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Post 901: Goodbye 2010 the short version!

I was going to do a year re-cap post but…I dunno…Somehow I’m just not feeling like it. For one thing, the year is right here on display in my archives! And for another, the ‘Andrew’s Life in 2010’ book I made gives a pretty good idea of what we’ve been up to. Let’s face it, where Andrew goes I go, so our year was pretty much the same! Aside from the rowing class I took this summer, which was the one big ‘me’ thing I did this past year (and I’m quite proud of it!)

I will say that 2010 was a great year over all. All the new things Andrew has learned – it’s truly amazing the difference a year makes. Just looking at his scrapbook, he has changed so much from the chubby little guy still getting steady on his feet to the much more grown up looking little boy he’s become, running and racing around with ease. He’s talking more, understands probably more than I’d like him to, and more and more he’s becoming his own person. It’s hard to believe that in just 3 days he will be two years…

Post 901: Goodbye 2010 the short version!

I was going to do a year re-cap post but…I dunno…Somehow I’m just not feeling like it. For one thing, the year is right here on display in my archives! And for another, the ‘Andrew’s Life in 2010’ book I made gives a pretty good idea of what we’ve been up to. Let’s face it, where Andrew goes I go, so our year was pretty much the same! Aside from the rowing class I took this summer, which was the one big ‘me’ thing I did this past year (and I’m quite proud of it!)

I will say that 2010 was a great year over all. All the new things Andrew has learned – it’s truly amazing the difference a year makes. Just looking at his scrapbook, he has changed so much from the chubby little guy still getting steady on his feet to the much more grown up looking little boy he’s become, running and racing around with ease. He’s talking more, understands probably more than I’d like him to, and more and more he’s becoming his own person. It’s hard to believe that in just 3 days he will be two years…

3 days of Christmas sans pictures (I still need to load them...)

My 900th post is my Christmas re-cap!

Andrew and I went to Nanaimo on the 21st to beat the Christmas travel rush, although as it happens I think a lot of people thought along the same lines, and as a result the 12:30pm ferry was packed. We made it though, and I was relieved to be on the island with just the drive to Victoria left to go once James met up with us. He came over the night of the 22nd and we drove to Victoria (borrowing my parents’ car) on the 23rd.

First we stopped in at some family friends of James’, ‘the 3P’s’ as they’re referred to. We had a little visit with them, which went well, although Andrew was a tad on the fussy side. Then we made our way to R&B’s (James’ dad’s house). It turned out the b-i-l and s-i-l-2b wouldn’t be there till late evening. We visited with R&B and had a yummy pasta supper. I think instead of specifics I’ll just say we had a nice time hanging out, and Andrew played with some new toy blocks that they got him for Christmas (he did …

On the Eve of Christmas day

It’s just past 3pm on Christmas Eve. I can’t believe it, just a few more HOURS and Santa will be making his rounds!

James and Andrew are snoozing beside me on the pull out bed at James’ dad’s house. I just woke up from a short nap myself. Much needed and appreciated! It’s generally not easy (read: impossible) to ‘tell’ Andrew to go to sleep, but he was soooo tired so we brought him down to the bed (along with a bunch of wrestler toys he ‘borrowed’ from his Uncle M’s childhood!) James basically went to sleep shortly after we got tucked in (ahh, dad’s – lol) so I did some coaxing to get Andy to rest. First I tucked all the wrestlers into the blanket beside me, then I gave Andrew tickles on his back and arms, rubbed his feet and legs. He was a little restless and I wasn’t sure if I’d be successful at getting him to nap, but then I whispered, ‘It’s Christmas Eve, Andrew. That means Santa’s going to be here tonight!’ and he whispered back, ‘Yeah!’ I said, ‘So we’d better have a sle…

A bit of rambling is all this is

We’re heading to the island soon so I spent the better part of today trying to prepare for that. Packing, doing chores, trying to get things in order before we leave. I won’t be here for 9 days, which feels like a lot. I think things like, what if I forget something? Of course it wouldn’t be the end of the world, but I like to be organized.

I (with Andrew’s help!) even put a bunch of our Christmas decorations away today! I know, ridiculous right. I put them out extra early this year though, so we’ve enjoyed them for several weeks already. I just thought when we get back it’s going to be such a whirlwind of preparing for Andrew’s birthday party, so it’d be nice to not have the xmas d├ęcor to deal with. I do still have our tree out and some lights up and that stuff will stay till January 1st.

I love how Andrew likes to ‘help’ me clean and organize. He’s so used to me doing that stuff regularly that he gets into it and likes to have a cloth to do some dusting. He will look at me a…

Doom and gloom...

I’m having a hard time compartmentalizing the issues surrounding me at the moment. This stuff has been going on for years, but every so often it seems as though it’s going to come to a head. Then it doesn’t, or the looming threat of it eventually happening just sits there, no, hangs like a very heavy cloud over our heads.

I worry constantly, for valid reasons, though it really doesn’t, or at the very least shouldn’t, have to be this way. I am tired of it. I am tired of this fretfulness, of the doom and gloom, of feeling like it’s a hopeless cause when I want nothing more than for it to change for the better. So we can all be happy. So there doesn’t always have to be that white elephant in the moon.

I have begun to feel some amount of resentment, which in turn causes me more sadness with a good ol’ dose of guilt, because I don’t want to feel resentful. I don’t want there to be anger rising. I want to be understanding and compassionate and I do remind myself that it’s not this per…

A Christmas shindig of sorts...and other stories

We’re having my bro and sis in law over for a pre-Christmas shindig. We aren’t going to see them till after xmas otherwise, so it makes sense to have a little get-together before the big event.

I’m making a yummy artichoke dip from a family recipe and I’m even going to cut out a sourdough bread and put the dip in the ‘bread bowl’. I’ve also got a veggie platter on the ready, and some frozen appy’s to cook up. It’s all fairly simple but will come together to make for great party food! I also got some yummy dessert items. I’ve already got the table ‘partially ready’ so there’s not much to be done once the guests arrive! We’re only having 2 people over, I know, and it’ll be totally casual, but still I feel like we’ve barely entertained at all this season so I wanted to do SOMETHING for it. We’ve tried to get people over but everyone always seems to busy and sob-sob everything else seems to take priority over us. OK maybe I am being dramatic but sometimes I feel like we put in all …

Having fun

Andrew fell asleep at 7:30 tonight…That should make for an interesting night or extremely early morning tomorrow! I’m sooo hopeful he’s going to have a ‘good’ day tomorrow – as in easy to deal with – because James is going to a party in the evening and it’ll make a long day even longer if he’s fussy. I worry because today he had an off day and was a bit harder to manage than most days. Or maybe I was just extra tired – or both!!

(For the record, I was also invited to said party, but declined going because 1 I don’t know who we’d get to babysit, truthfully and 2 it’s a ‘scotch tasting party’ and I detest scotch. I can’t fathom sitting in a room full of people sipping a drink I hate, having to smell it for hours? Not my idea of a night out!! So Friday night in with the boy it is!

Even though he’s uber exhausting to his Momma (Trista – you’ll laugh at this…Remember how I was going on about how awesome it is that he’s not bugging at the plant I have on a low table…well, today he saw m…

An anniversary of sorts

Today marks 5 years since James proposed to me!

Here is the blog post (which is not on this blog since I re-started everything a few years ago) I wrote the day after the proposal, for memory’s sake:

Could my life get any better? I’m honestly thinking it’s not even possible. It’s 7:32am on Saturday, December 17, 2005 and I am wide awake and ready to begin the day. OK, maybe a little tired seeing as how I only got about 5 hours sleep last night, after drinking a ton of alcohol yesterday from 3pm onward…BUT I feel GREAT!

Let’s just get down to the nitty gritty shall we? Well first of all, I was on a natural high just from doing so freaking well (or at least feeling like I did so freaking well) on my final exam yesterday. So all seemed well in my world. We got all dressed up and made our way downtown and went to Salathai on Burrard, the greatest Thai restaurant that we know of. It’s got a very beautiful and romantic atmosphere, the service is excellent (though I have to admit, while it was b…

It's snowing in my head

I feel so fortunate to have such a patient husband who is more than willing to grant me the wish of ‘me time’ in order for me to stay sane. This should perhaps be something I think nothing of, because OF COURSE I should be allotted ‘me time’ – as should he (and he is!) But I have friends whose husbands are anything but kind when it comes to their need for alone time. So I thank my lucky stars I have the husband that I do! (Then again, there’s no way I’d have married him if he had proven himself to be totally self-serving and a-hole-ish about me having a little down time!)

It’s so hard to clear my head sometimes. Especially when a lot stuff is going on that stresses me out. Usually whatever’s happening I can push to the back of my mind or somehow look at and say ‘It will all work out’ but this time…Let’s just say I’ve had moments where I just go and lay on the bed and I feel miserable. I can think in my mind of a crapload of things I need to get done, but my mind says ‘Who cares’…

A fun age

Andrew is content (for now) watching Toy Story 2.

I’m loving him at this age! He’s so much fun. He’s a trouble maker at times, but James and I – on a date yesterday – were talking about how (knock on wood!) he really isn’t as mischievous as we’d think he’d be given his personality!
He’s talking a lot more. If he wants a sip of a drink I’m having or wants something in general, I’ve got him saying, ‘Please Mommy dearest!’ LOL It comes out more like ‘Peese Mommy deest!’ but pretty good right! He’s starting to sometimes say the word of what he’s wanting too – the other night in Nanaimo, my dad came home and he wanted a fire put in the fireplace so he said to my dad, ‘Peese Papa, fire!’ Sometimes (a lot of times) he just comes out with a word or will know something and we just can’t believe he knows it, or wonder how he learned it because we didn’t actually teach him!
There are challenges at every stage of a child’s development, I have come to realize. Just like at all stages of adul…

I want to hire a nanny for when we travel...

Travelling to the island today was, to quote Richard Lewis (haha), ‘the trip from hell.’It may have been the worst trip we’ve ever had together, although I suppose there have been some other bad ones, if I really think about it.I even gave Andrew a bit of infant Gravol for the trip, hoping he would nap and not be too demanding.Not something I do every time we travel, but given I was only taking the small stroller and had a lot of stuff to carry along with it, I didn’t want him to be too ‘difficult.’I think I was really banking on the fact that Gravol is SUPPOSED to cause drowsiness.I guess I had pushed to the back of my mind that little disclaimer on the packaging that says ‘excitability’ is another possible side effect.Wouldn’t you know that my little boy, the one who pretty much hates to sleep and ALWAYS fights it to the end, would get the excitability side effect and not the drowsy one.Just my luck, right?!On the bus he was distracted by this little sticker book I got him.He enjoye…

This post marks 10 away from 900!

I don’t post pictures nearly often enough these days. I mean to, but it always seems like such a chore to get the pics loaded onto my computer from my camera – probably because I take waaay too many of them. It had been a couple of weeks since I’d taken pics off my camera to my computer and when I did last night I saw that I had almost 600 pictures to go through. Ridiculous!
Anyway…Lots has been going on, but at the same time it’s the usual. Going about our normal every day, but with the whole holiday thing intermixed. Its been a lot of fun introducing Andy to Christmas-y things. Last year he was a few days from turning one, so while he got a little bit excited over things, for the most part he didn’t quite get it. This year he’s much more excited by it all!
For example, this is Andrew at the Santa Claus Parade last year:
And this year:
Yes, last year he fell asleep just as the police were going by on their motorcycles. Which is always the very first thing in a parade (at least ar…

Counting down till Xmas...

Last weekend we went out to do a bit of Christmas shopping and I picked up a Toy Story advent calendar for Andrew. It was only $2.15, which was about all I was willing to spend on such a thing this year, because I didn’t have high expectations that it would last all that long, considering it’s a bit hard to reason with Andrew about opening one little door a day to find the chocolate.

I had obviously planned on hiding it till December 1st, but I didn’t get to the bag fast enough to stuff it in the closet. He could see Buzz and Woody through the bag and started chanting their names, his pitch getting higher and higher as I said, ‘No’ and ‘Let’s wait a few days!’ So, knowing how cheap the advent calendar was and selfishly just wanting the crying to stop so I could maybe have a few minutes of peace, I caved and took it out of the bag.

He was thrilled to bits, so much so that he ran with it into the other room to show Daddy. After pointing out all the characters on the box, front and bac…

A restorative approach

I was going to write another post about how crappy I’ve been feeling tonight about the mil saga, but I’ll spare you on that! Sort of.

What I decided to write about instead is ‘restorative justice.’ Recently on a friend’s blog (you know who you are, but I’m protecting your identity!) it was stated that faith in restorative justice had been lost. And in fact another blog pal responded with that same opinion.

I feel very tied to restorative justice in that it became my passion during university. I absolutely loved what it stood for right away – a more holistic approach to justice, bringing victims together with their offenders for conflict resolution, encouraging offenders to take responsibility for their actions. It’s a peace-building way of looking at things, and arguably it can be incorporated into one’s every day life. I know for myself, it had a profound effect on my outlook.

I didn’t just take a couple of rj classes and call it a day. I also worked within the department of rj…

Rearing her ugly head...again

I feel like I’ve been doing a really good job of not stressing out over the fact that my mil is moving here. I guess I feel like ‘seeing is believing’ and she’s not here yet, so I can still breathe easy. The fact that she’s planning on moving here RIGHT on Andrew’s birthday/new year’s eve DOES boil my blood a little bit, because, honestly, WHO MOVES ON NEW YEAR’S EVE, whether it’s a little boy’s birthday or not?! It seems overly dramatic (but not too dramatic for her, of course). It screams IT’S ALL ABOUT ME and that’s HER talking, not Andrew. Even though of course I am making the day all about Andrew and I will NOT let her ruin it for me/us because THAT’S NOT OK.

But anyway, for the most part, other than the occasional pang of anger over her choice of day to arrive, I’ve been pretty good at just forcing it out of my mind. I have given up on trying to fix things with her, because I don’t think I am the one who should be doing the repairs. She has proven herself incapable of repa…

New hardware

James got me an early Christmas present yesterday. It’s a NEW COMPUTER!!

I’m so excited about it. My old one has been fighting to hold on but lately she just hasn’t been keeping up. Programs would freeze and I’d have to reboot. If the cord accidentally got unplugged for a millisecond from the wall, there was an automatic shut down. We’ve all been there. I kept making excuses for her, and I’d sort of gotten used to how slow certain things were. Take Photoshop, for example. It wasn’t till tonight when I loaded about 10 super high resolution pictures into the program in about 1.5 seconds that I realized, holy sh*t! I’ve been wasting SO MUCH TIME…FOR SO LONG! Seriously, while yes I would feel a rage coming on while waiting and waiting…and waiting some more, I had begun to think it was ‘normal’ for it to take minutes on end to load about 15 pictures in decent but not super high resolution. Given the vast amounts of pictures I tend to batch-edit in Photoshop, all I can say is OH…

Personalized Christmas shopping

We’re really making headway on our Christmas shopping. As a rule, I like to TRY to have it as close to finished as possible by December 1st if I can help it. I can’t stand how crowded it gets at the malls, I feel ragey when dealing with so many people all looking for that ‘perfect’ gift.

We (and when I say we, I mean mostly ‘I’ since I take care of most of the gifts for people!) did a lot of our shopping online, which ultimately is the best way to go about it, if you ask me! And rather than just buying ‘things’ we’ve done our best to give experiences or at the very least ‘things’ with a more sentimental value than just being an object.

One of those ‘things’ – and I am going to say the best one of all that I am 100% sure everyone getting will LOVE – is a book on Andrew’s Life in 2010. (I feel safe talking about it on here before Xmas actually arrives, since I’m fairly confident no one receiving this gift would be reading my blog).

I checked out a couple of different sites for making t…

A fall snow day

Today we had our first snowfall here in Coal Harbour! It was kind of exciting. I’d say it was probably a few inches deep at least. My grandma bought Andrew a snowsuit and all the gear to go along with it (puffy jacket, toque, mittens, boots) so I was itching to get him outside in his winter clothes to play with the snow. I begged and begged him to get suited up so we could go out but he flat out refused!

Usually it’s the kids begging their parents to go out in the snow, and there I am pleading with an almost-two-year-old to pleeeeeease go outside with me and play! LOL We never did venture out in it, and now it’s starting to rain so it’ll be that gross grey slushy stuff by tomorrow, that mixed with icy spots, and of course it won’t be one ounce of fun to be out in.

When we first got up, I looked outside and saw the white stuff and said, ‘Look out the window, Andrew! There’s snow!’ He came running up to the window and said, ‘Ceamy!’ (Which is his word for ‘ice cream’!!) I thoug…

It's beginning to look a lot like November!

When it was boiling hot in our apartment during the summer, and even with the A/C cranked to its maximum I was sweltering, I would think to myself how glorious it would be when the weather cooled. But now that it’s late fall and my hands are like ice cubes even with the heat cranked (not to its maximum, but close!), I’m kind of longing to invite summer back for a while. Or perhaps it’s just part of human nature – to never be quite happy enough with what we have in front of us.

I will say, though, that as much as I could use a hot bubble bath right now to warm up, I am already feeling very nostalgic with the Christmas season approaching. I feel the excitement in the air, and even the cold air has its own set of sentimental feelings attached to it. I’m actually really looking forward to everything the holidays have to offer, in particular starting new little traditions in our family as Andrew is beginning to understand (sort of, not really) what ‘Christmas’ means. He obviously has v…

A Tofino non-wedding

As I’ve mentioned already, my brother and s-i-l got married last Sunday. I also mentioned it was a ‘non-wedding.’ Let me explain!

My brother and sil were always adamant they were against marriage. Mainly because of what it stands for (traditionally, as in a man taking himself a wife, blah blah – the old-fashioned aspects that are definitely very dated). They felt committed to each other but didn’t feel the need to have it recognized ‘on paper.’ Interestingly (although it could be just coincidence), it was not long after Andrew was born that they decided they would get married after all.

We knew it wasn’t going to be a traditional wedding when we were handed our invitations – on 8.5x11 sheets of paper, with the words ‘This is your fancy italicized sham-wedding invitation’ or something to that effect! Still, I had a few tears when I found out they were engaged – and I’m not a crier – because WOW my brother and sil were getting MARRIED!! Doesn’t matter to me how they go about it, ju…