Best backyard ever

Who says we don't have an amazing backyard? So what if we have to go down an elevator and walk a few blocks to get to it?!

Andrew had an unusally long nap yesterday, which made me concerned that he might not want to go to bed at his usual bed time in the evening. So to get some of his energies out, we took him on a walk and got him kicking his soccer ball around for a while. It was a perfect night to be out.
This scenery looks like it's out of Alice in Wonderland or something. It's absolutely stunning!
The water looked amazing, and I told James I want to try rowing sometime. I should look into that.
Always with the intense need to CLIMB!
A dad and boy moment =)
Andrew's look here is strangely similar to his 'poo face' but he wasn't doing any business - he just wanted to be out of Momma's arms and on the ground running!
Haha - best family shot I was able to capture.
I love the funky flowers that are starting to pop up everywhere.
I'm so excited - spring is here and summer is literally JUST around the corner!!!


Trista said…
Oh my gosh that park is AMAZING! It looks so fantasy whimsical like. mystical, and you called it, alice in wonderland like, or something out of a wonderful story book. that looks soo peaceful and definitely one to incite lovely moods!
I love your dark hair, I don't know if I haven' t noticed it in photos prior or if it's brand new, but it looks faaaaaantastic! Cute family shots too, Andy looks like he's totally lovin' life :)

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