Bimbo alert

As Andrew and I were walking home from the playground this morning, I noticed this woman walking in our direction. It was hard not to notice her, as she was the type of person who stood out…but not in a good way.

I can understand it when a person wants to stand out because they have an edgy-style and the personality to match. I’m thinking maybe a spunky, punky sort of look. But I’m always a bit astounded (and saddened, truthfully) when I see the type of woman I saw today.

It’s the plastic look that seems to be a plague to North American society. She had the fake long blond hair. Work done to the face, most especially the lips. Huge sunglasses but I bet if she took them off there’d be a LOT of eye makeup happening. Teensy tiny body with giant bazoobies that COULD be real but it’s very highly unlikely. You get the drift.

I just don’t get that look. It’s the cheap, tarty, I’llsuckyourdickifyou’llbuymedinner look. I’m sorry, but somebody had to say it.

I am totally put off by this type of woman, and I know a LOT of other people are too. I just find it sad that anyone would find them attractive. I want to say to these people: Everything about you is fake, so you’d think you’d seem unique…but you must all go to the same surgeon because you look identical to everyone else sporting this look!

I don’t understand who came up with the idea that a literal version of Barbie would actually be attractive.

And the lips! OH MY GOD THE LIPS.

I swear, this woman would not be able to smile because her pucker was so huge…and SO unnatural. It actually looked like she’d been punched in the face because her lips were so swollen. Is that really supposed to be sexy? Why would you get injections to look like that?? If I looked like that, I’d want to get injections to try to bring down the swelling! I felt like I should do something for her, like get her an ice pack to apply to the swelling. But I’m afraid she’s waaaay beyond what an ice pack could do for her!

I’m not saying these things because I’m jealous. I sincerely find this type of woman, who thinks she’s the sexiest thing walking, completely repulsive. I do believe that we’re all entitled to expressing who we are and one person’s version of this is going to be different from the next. I enjoy that about people, individuality is very important. But this particular type of woman is sort of an exception because it just makes me feel so disheartened when I see them. I feel like she’s preventing us from moving forward toward bettering society. And it disgusts me further that there are men out there that fall for these bimbos and are comfortable with the fact that they’re all about beauty (albeit totally fake beauty that actually isn’t beautiful at all). It’s so grossly obvious that this type of woman is after a man’s money, and he’s after that blow-job she’ll give him if he gives it to her. Am I right or am I wrong??

Typically I hate stereotyping so forgive me for this post, it’s a bit of a stereotypical rant. Perhaps this woman was off to her downtown course at SFU where she’s studying to one day become a lawyer. But I somehow doubt it.

I just wish women like that could see how their look makes them appear stupid, sad, and lacking in self-respect. Again, all of that is stereotyping, so perhaps I am the one in the wrong here for even thinking these things. But if there is a female equivalent to the male douchebag, I am hedging my bets that she would be it!


Lojo said…
Yep. Gotta say, I have exactly the same reaction to that sort of sliced n' diced ideal. It's simply boring. It's tired. It leaves me thinking, "seriously... have we not moved on from this?"

I, too, believe that the reproduction, duplication, reenactment (whatever) of that image is like a weight on the ankle of the women's movement. It's the ultimate symbol of women being crazily preoccupied with their image. It then perpetuates this crazy, normally unobtainable (at least in nature) ideal of what women should look like that many, and I mean MANY men latch onto.

Of course, I am not saying that if I met a slice n' diced woman with a beautiful personality that I would shun her and not befriend her. But in terms of the overall, social phenomenon of this sort of thing... yeah, once gain, it's so tired. Just makes my head spin.

LOL @ the I'llsuckyourdickifyoubuymedinner comment. Yep. Being in small town, oil country Alberta, gold diggers run absolutely rampant around here. It's a gender norm. Finding a guy with money to take care of you is what you do here. Other relational aspects seem to come secondary. So obviously man-woman hatred is high and the commonality of infidelity is astounding. I don't talk about it much online because I don't want any of my Albertan friends to take my opinions the wrong way, but yeah, I gotta say that it weighs on my soul. It's hard to block out at times.

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