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Our day at the ZOO!

I’ve wanted to go to the Langley Zoo (better known as the Greater Vancouver Zoo) for years. They’ve had some bad press here and there and I resisted going for a long time because of it, but then I thought I should see for myself what I think of it before I judge. I obviously can’t know from one visit how ‘happy’ the animals are, but I can definitely say my first instinct is that it really is a great place for them. They seemed content, and had big wide open spaces, seem well fed, etc.

Anyway. I wanted to go to this zoo for a long time since I love love LOVE animals SO MUCH, it’s just that it’s ALL THE WAY OUT in Langley and you can’t even get there by bus, that’s how ‘out there’ it is. We don’t usually have access to a car but my mom offered for us to borrow hers for the week since my bro and s-i-l could take it back to the island this weekend so we were finally given the chance to go to the zoo.
The most exciting thing of all was knowing Andrew was going to see all these animals t…

Not again!

I still have my zoo post to write, my anniversary day post to write, and my nostalgic trip out to the ‘burbs post to write. Busy busy! But I’m getting there!

Instead of writing those fun posts at the moment, since I just wrote a few fun ones, I thought I’d mix things up with a bit of a venting post…

It’s the m-i-l saga volume one million.

I was going to say there’s been a lot in between since the last time I vented about her and the ongoing issues. But I don’t even think that there has been. How can there be when I sent my last email to her almost 2 months ago and have yet to get a reply???

James went to visit her for a week at the beginning of this month, which led me to believe that we wouldn’t have to ‘worry’ about a visit from her for some time, since they’d have just seen each other. Not to mention that I didn’t think it would make much sense for her to visit us here until she at least replied to my email and was working toward making things a little better between us. Instead,…

Our 2nd annual Rathtrevor Beach day

I thought it would be fun to do a 'then' and 'now' post about our adventures at Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville, BC.

It was mid August when we took Andrew last year, his very first time at one of my very favourite beaches in the world.

Last year after exploring all that the beach had to offer, Andrew fell asleep on the picnic table:
This year he fell asleep before we even got there, didn't wake up when I transfered him from the car to the picnic area, and continued to snooze on the picnic blanket for some time before we even hit the beach!
Last year he was small, pudgy, and arguably bald.
This year he's a big boy but without so much pudge, and has beautiful blond hair that's starting to look white against his tanned skin!
Here he is last year, basking in the sunshine, his first real beach experience.
He couldn't walk yet so he had to just play wherever we plopped him down.
This year he knew what to do with his bucket and shovel!
Last year I took a picture of a gi…