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Belugas and dolphins and sharks, oh my!

There’s nothing like a nice, hot bubble bath to freshen a person up!

We just got back from the aquarium and Andrew fell asleep on the way home so I was able to sneak in a bath for a couple of minutes when we got in. Ahhhh =) I feel so relaxed…for the moment! I know once the boy is up again all hell will break loose! lol

A fun time was had at the aquarium, though it’s quite exhausting for me. Andrew loves it, which makes me enjoy it too, but chasing after him and making sure he doesn’t bump into people or run off…it’s all very tiring. Add to that the fact that it is ridiculously HOT in there…omg…I know it needs to be for the animals’ sake but it doesn’t bode well with my already too hot temperature just from dealing with Andrew. It’s a bit much.

I love the sharks and sea turtle section because Andrew can stand up on the little bench thing there and look and point. He was so clever – he pointed right at the sign with the stingray on it, then pointed right at the stingray in the tan…

GD Tass Me Up!

I can’t seem to drink enough coffee these days. I was never that much of a coffee drinker pre-baby but now? I am horrified by the thought of having to start a morning without a cuppa joe.

Nah, it’s not THAT bad! I mean, if I had to I could go without. But I’d rather not torture myself if I don’t have to!

I don’t drink too much coffee, I don’t think. But I’m getting up to 3 cups a day – morning, afternoon, early evening. Sometimes throw a fourth into the mix somewhere along the way, although it’s usually 3. Is that bad? I know people who drink in excess of 12 cups per day. The person in particular I’m thinking of also suffers terribly from acid reflux, so I don’t know that I want to go down that road! I realize that in comparison to other people 3 cups is really very little, but for me it seems like a lot.

Thank gawd for the GD Tassimo machine. My Knight in Shining Armour, if you will!


I just put in an order online so all our coffee selections will be sent to us in a matter of…

Love animals, don't eat them

My little veggie baby when he was just 1 1/2 months old!

When Andrew and I went to the island for a few days last week, it was a surprise visit. I texted my mom in the morning and said if it was alright with her (which I knew it would be!), we’d be heading over in a few hours. As you can imagine, my parents were both quite excited by this surprise visit from their grandson (oh yeah, and their daughter, too).

My mom was in the process of thawing a turkey when we said we were on our way over. It was thawed enough that it couldn’t go back into the freezer, and would have to be cooked during our stay. If we’d given more advanced notice that we were coming over, my mom wouldn’t have cooked the turkey during our visit, since she usually avoids that sort of thing for my sake when I’m over, but by this point there wasn’t really any other option.

Although she’s not vegetarian, my mom hates cooking a bird. The whole having to associate aspect is difficult for her – as I imagine it is for a l…

PS We had fun at swimming today! Andy gave me lots of kisses, and was giving the instructor high fives =)

Poor baby boy came down with the sniffles. It could be from having his immunizations last week – or who knows, ‘tis the season for it. He seems to be doing well despite it. I gave him some Tylenol this evening when his nose started dripping really bad and he was getting fussy from not being able to breathe properly. It seems to have taken the edge off, although of course he’s (no pun intended) milking the ‘I-need-Momma-because-I’ve-got-sniffles’ thing for all it’s worth!!

Right now he’s asleep but on the chaise part of the couch, all scrunched up on his belly. He looks like such a little baby at night time, which is so strange because during the day (today especially for some reason) I look at him and just can’t believe how big he’s getting and how little boyish he seems, rather than being like a baby. There’s something about him in his jammies all tuckered out, still trying his darndest to fit into the ol’ fetal position!

He was sleeping in his crib while James and I watched a fe…

A walk in the park

Sorry to those of you on my FB - since I posted these pictures on there today already. But I couldn't not do a blog post about my precious baby on his first real walk in nature!

Andrew has been walking since he was 10 months, and these pictures were taken at about a year and 2 weeks (on January 16th). He had done a ton of indoor walking up till that time, but with the weather being what its been and him not being super steady on his feet when he first started walking, we'd never taken him to do a walkabout outside. So this was an exciting experience for all of us - Andrew especially!
As soon as we let him out of his stroller in Stanley Park, he was taking everything in.
He couldn't believe his good fortune to be outside running around! In his stroller he looked kind of tired and without a whole lot of expression. But when his feet hit the ground he was gleeful!
It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway...He looked absolutely ADORABLE running around in his Baby G…

Cut. It. Out.

Family drama. I know there’s no real way around it. Family can love each other and, deep down, have the best intentions for each other. But the reality is that no matter how ‘close’ you are to a person and how much they mean to you, you’re bound to have differences too. There are inevitably going to be conflicts, at the very least ‘issues.’

Does a family exist that doesn’t have some sort of serious drama? I try to imagine having the perfect family…And no it’s nothing like an episode of Full House…In that show the mom is dead, and despite the sappy, knowing music with a moral message attached – those people had issues.

I just look at Andrew and think awww, sorry buddy. Sigh. There’s no question you’re loved bunches by everyone and have wonderful relationships with family…but there’s also no question that there are some pretty effed up people in the mix. No one is without their faults.

I look at him and see this perfect little person who is new and fresh and wonderful and deserves…

A work in progress

I don’t know if my template is quite how I want it yet, but I’m happy with the changes so far. It’s a work in progress!

This morning Andrew had his one year immunizations. I thought it was going to be just one needle – no biggie, right? Well it turns out the one year shots includes FOUR needles. Ugh! I felt so sorry for the little guy. He did really well, was very brave, but after the first two we switched arms and he cried as if to say COME ON, ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Like he knew exactly what the nurse was doing and couldn’t believe she would keep going! Awww! He cried for about a minute after, then he was fine. I fed him some cheese crackers (goldfish), gave him some milk, and off we went.

I was kind of sad about our experience there – not because the nurse we met with wasn’t nice. And we did get to see one of the nurses from our old mom/baby group from when Andrew was just a few months old. But I was expecting to see at least 3 from the group that ended in November and none of…

The sun it shines

Once again I am really feeling the whole no-time thing that comes with having a toddler. I mean to write, I want to write, but I just can’t find the time most days to actually sit down and accomplish anything. It’s frustrating. But I’m enjoying my time with the boy, so it’s OK.

Lots has been happening, and at the same time not a whole lot. Saturday was such a nice day that we took advantage by having a family outing. Went to Baguette Time to pick up some lunch and shared some bocconcini sandwich with Andrew =) We then went for a walk along the sea wall into Stanley Park. We were near the Fish House when we decided to let Andrew out of his stroller to roam around – get some exercise so he’d nap later. It was like he suddenly came alive as soon as his feet hit the pavement! He was giggling, grinning, pointing, shouting Oh! at everything he saw. He did so well, I was sure he’d be falling quite a bit since he’s not used to walking on unlevelled terrain. But nope, he was on the m…

Isn't it ironic

I just realized the irony that is my blog.

"I dream therefore I am"...

Yet I rarely get the chance to sleep long enough for dreams!


It's ok though...because the 'dreams' I'm talking about here are more of the day(dream) variety.

As in, I dream of sleeping through the night.

You guessed it - the boy is keeping me up yet again!

And another night begins...


Template changes are in the works...

An attempt at sleep training

It’s pouring buckets outside, has been all day and apparently will continue on this way through the weekend. Oh, glorious winter. It beats snow, I know. I just can’t help but miss summer and long for spring. It’ll be such a relief – all the outdoor activities to partake in with Andrew. Finding the gumption to get up and go is so much easier when the stroller doesn’t have to be encased in plastic.

Right now I’m working on ‘sleep training’ Andrew. It isn’t easy. The hardest part is doing it while feeling so sleep deprived. I have to endure a lot of crying, being up through the night trying to comfort Andrew without giving him what he wants (latching him on and/or bringing him into bed with me and James). I have to resist the temptation. Imagine it’s 4 in the morning and you’ve had one hour of sleep so far (not all in a row) and you know, YOU KNOW, that in 5 minutes flat if you just latched the baby on and let him feed and get the nursing he so desires, he would be out like a li…

Boy Model

Over the course of Andrew's first year, my mom ordered Andrew a number of outfits from a kids clothing store called Janie and Jack.

I would say that while most of Andrew's clothes aren't from this store, he is a Janie and Jack boy at heart.

I swear he could be a model for their clothing line!

Just look at these pictures I took of him yesterday, in the outfit my mom got him for his first birthday.

OK, perhaps the drool on the top of his shirt wouldn't make it into the catalogue, but that aside! Look at how he's got his thumb resting in the pocket of his pants. It might look like this photo was set up but I assure you it was not! He was intently watching The Wiggles on Treehouse and this just happened to be his pose.
Andrew is a clothes horse. It's just so easy to buy clothes for him because he looks adorable in absolutely everything!

Keeping on top of things

One thing I’m really proud of is the fact that I actually managed to complete Andrew’s first year calendar and baby book during his first year!I just have to add a picture from his birthday party to the end of his baby book and it’s complete.I also did a first year scrap book and it’s done, save for the few pages I want to add of Christmas and his birthday.I’m hoping to get that done over the weekend.It feels good to have those projects complete on time.It’s so much harder to do those sorts of things way after the fact when you can’t quite remember the story you want to tell or remember the dates when things happened.Aside from doing picture projects and writing these blog posts, I really haven’t been getting my creative juices flowing at all since Andrew came along.Which I imagine is par for the course.How could I be expected to do a whole lot for myself when Andrew takes up 95% of my time and the other 5% I am sleeping?(Who am I kidding? Baby is 99.5%, sleep is 0.05!!)
I want to work…

First Birthday Recap...and other stories

On Andrew’s birthday (aka New Year’s Eve) he woke up to lots of kisses from Momma and Daddy! We were so excited about his big day. He, of course, being one, had no idea what was going on – BUT he lapped up every bit of the attention!

After a Skype call with his Nana and a phone call from his Great Grandma, I took Andrew to the hotel to meet up with my parents for coffee. We sat in the lobby – well, my mom and I sat while my dad and Andrew wandered around. It’s a big lobby and Andrew loves to run around it, waving at people walking by and grinning at those who pay attention to him!

In the morning Andrew was wearing a shirt my mom got him for his birthday, with a turtle in a birthday hat with the #1 in the middle. So cute! Then I changed him into his tuxedo onesie! He wore that for his party (up till cake time, when I stripped him down to his diaper!) and then for the rest of the night. It was the perfect birthday/new year’s outfit!
He was certainly the star of the show, as he shou…