SUMMER has arrived!

We just got back from a GLORIOUS Saturday outing. The weather has been the pits here lately, lots of rain and generally dreary days. Not super cold but not really warm either. So when the clouds parted and the sun showed its beautiful face, we decided it was not to be passed up!
We went through Lost Lagoon to the playground at 2nd Beach. We first hit up the playground Andrew had never been to before, but it was as if he knew it was more for the bigger kids. He kept pointing at the little kids park across the way. To get him there quicker, we each took one of his hands and we swung him between us as we walked. He LOVED it! And we did too, because before we had kids, even before we even thought about having kids, we would comment when we saw parents doing that and talked about how fun it looked.
Andrew enjoyed the swings for a lot longer than usual. He loves to swing and watch the other kids swing, especially the bigger kids. Then he climbed the playground and went on the slide about a hundred times. It was so cute watching him. We kept saying, ‘Weeeee!’ each time he went down the slide, and after a few times he started saying it too! So cute.
He’s mimicking us more than ever lately, probably for the past week to two weeks. He likes to touch his nose and say ‘Peeeyooooou!’ and when you say, ‘Can you laugh?’ he says, ‘Ha ha!’ Yesterday I taught him crying, I said, ‘Waaa, waaa’ and he sort of caught on and did a little ‘Wa.’ It’s hilarious.
After the park, we crossed the little walkway to the beach. We’d brought his little bucket and shovel and whatnot so he was content to play with the sand for a while. I don’t think he fully enjoys the dirtiness of having sand on his leg and hands (lol, he loves to be clean!) but he did seem to have fun and it was sooo nice, him actually just SITTING in one place being occupied by something. That happens so rarely.
After a while I took him down to the water. I wanted to see how warm it was. The ocean was cool but definitely refreshing. I’d have had a hard time getting in all the way but I went up almost to my knees and found it really refreshing. Andy held on tight, he enjoyed looking down at the water but resisted dipping his toes. I got him to do it for a quick sec but it was too cool for him, and I can’t blame him!

Then we went to the cantina and had some lunch. It’s so nice to sit outside and share some food, enjoy the sunshine and people watch. It was all so relaxing! Andrew fell asleep about 2 minutes into our walk home, so we had a peaceful journey back.
I love days like this!


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