very interesting how close together they were and it was sooo cute seeing them together today!

They’re about the same height, only O has waaaay more hair than Andrew. LOL I think she had her first hair cut when she was about 3 months old, she’s got longer hair than me! So cute. They played OK together, although my worst fear came true…twice – with Andrew pulling her hair till she screamed and cried. He also was obsessed with reefing on her shirt and that bugged her. But I felt a little better when at one point he went to grab a toy away from her and she shoved him a good one. LOL A little taste of his own medicine! They don’t live very close to us so it isn’t easy to get together often, but hopefully we’ll get together again soon, it’s great that the kids are the same age and even with our rough past, I felt like M and I were immediately able to chat about what we’re up to like old times. Nothing awkward about it, after all we WERE best friends way back!

After that, Andrew was napping in the stroller on the walk home and I was boiling and thirsty so I stopped in at Baguette Time for a Screamer (soft-serve ice cream mixed with slushee, it’s soooo tasty and refreshing!) and then came home to find James watching the World Cup which dragged on f-o-r-E-V-E-R! But it’s over now and am I upset that it’s not on again for another 4 years? Not-in-the-least!

After the game, James went and rented a Rug Doctor from Safeway, then took Andrew out while I shampooed the carpets. (I wanted to do it just fyi!) Andrew spills a lot of stuff on the carpet, sometimes pees on it if he’s having naked time, Fifi throws up, and well yeah you can imagine the state of it after not having been shampooed in probably 6 months (my dad did it the last time for us). It was so bad that the other day James pointed at the carpet and said, ‘This is downright embarrassing. We can’t have guests see this!’ And for him to even think something like that, let alone say it, means it has got to be pretty bad!! So immediately I knew this weekend I was going to clean the carpets.

Safeway rents out the machines for 24 hours for just under $30 and even though you then have to tack on the cost of the cleaner, I really think it’s a fair price. Although of course it’s ‘easy’ to get the job done relatively quickly in such a small space. It took maybe a little longer than I had anticipated but that’s because I’d never done it before with that type of machine. It works wonders though, let me tell you. There are still a few stains that are stubborn but for the most part it looks like a brand new carpet! It’ll only look that way for a couple of days at best, but right now I am loving it!

In the process I moved the couch back to its ‘old’ position and it feels ‘new’ again as a result, so for 5 minutes I’ll enjoy this little living room again =)


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