In the blink of an eye

OK so I’ve got the summer clothes out and washed, I did a LOT of ironing (some shirts left but I just couldn’t do any more, there was that much!), changed the sheets on our bed (will do Andrew’s tonight), and I got most of the winter stuff put away under the bed and cleared a space so I can easily get the rest under there once I’ve got them sorted. Still (always) more to do, but definitely getting there with my list!

This morning I took Andrew to the playground. It’s SO CUTE watching him run around and play and climb and smile excitedly because being out like that is one of his very favourite things. It’ll be great once he can go on everything on his own and I can just sit and watch, because right now I have to trail after him so I’m climbing all over the playground as if I’m one of the kids. It might sound fun but…it’s kinda not!!

At one point I let Andrew go down the big slide all on his own, but then instead of going down after him, I went to the stairs on the playground and thought I’d just run around and he’d be there at the bottom of the slide. WRONG! He had already raced off, away from the playground, and was trying to steal some kid’s bike! LOL It’s seriously unreal how fast a toddler can move. One second they’re right there and in the blink of an eye, I kid you not, you haven’t got a clue where they’ve gone. It’s insane!

My mom met up with us there and then we walked down to a little café on the sea wall and shared some nachos. Andrew loves nachos! He was such a good boy, he just sat there and ate and people watched. He was shovelling the nachos into his mouth and my mom and I enjoyed watching him eat.

We came back to the apartment and Andrew went down for his nap, so my mom went on her way to get a few things done. She’s coming over tonight for supper, so once the boy is up we’ll head to the store and see what we can find for din-din. I have a feeling I’m going to be tired tonight (since I already am, a coffee is in order after I write this!) so I want to get something easy. I’m thinking of either getting an assortment of things from the deli, or making a ‘big salad’ or something along those lines. A summery sort of meal, which is perfect given the weather we’re having. I am LOVING wearing flip flops and capris and not having to worry about a jacket!

Tomorrow I get my hair done so 3 hours to myself – aaahhhhhhhh =) I’m looking forward to the weekend, let’s hope this weather sticks around.


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