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My little new year’s eve baby!

Andrew turns one in an hour. Well, technically not till 3:50pm. That’s when he finally made his debut a year ago. I can’t believe how quickly this past year has flown by. It’s kind of surreal.

I remember everything about the day that Andrew was born. Last year on this night, the night before his arrival, I met up with my parents and brother and s-i-l in the hotel lobby where my parents were staying. It was a very cold and windy night, icy and of course snowy since we had such a bad winter last year weather-wise. I could barely sit up on the couch in the lobby – I was all slouched down to make room for my over-stuffed belly. Andrew was already a week late and we were desperate for him to arrive. I remember my s-i-l saying, do you think tomorrow will be the day? And I said, it had better be!! I was set to drink a ‘labour cocktail’ in the morning to help get things going – which I did, but I am confident that Andrew was going to arrive that day regardless of whether or not I …

A (rushed) post about Christmas

It’s not even 11pm on Boxing Day and already I am thinking about going to sleep. I remember the days when 11pm still seemed so early - so many hours left to do stuff. Now when the babe is asleep and I know it’s only a (short) matter of time before he’s up again, sleep feels like a luxury I shouldn’t pass up!

We’re in Victoria now at James’ dad’s house. We arrived this afternoon. Andrew was so good - we timed it just right that he fell asleep for his nap about 5 minutes into the car ride and he only woke up maybe 15 minutes before we got here (it’s about an hour and a half drive from Nanaimo). Phew - it’s so much nicer listening to some music during the drive than a crying baby!!

We had a nice Christmas, I just can’t believe how quickly it was all over. On Xmas Eve we went to my Nana’s and had a visit with her then instead of Xmas day. It was nice for her to spend some time with Andrew - it had been a long time since last time he could only hold onto furniture and walk from chair…

Merry Christmas!

Been meaning to write for the past few days but haven't had the chance.

I can't believe it - just a few more hours till BABY'S FIRST CHRISTMAS! I'm so excited. Will be documenting with photos, video, and written journal so all will be captured and recorded =)

BUT the boy is getting fussy and overtired so time to go for now. Will post soon...

Merry Xmas!

TGIF - and this one in particular since it's James' last day of work till the new year!

Gearing up for Christmas.

Whatever that means.

I’m really blah tonight.

Had a good day. Hair cut and colour – just tidied up, a bit shorter but nothing drastic. Same colour as last time, sort of burgundy-ish highlights. Good chats with my hairdresser. She’s a fun gal. I also had the chance to (finally) do some reading.

Andrew babysat by my aunt, who had a great time with him. He didn’t fuss for a single second. Ate way more than his usual. Was sitting on the rug smiling after tons of playtime, then literally just flopped over and was out like a light.

Oh, to sleep like a baby!

Popped by James’ office on our way home to get air in the ol’ stroller tires. (They have a resident bike pump since so many of them bike to work). Thought if we stopped by there’d be a chance James would leave early and come home with us. Daddy took the bait! Hook line and sinker. In fact I didn’t even have to bait him – he suggested leaving with us on his own accord. I was most pleased about that.


Andrew's look of the week: The Scrunchy Face!

I’m starting to get the ohmygodit’sChristmasandI’mnotprepared pre-Xmas jitters. I had the best of intentions to be 100% ready by December 1st…Last year I met that goal because I didn’t know when baby was going to arrive and I didn’t want to have anything I HAD to be doing in the weeks leading up to my due date. But with baby in tow this year tugging on my pant legs and whining if my attention isn’t solely on him, it hasn’t been entirely easy. I go to look at Christmas cards for family, something I want to be able to put some thought into, and he starts fussing and crying because he’s bored. For the most part I’m completely prepared, pretty much all the gifts are wrapped (boy, was that ever a fun afternoon – Andrew didn’t enjoy wrapping, let’s just put it that way!) I guess I just start to feel the crunch of the year ending and needing to wrap up 2009! LOL
Especially with Andrew here and with his birthday just around the corner from Christmas, the whole vibe is different. I’m exc…

Almost time for the boy to go to least for a couple of hours!

Not really up to anything. Waiting for the boy to go to sleep so we can watch the final episode of Dexter, which we downloaded since we don’t get HBO.

James mentioned yesterday that he wonders if people would have a problem with us calling Andrew ‘The Boy.’ I said that anyone who knows us AT ALL would know we mean it as a pet name and not to mean he’s just the kid who lives with us, or however informal it might sound!

I think it’s kind of cute, he’s our boy, and thus, ‘the’ boy =) I like calling him that from time to time. His other nicknames include Andy, Anders, Drewboy, Baby Boy, Sweetie-pie, Garbanzo, Andy-roo, and many more!

I love the boy!

Anyway…he is exhausting me to no end. He just won’t let Momma get a night’s rest. And he’s going to bed later it seems, yet gets up at his usual time or earlier.

James and I went out for his work Xmas do last night. Dinner at The Boathouse by English Bay. Great service and enjoyable atmosphere but food-wise, even though it’s supposed to b…


Just finished watching Four Christmases and found it quite funny and cute. Some of the lines near the beginning of the film were absolutely hilarious. Andrew started nursing as we started the movie, fell asleep, and hasn’t woken up since. He’s sleeping on the living room floor so undoubtedly there will be another feed time before I get to go to bed, but that’s pretty much to be expected anyway.

This afternoon when Andrew FINALLY went down for a nap, I was about to start my usual – a whirlwind of getting chores done – when I thought to myself, no, make yourself a coffee and do something YOU want to do! So I made a GD Tass and did some scrapbooking. It has been my goal all along to get Andrew’s first year scrapbook completed by his first year (save for Xmas and his bday, which obviously have to be done after the fact). I was beginning to stress about it – yes, actually STRESS about getting my scrapbook completed in time! I know that sounds ridiculous because it’s a project that …

My mom says yes I'm growing, and now I know it's true

According to our bathroom scale, Andrew is now up to 23 ½ lbs!

He will be a year old in 21 days.

How time flies.

My baby boy is doing so much and even though he was independent pretty much since day one, he is more and more wanting to explore and do things on his own. He will push me away so he can do things himself, his own way. He is quite a character. A little boy with a very big personality!

He has taken to clapping, although again he’ll really only do it when it suits him. He mimics other people, of course, but it seems like he’s doing the same thing with clapping as he did with waving. When he first learned how to wave, that’s all he did for a while and then he just stopped. Now he just does it when he decides it’s a fun thing to do.

He has mastered the art of walking and has now moved on to working on running! He doesn’t get too far before he lunges forward and falls but I definitely have to move fast to keep up with him. He grins when he’s running, he loves moving aroun…

I wish a baby could be taught to blow his nose!

Getting stuff done. Always slowly…but surely it’s happening!

I made 2 homemade lasagnas this afternoon. One for the freezer and one for tonight. Not that James and I (and Andrew) could eat an entire lasagna in one go – well, James could! lol But it’s a good thing I made so much because as it turns out, my bro and s-i-l are going to come over for dinner. My lasagnas have gone over very well with them in the past so let’s hope this one is as good! Neither one of them cooks so I like giving them a healthy home cooked meal every once in a while ;)

We’ll be discussing my mom so the topic won’t be entirely uplifting…but at least we are working on solutions. Stuff is in the works and she has been to see her dr etc but it’s still up in the air as to what the next step is. I find it strange given how widespread depression is in North America – at least around here it seems very difficult to find information on what loved ones can do for someone in distress.

Oops, I just remembered my n…

I need to find our mistletoe

I feel like I shouldn’t be spending this teensy bit of time I have on writing, but at the same time I haven’t been writing anything lately (except Christmas cards!) so this is what I’m choosing to do. James is in the bath with Andrew so Mommy can have a bit of time to herself.

Baby has ANOTHER cold. It feels like he just got rid of the last one. I don’t know why this happens, although I guess it’s just the time of year. I make sure he’s bundled when we go out and do my best to take good care of him, but alas the sniffles fight their way in. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that James and I don’t get it. I am still coughing a little bit once in a while from the last cold that I only got over a few weeks ago and had for about 3 weeks…So let’s hope I am in the clear of this one.

Andrew had his first baby Tylenol today. I was trying to go as long as possible without giving him medication like that. I’ve used a herbal remedy from the health food store. But it wasn’t doing anything a…

It's Christmas time in the city

The day we took Andrew to have his picture taken with Santa I was so excited! I just couldn’t believe my little baby boy was meeting Santa for the very first time. It was a special moment. I was so looking forward to taking the picture home with us that day, and was a tad disappointed when they let me know that it wouldn’t be ready for pick up till the next day.

I was going to leave it a couple of days but I was eager to get that picture right away. So the next morning I got Andrew and all his stuff packed into his stroller and off we went back to Park Royal.

We decided rather than paying $9 for 2 4x6 prints, we would pay the same amount for the picture on a cd so we could print as many copies as we wanted (for sending out to friends and family for Xmas).

All was fine and well, I picked up the disk, did a bit of Christmas shopping while we were out, and back home we came.

Andrew had fallen asleep on the bus ride home, so I took the opportunity to pop the disk into my computer to tak…