Andrew here!

This morning Momma took me to look for my soccer ball by the community centre. Some kid threw it into the bushes when I was there with Dada last night, and no one could find it. Momma was determined to find it but when she saw the bushes it fell into, she realized why no one else had been able to recover it. She is going to buy me a new soccer ball this weekend because it’s my favourite toy.

Momma says this particular incident really hits home with her because when she was a little older than me, she had a red ball with white polk-a-dots that she loved to play with in the backyard. One day she accidentally threw it over the fence into the yard opposite, and when she politely asked the mom of the house to throw the ball back to her, the mom played dumb and said it wasn’t her ball but her son’s ball, and there was no way she was giving it to her. Momma cried and the woman still wouldn’t give her ball back, and it upset her after that every time she saw the little boy who lived there playing with a toy that was rightfully hers.

But oh well, Momma’s more upset about the lost ball than I am – I don’t even really realize it’s missing! I will when it comes time to going to the field and I have nothing to kick around though…so hopefully it can be replaced soon!

After that, we went to the playground at Stanley Park. I played nice for a while and went down the slide a couple of times. But then I went up to a kid twice my size and decided it would be fun to grab a hold of his shirt and tackle him to the ground. I just stared at him as he began to scream and sob, and his mom had to come over to console him. Momma scolded me and I cried when she made me go back into my stroller and leave the park. She gave me a little lecture about bullying and how I’ll never have any friends if I keep that behaviour up. Whatever Momma, how do you know I was even listening?

A little while later (after I’d learned my lesson about bullying!) we hit up the aquarium for their storytime. I’d never been before and Momma thought it might be a nice relaxing activity for us. Do ‘nice and relaxing’ really go together when you have a toddler? Especially one named Andrew? Oh Momma, when will she ever learn?!

At first it was going well, I listened intently as the lady spoke about dolphins and belugas and even polar bears. I jumped a bit when a polar bear suddenly appeared from behind a curtain and was talking to us! He helped the lady read a story about polar bears. He was a cute stuffed animal and I was very curious about him. All the other kids sat nicely and listened to the story, but I was too intrigued to sit back and not figure this thing out. So I ran up and tried to grab the polar bear away from the curtain! He said, Oooh somebody’s got my paw, what’s happening?! And Momma had to tear me away…twice. She said if there was a third time we’d have to leave. I wasn’t stupid though, this wasn’t a real polar bear and I thought I’d best reveal the fact that a person was behind the puppet, so I started opening up the curtain. I would have ruined the show for quite a few kids if Momma hadn’t grabbed me away just in time. I bet half the aquarium could hear me crying as she once again strapped me into my stroller and off we went!

We checked out the belugas and the dolphins while I had a snack. I needed to refuel after all that running around! After that we left and went back to the water park because Momma was boiling and even though I had fun at the park too, she really wanted to cool off a bit. I had fun watching the seaplanes go by and I was a little less shy than yesterday about getting water splashed on me!

We did all of that before noon, I can hardly wait to see what adventures the rest of the day will bring!

Oh, and Momma says ‘TGIF’!!


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