Will you be mine?

On Sunday (Valentine’s Day) we took Andrew to the playground to run around. He absolutely loved it. He went on the swings and did lots of giggling the higher we pushed him. He went on the slide and ran around, curiously watching the other kids play.From there we walked along to Stanley’s Pub & Grill and we were able to sit outside (that’s how mild it was, sitting outside in February to eat at a restaurant that doesn’t have outdoor heat lamps!) It was great, James and I shared a veggie burger and Andrew had some fries (and banana that we brought for him, oh yes and goldfish cheese crackers).
He likes to mimic us so he wanted to dip his fries in ketchup, but the ketchup happened to be very vinegary (even we were having a hard time with it). So he screwed up his face and then had to dip the fries in SOMETHING so we let him dip them in a glass of water. He was quite pleased with himself each time he dipped. I told him when we’re sitting outside that’s one thing but he’s not dipping fries in a glass of water when we’re inside a restaurant. I don’t want to start him on bad restaurant manners!!

I had a Granville Island Winter Ale – the first beer I’ve drunk in over 2 years! Crazy, I know!

After the restaurant we took Andrew to the aquarium. We figured it would be insanely busy with tourists but it actually wasn’t too bad. Definitely busier than when I take him during a regular week when we’re not hosting the Olympics, but not as busy as it gets in the summer. We took Andrew to the children’s play area and he had an absolute field day! He was loving it and James seemed to really enjoy watching him play there. So much so that when the 4-D Experience was starting up in the little theatre next to the play area, James told me to go ahead and watch it, he’d stay with the boy.
We tried to watch it with Andrew once a few months back but it’s really not a good show for a small child. It’s 4-D, which means that beyond wearing 3-D glasses, you get spritzed with water, poked in the back, etc during the show. It’s not good for a baby since they don’t understand why they’re suddenly getting hit in the face with water at random moments. He bawled so much in the first 5 minutes the time we took him, we had to leave and decided we’d try to catch the show on our own some other time.

It’s definitely cool and worth seeing but I do think it could use an update. This coming perhaps from having just recently seen Avatar…which was 3-D but can you IMAGINE what it would be like in 4-D?! Probably way too intense but whoa would that be something!

There was a 4-D Experience that James and I saw when we were in Amsterdam. It was very much like propaganda, trying to sell Holland in a very cheesy way (haha, cheesy, - no pun intended considering we went to Edam!) I remember it being cool despite being over-the-top trying to sell the country, there was even one part with a field of tulips and suddenly you could smell them, it was beautiful.


At the aquarium Andrew pinched a boy’s nose and stole a little chair thing from another boy…but other than that he was good around the other kids. lol He’s definitely got a strong personality. It’s always the bigger kids that he bullies and none of them ever fight back…I kind of wish they would – maybe he needs to be put in his place?! If he keeps getting away with it, how will he ever learn?

After the aquarium, we walked home and Andrew fell asleep along the way. It’s no surprise given how active he’d been all afternoon!
It was a wonderful Valentine’s Day – full of fun family moments, which is what a day of Love is all about!


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