All aboard the Spirit Train

Last Monday I took Andrew to the Klahowya Village in Stanley Park. It's new this year and is found right beside the Farmyard. In fact, a ticket for the Spirit Train gets you into the Farmyard as well.

I think for tourists, $11 for a ticket is fair, because aside from the train ride and farmyard, there is also a whole cultural experience to enjoy. You can go for a nature walk with a guide who shares Aboriginal stories, and watch a song and dance concert that's set on a nice stage. There's food and tables set up with Aboriginal art to buy. I enjoyed the cultural experience of it myself, but since we're not actually tourists and have been to the farmyard once before, I felt it was a bit much to have to spend $11 essentially for the train. As much as I love animals, I wasn't even that interested in visiting the farmyard since there's not a whole lot to it. But since we'd paid for it, I felt inclined to, and really I saw it as a way to get Andrew running around and getting some energy out, so I wasn't complaining about it.

Unfortunately, as soon as we got into the farmyard Andrew found a broom in the corner and all he wanted to do was sweep the entire time we were there. Hens and chickens? Who cares. Goats? Seen 'em before. Rabbits? Whatevs. I've got a broom!

It was getting a tad annoying after a while, his need to sweep when we could have been enjoying the goats. Some of them were even coming right up to us wanting rubs, and yet Andrew was too focused on the broom to even notice.

I finally pried the broom away from him, which of course caused him to have a tantrum. So I took him over by this goat and told him Shhhh, Andrew you've got to be quiet, this goat is taking a nap, see! He actually quieted right down for the sleeping goat, which was pretty cute.
Cock-a-doodle-dooooo!Then it was time to board the Spirit Train. It's about a 10 minute ride, with First Nations music playing and depicts the animals and spirits of an Aboriginal forest.

This is (unfortunately!) the only picture I got of Andrew while on the train, not the greatest picture ever (but still cute!) - it's just important to me to have a picture of him on there since it was his very first ever ride on a train!There was lots to see and sometimes the train would speed up a bit and then slow down again, so Andrew really enjoyed it and seemed to be taking it all in.I loved these glass fish in the water, the picture doesn't do them justice but they were really quite beautiful.
After the train we went to the canteen nearby and got some french fries and a drink. It was just after I took this picture that Andrew dropped the lemonade and half of it poured out all over the table. Fun times!!
All in all, despite a few glitches along the way, it was a fun outing, and I like that tourists have the opportunity to learn about the Aboriginal culture, since it's of course an important part of Vancouver's heritage.


Lojo said…
Beautiful photos in the last two posts :)

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