Last year in around this time (I think it was end of June/early July) we took Andrew to the Petting Zoo at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. He enjoyed it, but being only 6 months old, he didn’t get a whole lot out of it. So when we decided to take him there yesterday as a little Father’s Day outing, it was amazing to see how much he took it all in!
Last year:
Last year he was carried around because at that point he was only just crawling. This year he enjoyed being carried for part of the time, but he also loved running around and trying to climb the fences to get to the animals!
This year:
The goats are by far the most entertaining part of the Petting Zoo (essentially the only animals there that actually let you pet them!)
Last year:
Last year, even despite his small size and inability to walk, Andrew grabbed at a poor baby goat that was perched on a rock and it fell to the ground. So I was a little concerned what kind of damage he might do this time around, especially knowing what he’s like around our poor kitty cats!!
But he actually did really well. He was so enthralled with the goats that he hugged them, kissed them on their backs, and even brushed a few of them! He did attempt to hit one goat with the brush but he was stopped before it happened. And he did try pulling at one goat’s fur but only for a second and he didn’t cause any harm! Phew =)
It was so fun watching him with the goats, and watching the goats play with each other. One baby goat kept egging on the bigger goats till they would head-butt him. It was quite entertaining.
At one point I reached down to pet one of the goats. It was brown and white and cute as can be. I did a bit of a double-take when I saw the name on her collar. Her name was Tessa.
Now tell me this: What are the chances that a brown (‘liver’ when referring to the colour on a Springer Spaniel) and white goat would just happen to be right there at my feet looking for rubs, and be named Tessa??? I took comfort it in, but it still seemed a bit strange all considered!

We had fun at the petting zoo. I think it’s a good idea to make it a yearly tradition. If not on Father’s Day, at least in around this time, so we can compare the yearly pictures of Andrew’s adventures.
Last year:This year:


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