Girls gone totally overboard

Last night, quite late, I heard quite a bit of yelling going on outside. I didn’t think too much of it at first. Although it’s fairly rare to hear people talking or yelling outside our building, after living where we did in the west end for a few years I’ve becoming kind of desensitized to that sort of noise.

But it went on for quite some time, and when I started feeling it grating my nerves a bit (it was after midnight and I have a low tolerance for people who aren’t courteous about noise level, especially late at night!!) I took a look out the window.

There were 3 girls and one guy out on the sidewalk. The ‘girls’ were young women, but I say ‘girls’ to emphasize how young they were. They couldn’t have been twenty, my guess would be more around 17-18, although of course it’s impossible to know for sure. Two of them were laying sprawled out partly on the grass, partly on the sidewalk. The other girl was pacing back and forth and the guy was yelling at the two who appeared comatose. They seriously looked dead, the way one was laying and the way the other was sitting, it didn’t look good. The guy kept yelling OH MY GOD YOU GUYS at them and was begging them to just get up and walk. But they were completely unresponsive. One of them was sitting with her legs sprawled and her head just sort of hanging near the ground. The other had vomited all over the grass and was curled up in a ball.

I thought to myself, I’ll give it another couple of minutes, then I’ll call down and see if they need help. The reason I thought I’d wait a few was because the guy was on his cell phone and it was obvious he was calling someone about their situation.

Not a minute passed and the fire truck came roaring down the street, sirens blaring. I wasn’t surprised when it pulled up and parked by the grass out front.

The firefighters mostly talked to the guy, although the girl (who was still standing) was flailing her arms around a lot and trying to talk through sobs. Soon after an ambulance arrived, along with the police.

The paramedics took the blood pressure of the two girls who were still laying on the ground, and tried to get them sitting up. But the one girl just started vomiting again, and the other laid back down. It was quite the scene! They covered them in blankets and took turns sniffing the ‘water’ bottles that the girls had with them. It seemed as though they weren’t quite sure what it was, but it was obviously not water! Shortly after the fire truck left, and fairly soon after that so did the ambulance.

I didn’t watch the whole entire time, just peeked out every so often to see if anything had changed. After a while the girl who was still flailing and sobbing attempted to light a cigarette. It was so embarrassing watching her. She could not get the thing lit no matter how hard she tried, but she was determined. She was stumbling around and just looked really trashy and while I understand her need for the cigarette, given how stressed out she was, it just seemed to add insult to injury at that point. I think it took her about 15 minutes before she successfully lit the damn thing!

I was so curious what the outcome was going to be, because it seemed SO WEIRD to me that the authorities weren’t doing more. By this point the two police officers were just standing there, a little ways away. I thought they should have probably been taken off to the drunk tank, but then part of me wonders if they were too young! Because lo and behold, 2 vehicles pull up a little while later…and it’s the girls’ parents. The mothers introduced themselves to one another, talked a bit with the police, and then with the help of one of the fathers, got the girls into their cars and off they went. The guy and the other girl each went with one of the families, and the police went off, no doubt to their next call of the evening.

It was quite the scenario. I had never personally been in a situation like that (thank gawd) so it was interesting to see how it all played out and how ultimately the parents came and collected up their children.

Hopefully the severely nasty hangover (and possible grounding by the parents, given how young the kids looked!) will be enough to prevent those girls from doing that again. It’s fun to go out and have some drinks and act silly, but there’s also a line and they crossed it times ten!

I have to say, though, that while I definitely don’t condone corruption within the police, I can understand how officers get jaded and do stupid things (the stuff you hear about in the news where they’re beating people up etc). Again, it’s not that I condone that behaviour, but just watching this whole thing play out, seeing how absolutely UNNECESSARY the whole thing was and how much money tax payers are having to pay FOR THAT, I can totally see how one would get to a point of just being bitter and angry about it.

And omg, I’m such a MOM now – I kept thinking how there is NO WAY my daughter (should I ever have one) would be leaving the house looking all tarted up the way those girls were! They looked like prostitutes and it was just sad looking at them.

The vomit and some garbage is still out there on the grass, a reminder of the chaos of Thursday night. I guess you can add ‘city workers’ to the list of people tax payers are supporting from this event, because eventually someone’s going to have to come along and clean it up!


Lojo said…
Eeks. My Mom and I were talking about the topic of teens having too much freedom and getting into trouble the other day. Luckily my Mom had a pretty tight grip on me, so I didn't have too many opportunities to royally screw up and do harm (and make an ass out of myself in the process). I suppose we all had our moments though.

I think I am going to do a blog post about teen girls and summer fashion. Sigh.

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rawbean said…
Oh lovely! I too get so annoyed at loud drunks on the street at night. It happens occasionally around here and its amazing what alcohol can do!

That is super funny that the parents picked them up. No doubt those two are in a lot of trouble!

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