Friday, January 29, 2010

Belugas and dolphins and sharks, oh my!

There’s nothing like a nice, hot bubble bath to freshen a person up!

We just got back from the aquarium and Andrew fell asleep on the way home so I was able to sneak in a bath for a couple of minutes when we got in. Ahhhh =) I feel so relaxed…for the moment! I know once the boy is up again all hell will break loose! lol

A fun time was had at the aquarium, though it’s quite exhausting for me. Andrew loves it, which makes me enjoy it too, but chasing after him and making sure he doesn’t bump into people or run off…it’s all very tiring. Add to that the fact that it is ridiculously HOT in there…omg…I know it needs to be for the animals’ sake but it doesn’t bode well with my already too hot temperature just from dealing with Andrew. It’s a bit much.

I love the sharks and sea turtle section because Andrew can stand up on the little bench thing there and look and point. He was so clever – he pointed right at the sign with the stingray on it, then pointed right at the stingray in the tank and said, ‘Oh!’ My boy is a smarty pants =)

I was disappointed when we arrived to see that there were about 10,000 kids there on school trips. Note to self: Fridays probably aren’t a good time to go. Although even on quiet days I’m usually surprised by how busy it is. And it’s not just moms with babes in strollers (although there are a great many of us!)

It was much easier having Andrew in his umbrella stroller as opposed to the big Quinny. So glad I got it. It’ll be so handy in the warmer months.

I haven’t bought him something at the gift shop EVERY time we’ve gone…but I like to get him something once in a while because we get 20% off and because, well, I love to get him things. We’ve taken to singing Raffi to him to get him to sleep at night and I’m getting a bit sick of the same songs over and over so I got him a new Raffi album, the Baby Beluga one =) Looking forward to singing him some new songs tonight!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

GD Tass Me Up!

I can’t seem to drink enough coffee these days. I was never that much of a coffee drinker pre-baby but now? I am horrified by the thought of having to start a morning without a cuppa joe.

Nah, it’s not THAT bad! I mean, if I had to I could go without. But I’d rather not torture myself if I don’t have to!

I don’t drink too much coffee, I don’t think. But I’m getting up to 3 cups a day – morning, afternoon, early evening. Sometimes throw a fourth into the mix somewhere along the way, although it’s usually 3. Is that bad? I know people who drink in excess of 12 cups per day. The person in particular I’m thinking of also suffers terribly from acid reflux, so I don’t know that I want to go down that road! I realize that in comparison to other people 3 cups is really very little, but for me it seems like a lot.

Thank gawd for the GD Tassimo machine. My Knight in Shining Armour, if you will!


I just put in an order online so all our coffee selections will be sent to us in a matter of days.

I love my GD Tass machine and honestly the thought of brewing my own cup of coffee now – as in having to measure the beans and that whole charade – seems ludicrous. Why go through all that rigmarole when you can pop the disk of whatever type suites your fancy at that given moment (Colombian, Café Crema, or how about a Latte? Cappuccino? Feel like mixing it up with a little Chai? It’s all there and then some, just take your pick!) wait a minute or less and you have a perfect cup EVERY SINGLE TIME!

If the company is reading this, I’d like to be paid for my endorsement here, please =D

This wasn’t intended as an advertisement for the Tass machine though…I drink Starbucks from time to time as well. I just need that shot of caffeine to keep me going throughout the day. It takes a lot to keep up with a toddler who’s hell-bent on napping as little as possible so as to avoid missing out on anything that might be remotely interesting!

I love my little guy but omigod his energy is a tad much! Thank goodness for my afternoon cappuccino. He’ll wake from his little nappy any time but have no fear, the little jump start I needed to get through the rest of the day (well, till early evening) is sitting beside me in my pretty blue mug!

Love animals, don't eat them

My little veggie baby when he was just 1 1/2 months old!

When Andrew and I went to the island for a few days last week, it was a surprise visit. I texted my mom in the morning and said if it was alright with her (which I knew it would be!), we’d be heading over in a few hours. As you can imagine, my parents were both quite excited by this surprise visit from their grandson (oh yeah, and their daughter, too).

My mom was in the process of thawing a turkey when we said we were on our way over. It was thawed enough that it couldn’t go back into the freezer, and would have to be cooked during our stay. If we’d given more advanced notice that we were coming over, my mom wouldn’t have cooked the turkey during our visit, since she usually avoids that sort of thing for my sake when I’m over, but by this point there wasn’t really any other option.

Although she’s not vegetarian, my mom hates cooking a bird. The whole having to associate aspect is difficult for her – as I imagine it is for a lot of carnivores. It’s one thing to see slices of meat on your dinner plate but another thing entirely to have to prepare the dead animal for cooking.

Now I realize there are people who are desensitized to this process and don’t much care for animals, or at least the sight of them dead for the purpose of food. But I have to say that the vast majority of people I know are carnivores and nearly all of them would prefer not to associate the freshly (or frozen, but essentially whole) killed animal with what ends up on their fork.

Seeing my mom take the turkey out of the bag, watery blood dripping off the flesh of the poor dead bird just confirmed why I’m a vegetarian. It was like driving past a car accident and not really wanting to see anything gruesome but at the same time not being able to peel your eyes away from the scene. I watched in horror as she removed the neck/esophagus and guts. It was totally disturbing. After that I couldn’t watch anymore – I did not want to witness the poor thing being stuffed!

At one point, after the turkey was fully cooked and sitting in the pan on top of the oven, I was in the kitchen getting a drink. I was right near Turkey Lurkey and I couldn’t help but take a look at him/her. I tried to imagine how I could think of the bird as being food, but for the life of me I could not. There was zero saliva build up in my mouth. There is nothing about a cooked bird that is appealing to me. I just find it gross. I was looking at it and thinking, ok, so that’s how the flesh and skin looks when a dead bird has been put in the oven at high heat over a period of hours. Okaaaay. I just don’t understand how it could be appetizing. Not a turkey, or a chicken, or a pig, or a cow, or any other animal. It’s like cooking up your pet or even your child or your boyfriend or girlfriend or WHOEVER and pouring a little gravy over them for a feast. Yuck – that’s not my idea of breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Some people said during pregnancy I would crave meat and possibly even eat it again. The people who thought that obviously don’t know me very well! During pregnancy meat repulsed me as much as ever, if not even more. I don’t know if it’s the time that has gone by since I last ate meat (its been over 12 years) or what but I just can’t see animals as food. Dairy is gross enough – I still battle with that one. I don’t see myself giving it up, although in a perfect world it would be easier to do so. But the flesh and the skin of a dead animal….ugh…I have to stop talking about it or I’m going to be sick.

I didn’t really need the reminder the turkey gave me of why I’m vegetarian, but I was given it nonetheless. It was an…interesting experience for me.

I’ll take a plate o’ veggies any day, please and thank you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PS We had fun at swimming today! Andy gave me lots of kisses, and was giving the instructor high fives =)

Poor baby boy came down with the sniffles. It could be from having his immunizations last week – or who knows, ‘tis the season for it. He seems to be doing well despite it. I gave him some Tylenol this evening when his nose started dripping really bad and he was getting fussy from not being able to breathe properly. It seems to have taken the edge off, although of course he’s (no pun intended) milking the ‘I-need-Momma-because-I’ve-got-sniffles’ thing for all it’s worth!!

Right now he’s asleep but on the chaise part of the couch, all scrunched up on his belly. He looks like such a little baby at night time, which is so strange because during the day (today especially for some reason) I look at him and just can’t believe how big he’s getting and how little boyish he seems, rather than being like a baby. There’s something about him in his jammies all tuckered out, still trying his darndest to fit into the ol’ fetal position!

He was sleeping in his crib while James and I watched a few episodes of In Treatment (season 2). Then he woke up so James went in and got him. He cuddled into his dad for a second, then popped his head up, barely squinting his eyes open, scanning the room for me. He saw me, closed his eyes again and pointed in my direction. It was so funny, he had this ‘look’ on his face as if to say, ‘To the nipple, Daddy!’ That’s all he wanted! He’s so comfortable with our nursing routine that when he’s tired he doesn’t even open his eyes to latch. He just holds his mouth open and expects that a nipple will be there. LOL

I love our routines – some of them more than others and I know they are ever-changing. But I love how well we know each other now, in comparison to how things were when he was first born and I was still getting to know him. I love who he is more and more all the time. He could be a tad less strong-willed but he comes by his stubbornness honestly. I can’t blame him for it!

I’m getting beyond tired…time to try getting the boy back to his crib so I can hit the hay…Wish me luck =)

Monday, January 25, 2010

A walk in the park

Sorry to those of you on my FB - since I posted these pictures on there today already. But I couldn't not do a blog post about my precious baby on his first real walk in nature!

Andrew has been walking since he was 10 months, and these pictures were taken at about a year and 2 weeks (on January 16th). He had done a ton of indoor walking up till that time, but with the weather being what its been and him not being super steady on his feet when he first started walking, we'd never taken him to do a walkabout outside. So this was an exciting experience for all of us - Andrew especially!
As soon as we let him out of his stroller in Stanley Park, he was taking everything in.
He couldn't believe his good fortune to be outside running around! In his stroller he looked kind of tired and without a whole lot of expression. But when his feet hit the ground he was gleeful!
It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway...He looked absolutely ADORABLE running around in his Baby Gap sweater that he got from his Uncle M and Auntie N for his birthday!
It was a beautiful day but cold, so out came the toque!

We went to Lost Lagoon and couldn't believe how far the water came up. There's usually a trail close to the water but not on this particular day.
The ducks owned all the benches!
Andrew wanted desperately to go in the water but Daddy made sure that didn't happen!
After all that fresh air and running around, it was time for a nice long afternoon snooze =)
It's the sweetest thing ever watching Andrew explore new territory. We're so looking forward to the spring and summer months when we can have more adventures like this but without having to layer up!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cut. It. Out.

Family drama. I know there’s no real way around it. Family can love each other and, deep down, have the best intentions for each other. But the reality is that no matter how ‘close’ you are to a person and how much they mean to you, you’re bound to have differences too. There are inevitably going to be conflicts, at the very least ‘issues.’

Does a family exist that doesn’t have some sort of serious drama? I try to imagine having the perfect family…And no it’s nothing like an episode of Full House…In that show the mom is dead, and despite the sappy, knowing music with a moral message attached – those people had issues.

I just look at Andrew and think awww, sorry buddy. Sigh. There’s no question you’re loved bunches by everyone and have wonderful relationships with family…but there’s also no question that there are some pretty effed up people in the mix. No one is without their faults.

I look at him and see this perfect little person who is new and fresh and wonderful and deserves all things good and I don’t want anything to screw him up!

But…I don’t want him to live in a bubble, either. And if he had a ‘perfect’ family and then entered the world thinking that was ‘normal’…well…gawd help him.

I say these things. And I mean them all. But the world is a wonderful place too, and despite the nuttiness of family drama, there are also the good times to consider. One must not forget to remember the good things!

I just wish I could say for certain that the negative patterns of others (and I’m talking about people from both sides of both families here – no one person in particular) will not negatively influence Andrew’s life. I don’t want things to trickle down to him as things inevitably do and make life harder for him to deal with as he gets older and realizes and sees more.

I definitely can’t say for certain how affected he will be by the people around him – within his family circle and beyond it. But one thing I can say with 100% confidence: I love my boy and I will always do my best to be a positive influence in his life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A work in progress

I don’t know if my template is quite how I want it yet, but I’m happy with the changes so far. It’s a work in progress!

This morning Andrew had his one year immunizations. I thought it was going to be just one needle – no biggie, right? Well it turns out the one year shots includes FOUR needles. Ugh! I felt so sorry for the little guy. He did really well, was very brave, but after the first two we switched arms and he cried as if to say COME ON, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Like he knew exactly what the nurse was doing and couldn’t believe she would keep going! Awww! He cried for about a minute after, then he was fine. I fed him some cheese crackers (goldfish), gave him some milk, and off we went.

I was kind of sad about our experience there – not because the nurse we met with wasn’t nice. And we did get to see one of the nurses from our old mom/baby group from when Andrew was just a few months old. But I was expecting to see at least 3 from the group that ended in November and none of them were there =( It’s sad because I really wanted them to see how much Andrew has changed and grown over the past couple of months! Andrew would have been especially excited to see K, he absolutely loves him!

Anyway…Andrew napped for a while when we got home. For the rest of the day we played and sang and I gave the boy a bath. He loves to throw his toys out of the bath for me to go get and then toss back into the tub. He has taken to standing in the tub, which isn’t safe so I tell him to sit down. He sits down and I say, ‘Good boy!!’ Well I think now the reason he stands is so that I’ll say Good boy once he sits down again! He loves to be praised!!

One new development in the past week is that Andrew now points when he’s thirsty. I often have a glass of water or juice on the table by the couch (out of his reach) and he will be standing away from the table, but he’ll crane his neck to look and points at the cup. If I don’t respond he’ll make a little noise and point again. He’s hilarious! I love that he is starting to ‘say’ what he wants like that.

Another development, one I’m not so fond of, is climbing the furniture. He can get up on the couch or chair unaided. He is so proud of himself when he gets up and it excites him to no end. Unfortunately, he doesn’t realize the drop to the floor if he happens to flail off the furniture. The past couple days since he’s been doing this, one of us has always been right there to catch him if he was about to fall. But tonight he flailed so fast, he literally ran across the couch and flew right over the arm on one side. All right before my eyes but so quickly that I had no time to react. Poor baby =( He basically did a flip and landed on his back. He was scared and bawled his eyes out, doing his scream cry that he rarely ever does. This was more of a sob than what he did after his shots this morning! Luckily he wasn’t actually hurt and after cuddles and nursing he was all better.

But he’s really a going concern. I have to watch him like a hawk, obviously. It’ll be better once he knows that he has to be careful when he’s up on the furniture…At least most of the time he doesn’t climb since he’s too busy playing with his toys or chasing after the cats! I’m letting him into the solarium now (we used to have it blocked off with the baby gate) – I prop the gate to block off their food and water dishes so he’s not tempted to get into that stuff. He seems to have learned it’s not for him anyway and he doesn’t show much interest. But he loves having access to another room. It’s a very small room and yet he acts like it’s this big open space to explore. He loves to move all the chairs out of the way and then run around under the table (it’s a high bar table so he can fit running around underneath it).

I love watching Andrew play – he’s becoming more interested in some of the toys that he didn’t understand before, and disinterested in some of the toys he played with a lot months and months back. One of his favourite things to do is to point up to his shelf above his crib. It is jam-packed full of stuffed animals and he loves to be held near it so he can point at different ones and then feel the different textures and whatnot. I tell him what a lucky boy he is to have so many toys and he smiles. I love my boy to bits. He is such a sweetheart!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The sun it shines

Once again I am really feeling the whole no-time thing that comes with having a toddler. I mean to write, I want to write, but I just can’t find the time most days to actually sit down and accomplish anything. It’s frustrating. But I’m enjoying my time with the boy, so it’s OK.

Lots has been happening, and at the same time not a whole lot. Saturday was such a nice day that we took advantage by having a family outing. Went to Baguette Time to pick up some lunch and shared some bocconcini sandwich with Andrew =) We then went for a walk along the sea wall into Stanley Park. We were near the Fish House when we decided to let Andrew out of his stroller to roam around – get some exercise so he’d nap later. It was like he suddenly came alive as soon as his feet hit the pavement! He was giggling, grinning, pointing, shouting Oh! at everything he saw. He did so well, I was sure he’d be falling quite a bit since he’s not used to walking on unlevelled terrain. But nope, he was on the move and quite sure-footed. He was running even! He absolutely loved every second of it. We cut through to Lost Lagoon and he was so excited to see the geese and ducks. He was desperate to get right into the Lagoon, so we ended up having to carry him away! It was such a great time watching him enjoy the outdoors.

He finally did fall asleep, after eating half a banana, some cheese crackers and drinking some milk! We took advantage of his nap by watching a few episodes of In Treatment. It’s an AMAZING show. HBO. Need I say more? Look it up if you haven’t heard of it. I HIGHLY recommend it. Not knowing anything more about it than what it said on Amazon, I bought it for James for Xmas and…we went a little overboard watching it but couldn’t help it, we got sucked right in – and we finished the first season last night! So good. It’s about people’s therapy so it’s definitely heavy (I even had a few tears a couple of times!) but it’s incredibly well done.

Yesterday James was kind enough to suggest I go out on my own for a couple of hours so I took him up on that. It’s SO rare that I ever go anywhere on my own. While I’d love one of these days to have the opportunity to go out by myself and even just go sit somewhere and read and maybe sip a tea, this time I decided to do some shopping. Not so much to frivolously spend money, but because I was desperately in need of new underwear. I felt like my underwear just wasn’t fitting right anymore (too big, even though I swear I haven't lost any more weight) and my collection of panties (I hate that word!) was quite drab. I’m sure it’s not just me – after having a baby you sort of go through different phases more than usual with things like undergarments, since your body changes quite a bit over time. So…with some of my Christmas money, I went out and got something like 8 new pairs of undies. AND all of them are different, no duplicates, so I can decide what I like and if some are super comfy I can always get more. I also got much sexier styles than what I had before. I needed to spice things up a bit! It feels good to be able to clean out my sock drawer. Which reminds me that I forgot to buy socks, which was something else I meant to do…but oh well, I can get those any time. It’s near impossible to underwear shop with a baby, but buying socks I can do no problem!

I couldn’t resist buying something for Andrew with some of my other Christmas money! It’s more for me than him, really…but…it’s a new set of wheels! There was a stroller at Sears for only $40 that is PERFECT for shorter outings. Or going to the aquarium, where I don’t want to be taking up tons of room with the giant Quinny. I still wouldn’t trade the Quinny for anything but this little stroller is great for when hauling out the big wheels isn’t necessary. And the price could not be beat! We took him for a test run in it last night and let him run around the hotel lobby near our place. He seemed to enjoy it – the stroller AND the run-about!

We took him in the evening, then brought him home, he had a bath and got into his jammies. Then he nursed and while he was still up for a while after that, he did fall asleep with relative ease, and he stayed sleeping for hours. It was such a relief compared to how its been lately. He was getting worse and worse for being up nearly the whole night. As in, going to bed at 10:30 for less than an hour, then being up literally till like 4am, then sleeping till 7:30. It was HELL ON EARTH!! Thank god I have a husband who helps me out a lot when Andrew takes on such insane schedules. And thank god it was happening around the weekend so James and I could work in shifts to some degree. I’m still the primary one to get up through the night, I only ask James to get up through the night if I’m absolutely at my wits end and sobbing (which is rare, only happened a few times ever, but still!) Mainly it’s great that James can take Andrew in the morning (on weekends) so I can get a few hours rest. I don’t know how I’d manage completely on my own.

But last night was just so much better, which gives me hope that his pattern CAN improve. And it WILL…I have to be optimistic!

We did a few things differently. I think it REALLY helped that we got him out running around in the evening shortly before bed so he’d be more tuckered out. Then we put a nice fleece blanket down in his crib so it would be extra cozy, and put stuffed animals along the sides of the crib. So when we laid him down if he rolled in either direction he might feel comforted, as if it was us he was sleeping between. Then, we usually have the hall light on because it’s attached to the ceiling fan which we like to have on to keep the air circulating…Well we turned that off so he just had the light of his night light and we’re wondering if maybe the darkness helped him stay asleep longer too. OR it could have been a complete fluke! One never knows. But whatever it was, it helped, because he was only up once through the night and after about half an hour of nursies and 15 minutes extra of sleeping on my lap, he went back to his crib no problem and slept through till 6:30, when James went and brought him to me. He woke up just in time to get ready for swimming this morning. We weren’t going to go due to the crazy rain this morning but I forced myself to deal with it and I’m glad I did. It was fun to get out to our swim group and now he’s happily napping in his stroller and I was able to FINALLY write!

A picture post to come – I took some really cute ones of Andrew on his ‘nature walk’ on Saturday!

PS If my Gram was still alive, she'd be 105 today! Happy Birthday Gram! I wish you were still here so you could have met Andrew, you two would have got along famously =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Isn't it ironic

I just realized the irony that is my blog.

"I dream therefore I am"...

Yet I rarely get the chance to sleep long enough for dreams!


It's ok though...because the 'dreams' I'm talking about here are more of the day(dream) variety.

As in, I dream of sleeping through the night.

You guessed it - the boy is keeping me up yet again!

And another night begins...

Friday, January 15, 2010


Template changes are in the works...

An attempt at sleep training

It’s pouring buckets outside, has been all day and apparently will continue on this way through the weekend. Oh, glorious winter. It beats snow, I know. I just can’t help but miss summer and long for spring. It’ll be such a relief – all the outdoor activities to partake in with Andrew. Finding the gumption to get up and go is so much easier when the stroller doesn’t have to be encased in plastic.

Right now I’m working on ‘sleep training’ Andrew. It isn’t easy. The hardest part is doing it while feeling so sleep deprived. I have to endure a lot of crying, being up through the night trying to comfort Andrew without giving him what he wants (latching him on and/or bringing him into bed with me and James). I have to resist the temptation. Imagine it’s 4 in the morning and you’ve had one hour of sleep so far (not all in a row) and you know, YOU KNOW, that in 5 minutes flat if you just latched the baby on and let him feed and get the nursing he so desires, he would be out like a light, back asleep in his crib, and you could go to bed. I’ve failed many attempts at sleep training up to this point due to my inability to not give in. I start feeling like I’m going to burst into tears and I just want to run away and I can’t handle one more second of my baby being upset when all he needs is a little suckle. It sounds ridiculous, maybe, but when you’re living it, it’s all very hard work!

For Andrew’s whole life so far, he’s always been able to rely 100% on his Momma to get what he needs and what he wants. And I want to provide all of that to him. It makes me feel sad when he’s crying out for me and I know I could soothe him so easily. I want to soothe him. And not nursing him at night time anymore is also a sad reality. While I enjoy the idea of getting more sleep, it has been our routine and a time where it’s the two of us together and, while tired, I’ve enjoyed that time we’ve spent together. It’s a strong bond to have between a mother and her child. But I’m also realizing that we can wean slowly – not just for his sake, but for mine also! And I really think cutting out the night time feeds first is the best approach. I really need to get him sleeping for a decent length of time at night and then from there we’ll work on getting a better day time routine happening. But omg, the nights are just so long and drawn out these days.

I have to keep telling myself, it’s short term pain for long term gain. Babies apparently form patterns relatively quickly, and it COULD just be a matter of a week or two before he’s sleeping through the night. Which doesn’t mean super long ‘normal’ nights of sleep like people without kids can have. But even just 5 hours in a row would be so wonderful. Trying to keep up with him through the day gets increasingly hard the more sleep deprived I become. So I realized recently that the time has come where I’ve GOT to cut out the night time feeds – in hopes the boy will realize not getting what he wants means no point in waking through the night.

Interestingly, he has since started bawling his eyes out since I wrote that paragraph =S

I’m not going with the totally hardcore approach of letting him cry till he throws up. But I’ve been letting him cry for longer periods. Starting with 10-20 minutes before I go to him, now it’s up to an hour, I think sometimes a bit longer. Rarely does he cry himself to sleep, even after an hour of straight sobbing. It’s hard for a mother to take!

I’ve started going to him after these periods of time of hoping he’ll drift back to sleep. But through the night I’m trying to start with a rule from about midnight to six in the morning, no breast feeding. It might sound like a strange approach – it’s my own schedule that I’m working on that works for me at the moment. The whole point is weaning so I want to do it gradually.

One thing that so far seems pretty good is that Andrew doesn’t cry for too long when I won’t give him the breast but will give him cuddles. From what I’ve heard from some other moms, their babies continue to cry even when they’re being held because all they want is that nipple! Andrew will fuss a little bit but then as long as he knows I’m close, he’ll go back to sleep. I realize it’s a matter of removing one habit (night feeds) and replacing it with another (the need for night cuddles) but…I guess my line of thinking is that if he stops feeding at night and is no longer hungry through the night, and realizes he’s not getting the comfort of the nipple through the night anymore, he will stop wanting to be up at night. It’s a process…and it’ll take some work and listening to crying and dealing with upsetting the boy for some nights. But it’s for the best and I know it has to be done!

It’s recommended to start sleep training earlier than a year. Andrew has slept through the night on occasion, and sometimes would do so for a few nights in a row (although its been ages since it’s been more than one night, and even those are few and far between). But do I regret not forcing him to start sleeping through the night earlier (which of course, doesn’t always work anyway)? No. Because like I said, despite the tiredness, I’ve enjoyed this time I’ve had with him where it’s just us and we get lots of extra cuddles in. I’ll enjoy the sleep once I’m getting it but I will miss the cuddles! And I don’t regret it either in the sense that before Andrew was eating solids, it just wouldn’t have made sense to make him go long periods of time without feeding.

Anyway…those are my thoughts on this for tonight. He’s gone back to sleep so I’d best get a few zzz’s myself before the next round starts. It’s not quite 2am – the night’s still young =P

Friday, January 08, 2010

Boy Model

Over the course of Andrew's first year, my mom ordered Andrew a number of outfits from a kids clothing store called Janie and Jack.

I would say that while most of Andrew's clothes aren't from this store, he is a Janie and Jack boy at heart.

I swear he could be a model for their clothing line!

Just look at these pictures I took of him yesterday, in the outfit my mom got him for his first birthday.

OK, perhaps the drool on the top of his shirt wouldn't make it into the catalogue, but that aside! Look at how he's got his thumb resting in the pocket of his pants. It might look like this photo was set up but I assure you it was not! He was intently watching The Wiggles on Treehouse and this just happened to be his pose.
Andrew is a clothes horse. It's just so easy to buy clothes for him because he looks adorable in absolutely everything!

Keeping on top of things

One thing I’m really proud of is the fact that I actually managed to complete Andrew’s first year calendar and baby book during his first year! I just have to add a picture from his birthday party to the end of his baby book and it’s complete. I also did a first year scrap book and it’s done, save for the few pages I want to add of Christmas and his birthday. I’m hoping to get that done over the weekend. It feels good to have those projects complete on time. It’s so much harder to do those sorts of things way after the fact when you can’t quite remember the story you want to tell or remember the dates when things happened.

Aside from doing picture projects and writing these blog posts, I really haven’t been getting my creative juices flowing at all since Andrew came along. Which I imagine is par for the course. How could I be expected to do a whole lot for myself when Andrew takes up 95% of my time and the other 5% I am sleeping? (Who am I kidding? Baby is 99.5%, sleep is 0.05!!)

I want to work on making time for other things but I always say that and it never quite works out. I definitely want to read more because I still do have the life goal of writing something worth publishing. And I don’t see how that will ever happen if I’m not well read. Which is not to say I haven’t read a lot in the past but it needs to be a continuation and lately I have started books but never finished them due to the time issue I have.

It’s hard to manage time because when Andrew naps I want to get the household chores done so that they don’t keep piling up. Some days I leave that stuff and work on other things but eventually I can’t do that anymore.

That being said...

Today I feel good about what I got done – I’m working on getting rid of stuff because our place is feeling smaller and smaller with all of Andrew’s toys and things cluttering every nook and cranny. So I’ve been doing some recycle and have a pile together to take to the local community centre where they have a thrift shop that takes old stuff. I also cleaned the bathroom, the kitchen, and got the final things added to Andrew’s calendar and baby book. I also tidied the solarium. And while Andrew was still awake, it was a challenge but I managed to steam mop the floors and do some closet clean-up in the bedroom.

I am wracking my brain trying to come up with new and different things I can do with Andrew and places we can go that aren’t our usual. We tend not to venture all that far now with the weather being cold and dreary. We have his swim lessons twice a week, which is great. And I take him out to run around at the hotel nearby once or twice a week since he loves exploring the lobby and everyone there loves to see him. We go to the aquarium from time to time. But what else is there to do for a toddler in the winter time? I need ideas! Or things we could do at home that aren’t the same things we always do. It’s tough because he’s at sort of an in-between age for some things.

I want to sign him up for more classes so we’re in groups with other babies but right now there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot happening. Especially with the Olympics coming up – a lot of the community centres are already closed to the public and don’t re-open to us till April. Which if you ask me is LUDICROUS. Seriously, for a couple of weeks of sporting events, look at how the locals suffer. They’ve already closed of a lot of the roads and the seawall walk-ways are slowly being sectioned off. The negative effects at this point seem endless. How can you tell I’m not a huge fan of the Olympics coming to Vancouver?! I guess you could say I’m resentful – not only about the huge debt it’s causing the city and the better ways the money could have been spent but the ways this is impacting us in terms of things to do and having access to local resources. But oh well, there’s nothing we can do about it. So I have to get creative and come up with things for us to do so we’re not cooped up so much! Andrew has so much energy – I need ways to get it out so he sleeps more!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

First Birthday Recap...and other stories

On Andrew’s birthday (aka New Year’s Eve) he woke up to lots of kisses from Momma and Daddy! We were so excited about his big day. He, of course, being one, had no idea what was going on – BUT he lapped up every bit of the attention!

After a Skype call with his Nana and a phone call from his Great Grandma, I took Andrew to the hotel to meet up with my parents for coffee. We sat in the lobby – well, my mom and I sat while my dad and Andrew wandered around. It’s a big lobby and Andrew loves to run around it, waving at people walking by and grinning at those who pay attention to him!

In the morning Andrew was wearing a shirt my mom got him for his birthday, with a turtle in a birthday hat with the #1 in the middle. So cute! Then I changed him into his tuxedo onesie! He wore that for his party (up till cake time, when I stripped him down to his diaper!) and then for the rest of the night. It was the perfect birthday/new year’s outfit!
He was certainly the star of the show, as he should have been with it being his first birthday (although, really, when is he NOT the star of the show?!) His party was a big success. He won’t remember this one but even if he did, he’d better realize that future parties will NOT be hotel-catered events! LOL We did it that way because it was easier than doing it all ourselves, although in the future not only would I prefer to cut down on costs, but I want to make his favourite things and whatnot for his parties. I also want to make cool cakes in the future – but I’d prefer to wait till he actually knows what’s going on and can appreciate the effort a little more!
Although I must say I was MOST pleased with how his cake turned out! (Which was from Safeway, btw). They did it a bit differently than we asked – the picture of Andrew was supposed to be smaller with the words beside it. BUT omg how cute is that picture of him?! Everyone was really impressed – no one at the party had ever seen a cake with someone’s picture on it before! It was delicious – a white cake with a banana cream layer and pieces of banana built into that layer, which I thought was a nice touch given that Andrew loves bananas!
We played music and had fun visiting with everyone. In total (us included) there were 15 people there. There were actually supposed to be 6 more, but I’m glad it was down to 15 because even though we wanted the rest of the people there, it would have been a bit squished in the hotel room. My mom knows the reservations staff and gets a really good rate and great upgrades, so the hotel room was actually bigger than our apartment, or at least had a roomier living room space. So it made more sense to have the party there.
Andrew opened his gifts (well, he helped!) – getting all sorts of toys, such as a xylophone (from me), a boat where you hammer balls into holes and they move along the boat (from his dad), a farm animal bowling set, an organic turtle stuffed animal, books, a wooden blocks set, and he got lots of clothes. He’s such a lucky boy!
We were just commenting on how well loved he is at the hotel and how so many of the staff know him and love to see him, when there was a knock on the door. It was a hotel staff member carrying a little cheesecake on a plate and around the cake it said ‘Happy 1st Birthday Andrew’ in chocolate writing. She also had a gift for him – a card that about 20 people signed, a pair of Robeez slippers with little fire trucks on them, and an Olympics stuffed animal. WOW!! We couldn’t believe it, he is so spoiled. It was so sweet of them to do that for him, we really weren’t expecting that.
He was really (for lack of a better term) hamming it up for everyone at the party! He started throwing his arms in the air and saying, ‘Oooh!’ He was truly the life of the party! He’s really a character and loves all the attention of people. He was walking around and playing with his birthday balloon (which he really seemed to love more than anything!) and having so much fun. It was such a great first birthday celebration!
After cake – which he made a bit of a mess with but actually was eating quite neatly! – he got fussy and needed to nurse. After which time he fell fast asleep and was basically passed out for a couple of hours after that! It was all timed quite perfectly as the party was coming to an end at that point anyway. So everyone left and it was just my more immediate family left.
We hung around and then Andrew woke up, I got him back into his tux and we went to visit some more of the hotel staff to say Happy New Year (which we’d also done in the morning). He had fun running around in the lobby for a while.
We went back to the hotel room to hang out and we ended up playing Charades for quite a while! It was a lot of fun. It felt way later than it actually was since we’d started the day quite early and of course with a bouncing baby boy, one can get quite exhausted!! So we left around 8pm to bring Andrew home. He was asleep around 10:30ish so James and I watched a bit of a show and then at 11:30 I decided I couldn’t stay up till midnight, I was too tired! I couldn’t even wait that extra half hour, although when it was midnight I did see so on the clock and James and I had a quick kiss to bring in the new year. LOL It was a strange ‘new year’ celebration because I really think of the day now as Andrew’s birthday, not new year’s eve. But all in all it was a wonderfully perfect day and I was so excited to celebrate my little guy’s first year!
I thought I would be really emotional about it all. In the days leading up to his big day I was reflecting on the past year and feeling more emotional but when the day arrived I was so excited that I didn’t get teary like I thought I might.
I still can’t believe Andrew is one but it’s a wonderful age already, I can tell =) He’s learning so much and will continue to change in leaps and bounds this year. He points at everything, is babbling a lot more and I think he’s going to be putting words together before we know it. He says ‘No’ already – because he hears it often enough ;) And he knows what ‘Goodbye’ means because yesterday after the dolphin show ended at the aquarium, the guy doing the spiel about it said goodbye and Andrew started waving! He really took in the dolphin show yesterday and is enjoying the aquarium more each time we go.

It was my bro’s birthday yesterday so last night we went over to their place to give him prezzies. We ended up each having a shot of Bacardi 151 (omg, I haven’t really drank much the past few years what with being preggers and having Andrew so I forgot how strong that stuff is!!) and toasting with a blush champagne we brought over (well, I had a few sips but couldn’t finish mine after the B151!) I loved the buzz I got (and had hoped thru my breast milk it’d make Andrew sleep better but no such luck! LOL) but I felt sooo sick for about 15 minutes. Luckily it went away though and we had some good conversations and I had a lot of fun hanging out. We got my bro the first few seasons of Mr. Belvedere on dvd (how’s that for a blast from the past?!), a funny Mr. T keychain thing where he says all his best sayings, and a few things of GD Tass.

Anyway…Andrew is still napping (after his swim class, which we started up again this week) but I have a feeling he’ll be up and raring to go soon, so I’d better get a thing or two done here before that happens!

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