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A picture is worth a thousand words...and apparently dollars as well!

I have come to the realization that there just simply isn’t enough time, ever, to get done the things I want to do. I guess back in my pre-baby days, I was accustomed to being able to do whatever needed doing whenever I felt like doing it. Just a simple task, such as taking the pictures from my camera and putting them on the computer, organizing them and fixing them in photoshop to put up on flickr, or facebook, my blog, and just have on the ready for when I needed them. Of course, I didn’t take the thousands of pictures I take now when I was pre-baby. If Andrew wasn’t so freaking cute I wouldn’t have this problem because I wouldn’t be snapping pictures of him constantly!!!!

I guess it’s a pretty good trade-off =)

But seriously, I have no time. James was really ambitious this morning, he usually doesn’t feel like doing a whole lot on a weekend morning other than lazing around. The usual is James up early with Andrew and Andrew beating his head against the bedroom door because he k…


I’m not going to get into the reasons for why some people choose to have lots of children. And I guess I could say all the power to them. If you want lots of kids and you can properly care for each and every one of them, well I guess it’s your right to do so!

For myself, obviously I love having a child of my own. It’s so amazing to look at him and see myself and James and other family members’ looks and traits. It’s incredible, actually! We hope to possibly have a second child together. But two’s the limit!

If we desperately wanted a third (not gonna happen), I think I would prefer to look into adoption rather than having our own child. I feel that there are already so many children out there in the world that don’t have loving homes, and it wouldn’t sit well with me to keep popping out more kids when there are so many that are in need.

I also just plain don’t understand how people can handle having so many kids. I see pictures of families where the parents are surrounding by 5 o…

The m-i-l from H-E-L-L

I wasn’t going to say anything about it but why hold my tongue?

On Friday afternoon before we left for the island, I decided to check my email one last time since I wouldn’t be taking my laptop with me to Victoria. I wish I hadn’t.

There was an email from the m-i-l. A response to my email after I sent another one because she didn’t respond to the first one.

It was of course all about shoving everything back in my face, that the onus was all on me to make things right. Apparently I am judgmental and selfish. Amongst other things.

There was a lot more to it than just this, but here is what stuck with me the most. She said that it is her ‘right’ to see her grandson, and that legally she could insist on it once he is weaned. You better believe I took this as a threat.

Am I really supposed to forgive this? I have written a response to her entire email but haven’t sent it yet. I just don’t know what to say anymore, even though my response is at least a page long. I don’t want to say a…

Just me and my boy

I really hope I don’t jinx it but I have to comment on how amazing Andrew’s sleep is progressing. He was go go go tonight, not at all unusual but lately around 8:30 he’s started getting that tired face rubbing eyes thing happening, hinting that pretty soon he’ll be down for the count. Not tonight, however. Of course, wouldn’t you know the night I’m on my own and getting pretty exhausted myself, he’s not sleepy!

BUT I got him running around the apartment (quite gleefully, I might add – I run past him and hide in another room and he comes to find me, I leap out and run past him somewhere else, it’s his favourite game!) to burn off some steam, then he ate some yogurt and I started saying to him, Is it time for Night Night’s Andrew? Are you getting sleepy? Is it time for beddy byes? After a little while he thought about it and realized it indeed was! So he nursed for a while and fell asleep. I put him in his crib, he woke up but only long enough to turn his head toward his Tiny Tad…

A quick post before a nap...

A few hours ago I made ‘Sneaky Snack Bars’ from a recipe I found in a recent issue of Today’s Parent magazine. I just tried them and OMG they are DELICIOUS! When I have a chance I’ll post the recipe, they are soooo yummy. Definitely satisfy my sweet tooth and yet they have such healthy ingredients. Best combo ever!

From the same magazine, I also just finished making a vegetarian version of a Tex-Mex Shepard’s Pie. We didn’t have chilli powder so I used cayenne and I think I used a little too much…Which James will love but Andrew and I might have problems with it. Hate it when that happens, but I think it’ll still be good. And I could always add a few dollops of tomato sauce or something to ours to disperse the spice a bit! I actually think I prefer my own Shepard’s Pie recipe that is super simple and fast to make, but we’ll see how this one is.

I’m really trying to make a few different things, even if this one is a variation of something I make on a semi-regular basis. I have a…

Fun times

We had a lot of fun in Victoria this past weekend. James’ dad and partner loved spending time with Andrew and it was really sweet watching him interact with them. The weather was so mild and beautiful, more like summer than spring. We got out to the Lieutenant Governor’s garden and Andrew loved running around there (and was desperate to get into a water fountain, he was not happy when we had to pry him away from it!) and also a little tots park (where he met Simon). Our travels worked out well too, we were really lucky with making all the connections at just the right times.

Sunday night when we got home we gave Andrew a bath and got him ready for bed. Then he nursed but afterwards he was really fussy. He just didn’t want to fall asleep in my arms. I said, ‘You need to go Night Night, Mister!’ after which he proceeded to whine and point forcefully in the direction of his bedroom.

He WANTED me to put him in his crib so he could go to sleep!!

I took him to his crib and he fussed for…


I’ve been extremely thirsty today.

Andrew’s been sleeping for almost 2 hours.

The laundry’s almost done, although there’s always more.

It’s James’ 31st birthday today and we’re going on a DATE while my aunt and uncle babysit the boy! Yay!

I can’t wait till Jet gets home from work so I can give him his prezzies. One in particular is going to surprise him and I think he’s going to be quite thrilled.

I’m looking forward to getting a little dressed up tonight.

Swimming was fun today, Andrew’s favourite thing is kicking and splashing. He also grins when we do Humpty Dumpty, every time without fail it’s a guaranteed smile!

The windows are being washed and I hate feeling like the window washers could be looking in at me. That and I hate having to have all the windows closed when it’s so freaking hot.

I have the fan blowing on me right now.

The spring weather has really hit us and I’m LOVING it.

Andrew met a cute little one year old boy at the park in Victoria this weekend named Simon and they were…

Island bound

We’re heading to the island for the weekend to visit James’ dad. They haven’t seen Andrew since his bday on new year’s eve so they’re in for a treat, they won’t believe how much he’s changed!

Such a beautiful day, hoping the weather holds for the weekend so we can get out and see some sights in Victoria.

I feel like I have to madly rush to get us packed and ready to go so I’d better go get that started before Andrew wakes up from his nap. We went and got James a few more prezzies for his birthday (which is on Monday) and then stopped by his work and had lunch with him. Andrew had fun running around the conference room. They have guitar hero in there and he kept pointing at the guitar and making a noise like he was curious about it…but he was also afraid of it so he never did go near it! It’s kind of big compared to him and I can sort of see how it could look scary if you didn’t know what it was! LOL He’s terrified of the vacuum cleaner (didn’t phase him at all and then when we ha…

A happy Thursday

I took Andrew to a new mom/tots group this morning just to see what it was like. I was sceptical because I knew most if not all of the ‘kids’ there would be little babies. I love little babies, but it’s hard to socialize when I’m the only one chasing after a toddler while all the other moms sit while their babies stare up at the ceiling because they can’t even roll over yet. (I’ve been there and done that too many times!!) But this group was AWESOME, I can’t express how happy I was – and even more importantly, how much fun Andrew had.

It took me back to my pre-school days because it was set up very similarly to how my pre-school was…*cough* 25 years ago. Well, it didn’t look like it had been set up a quarter of a century ago, but you know what I mean! There were bins of toys and rugs and mats on the floor and it was just perfectly set up for little ones to have a field day, which Andrew did. He was the oldest one there, not entirely surprising since the group is for 0-18 months …

Enjoying the silence

When James said he was getting together with his bro tonight, I was fine with it obviously, but a part of me was thinking, oh gawd, what a long day this is going to be for me! Andrew has been go go go since before we left for swimming and only had a 45 minute nap this afternoon. Needless to say, I was exhausted before dinner time.

I’m thanking my lucky stars because I didn’t even suggest it, James decided all on his own that he could take Andrew with him to go spend time with bro/uncle N. Yippeeee! That means free time for Elizabeth/Momma. When he asked what I thought of that idea, I told him it was a glorious plan!

It was so cute, a few minutes after they left I happened to look out the window and I could see them, off my boys went up the street headed for the west end. I could just see the tuft of hair on Andrew’s head in the stroller but I could picture in my mind how he looked, taking in all the sights around him. Cutest boy ever, with the most adorable Daddy pushing him alon…

Oh glorious SPRING

I am LOVING the spring weather we’re suddenly having. That major chill is starting to leave the air I think (I hope!)

There is something so wonderful about a bright blue sky, the sun shining down, and not having to pile blankets over Andrew to make sure he’s warm enough when we’re out for a stroll. Finally we will be able to start taking him to the park and he’ll actually be able to leave the concrete path and run through the grass because it will be DRY!!

I love spring. I think I love spring even more than summer, because it’s warm but not TOO warm. It’s the beginning of the happier seasons, when everything feels fresh and new and we can breathe a sigh of relief because the winter’s gone. I love it!

I wonder if this summer the ocean will get warm enough that we can take Andrew in for a dip! How cute will that be, his first experience ‘swimming’ in the ocean. He swam in the ocean once before but technically it was me in the water with him tucked inside my uterus when he was abou…

In shock

I just found out that someone I went to high school with died on Sunday. There is no real news yet as to what happened, although apparently he had a seizure…Not sure of the cause. This kind of news totally freaks me out. It’s sad for obvious reasons…Then there’s the fact that I knew him, he was good friends with my first boyfriend so we hung out sometimes…And being the exact same age – if it was a natural causes thing that makes me feel so uneasy. I hate the uncertainty we have regarding how much time each one of us gets to be here for.

It’s shocking news. Good old Facebook…but at least someone had the decency to send me a private message to let me know so I didn’t find out just by perusing people’s status updates.

Wow. Yeah, so that’s kind of on my mind.

It’s so hard to think about death, even though it happens around us every single day. Right now my uncle’s mom is on her way out, and that’s obviously sad but at least she’s in her 80s and it’s basically ‘her time’ because she’…

In search of new dinner recipes

Andrew is napping. I got the fridge cleaned out, the dishwasher going, and a recipe written into my little recipe book. I found a recipe online for Artichoke Soup, which I’m going to give a try tonight. It’s artichoke-y, and garlicky, and I think Andrew will like it (and hopefully James and I will, too!)

I really need new recipes, and ones that are super easy and fast to prepare and don’t require a lot of expensive ingredients. And, of course, completely vegetarian. Any ideas? I’ve been looking online and have found a few things but I’m always a little wary of online recipes. I’ve tried some and they turned out terrible. Maybe it was just my cooking but I don’t think so.

I wish I enjoyed cooking more. I sort of enjoy it. I don’t hate it, let’s put it that way. I just don’t have a lot of patience for it. I have tried cutting corners and I know from experience that that’s NEVER a good idea! But even when I go exactly by what a recipe says, I just don’t enjoy the end result as…

I love my boy

I prefer a happy post to be at the top of my blog page. So before I sign off for the night, I will say this:

I am so grateful for my son. Andrew is the light of my life. I love to hold him when he sleeps and stroke his hair and his cheek and give him kisses and tell him how special he is to me. I tell him how much he is loved, how perfect he is, how he will always ALWAYS be loved. I tell him he’s my bestest boy. He is my bestest boy. He is such a special part of my life, the MOST special part.
He is hugging and kissing up a storm these days, he’ll just run up to me and throw his arms around me and holds on tight. He’ll give me a kiss on the cheek in the morning to let me know he’s awake and it’s time for me to open my eyes and get the day started. The past few days he even makes a noise with his lips, a kissing noise, it’s the cutest thing ever.

We got together with my aunt and uncle on Sunday and at one point Andrew reached out and hugged me and my uncle said, it’s moments like…

This isn't anything new...

As the m-i-l saga continues, I decided to look back just a little to find some information about a particular event from the past. Not because I want to think about it or drudge up all that bs but because James and I talked a bit about it tonight and even though I knew my memory was 100% accurate, I thought I may as well double check.

Thank goodness for the written word. Regular journaling about all the little goings on does pay off!

This isn’t the tidbit of information I was looking for, but I thought I would include it here in this post (with a few sentences omitted since they would need explaining unless you were there), as it really stuck out to me:

… It scares and worries me because think of it this way: what if we had a baby together? … I am really not sure how we would be accepted, would we finally be a family and I would gain validation through being your baby’s mother, or would I still be the same ol’ Liz who feels like she tries but just gets slapped in the face?

I’m guess…

Saturday adventures

On Saturday, James and I took Andrew to the playground at Second Beach. We went along a trail by Lost Lagoon to get there, a bit of a different route from our usual. It was so pretty, and although it was still a bit on the cool side, the sunshine was beautiful.
I love Lost Lagoon.If you’re ever there, you’re pretty well guaranteed to see lots of wildlife.Of course ducks and swans and often seagulls and herons.But also raccoons, and on this particular outing we even saw turtles!

There was a raccoon just chilling out on a rock in the water, it was quite funny watching him just hang out there.Andrew did a fair bit of walking along the trail, and was desperate to get closer to the ducks!Of course as soon as we got to the play area at the beach, Andrew went straight for the swings!They should just have rows and rows of swings because it seems to be that all the little kids want to be on them constantly.
I took a few pictures of Andrew on the swing, then I went and found a picnic table and sa…

Last week and random thoughts

I really should be getting to bed. My eyes are starting to burn, I’m so tired. But my mind is still so awake.

I haven’t had any time to write lately. My mom was over around the Easter long weekend, then we went back to the island with her for a couple of days. It was cute, when we got to their house my dad (and I know my mom was in on it too) had set up a little ‘Easter egg hunt’ for Andrew. Because he’s too little for chocolate being hidden around (he eats chocolate, but it wouldn’t be good for him to be putting them in his mouth in the foil wrappers!), they had bought little egg shaped bells (I think they could be decorations for an ‘Easter tree’). So Andrew went around and hidden behind bigger Easter ornaments, he found his own little toys! And of course there was plenty of chocolate to be had. Andrew is already a huge fan of the stuff.

He also got a sandbox for my parents’ yard, and my grandma got him a Canucks jersey and cap! lol Spoiled much?!

While in Nanaimo I FINALLY…

Every day I love him more

Lately Andrew has really taken to giving hugs and kisses. Mostly when asked (he is very quick to oblige though!) but sometimes he’ll even just walk over and give them of his own accord. He was laying across my lap the other night, I thought he was going to sleep. Then all of a sudden he sat upright, gave me a kiss on the lips and just grinned at me. And last night he was playing with my dad (we came over to the island for a couple of days) and he decided all of a sudden to give him a hug and a kiss!

How cute is that?! It’s so sweet, it just melts my heart. I LOVE his hugs and kisses more than anything else in the world!

One of Andrew’s favourite things lately is splashing in the bath. He splashes so much that water is splashed as far as the bathroom sink, which is on the opposite side of the room! Needless to say the floor is always soaked. But there’s no stopping him, it’s as if he’s in a trance sometimes when he’s doing it!

Yesterday he started saying, ‘Hi!’ when waving. It’s…

An outlaw inlaw for sure

So my m-i-l seems to have reverted back to 6 or so months ago of not speaking to me. At all. Ignoring me might be a better way of putting it.

From the day after Andrew was born till the end of last October, she gave me the silent treatment (and it was completely unwarranted). Then she decided SURPRISE, I’M FLYING OUT THERE TO SEE MY GRANDSON so she had no choice but to start some dialogue. Although she never did apologize for what she did to us, she just swept it all under the rug like she always does and flew here from the other side of the country.

Which was fine, insofar as we got along much better and I felt she was actually making an effort not to let her (predictably) unpredictable emotional outbursts get in the way of our time together.

We had at the very least established, when she said she was flying out so suddenly after having ignored me (and her grandson, might I add) for nearly a year, that we would start with baby steps. We would have to slowly build up a relationship …

Self image issues

I feel like I’ve been in such a rut lately. And I’m talking style-wise mostly. I try to dress half decent but I don’t think my clothes reflect how I actually feel or want to look. I’ll see a picture of myself and think, omg, I don’t really look like that, do I?!

I want to dress nicely (read: stylishly) but sometimes I feel like it’s not practical. I looked up online how to not become a ‘frumpy mom’ but the answers were ridiculous (obviously not written by people who have ever had a toddler in their lives).
For example, suggestions like wearing fun jewellery. Um, hello – if I wear earrings at all, I have to take them out as soon as I get home from being out. If I don’t, I’m at risk of having my ears ripped by a certain someone, my earrings torn out and put in his mouth, or just taken out and lost somewhere. I have a bracelet I wear from time to time but he almost broke that, and I had a necklace that I’d worn ONCE before it was pulled apart, beads spilling everywhere. Obviously …

Happy Easter!

It’s afternoon, Easter Sunday. We have yet to get dressed and ready for an outing, despite that it’s a nice sunny day out there. Andy is snoozing so we’ll wait till he’s up, have a bite of lunch and head out for a little bit of an adventure.

Yesterday my mom babysat Andrew for us and James and I got to go out on our own. We were out for quite a while, nearly 5 hours! We took the seabus over to the Lonsdale Quay, checked out the market and ate beavertails. (No animals were harmed in the making of them) =) They were DELICIOUS. We headed up Lonsdale a bit, checked out a few blocks though there wasn’t really much to see…then went to a place called Burgoo for lunch. We shared 2 different types of fondue (yum!) and a pitcher of Sangria (it was mostly ice, but very tasty!)

We came back to Vancouver and went to the mall to go to RW&Co. James had a gift certificate from Christmas and I told him it was time to update his wardrobe, since he almost never gets new clothes and to be hone…