La dee da

Written Oct 6/09 – sometime in the evening:

Andrew is 21lbs again! He’s gained the half pound he lost last month from being so active. Not that he isn’t still active because he’s more insane than ever, but it’s good to know he’s gaining and not continuing to lose – it must mean he’s eating well!

He would be mortified to know I am posting this but his poos are big boy poos now! As in, fairly solid. Much easier for cleaning up, that’s for sure. Stinky but cleaner!! lol

Last night James started putting those really annoying clips on the cupboards (annoying for us because it’s a process to open everything now!) But at least I’ll be able to start letting Andrew roam the kitchen a bit more without having to watch him quite as closely! I still watch him of course but at least I know he can’t get into as much trouble (yet!) We also have a gate on the solarium doorway so he can’t go in there and muck with the cats’ food dishes or their water.

I find it a lot easier in some ways to give Andrew more run of the house now. I close the bedroom and bathroom doors and he can move around more – which is good exercise for him and gives him new things to look at.

Despite not getting much sleep last night, I had to get up when James was leaving for work so I decided rather than just having a coffee and hanging around till our mom/baby group in the afternoon, I got us sorted to go out right away. I needed to go get a blood test – we went to the doctor over a month ago and I STILL hadn’t gone for the blood test! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me, it was just to make sure all is well after having Andrew. I figure I’d better get it done before he’s a year old!! The only reason I was putting it off was because I had to fast for 12 hrs before getting it – I couldn’t even drink anything. I don’t find it easy to not eat or drink anything at all when I’m up half the night and breast feeding quite a bit. I get hungry and cranky and need coffee in the morning!! But I persevered and it wasn’t as bad as I had thought.

I even looked at the needle taking my blood – for the first time ever. I’ve always felt like I could handle the needle as long as I didn’t have to see it. But this time I figured I’ve given birth…and I saw the hook/needle thing that was used to stitch me up after (how’s that for too much information?!) so if I could handle that, I can handle a dinky little needle in my arm taking some blood! It really wasn’t bad at all.

Yesterday afternoon we went to our mom/baby group. The topic was swimming and it just so happened it was our swim instructor who was there talking about putting babies in the pool! It was a fun time – Andrew was crawling around and grinning at everyone. He loves being around lots of people. It’s so funny how so many of the moms ask for my advice, as if I am such an experienced mom. It’s because I have the oldest baby so I’ve already been through the stages they’re at, but still, it seems funny and strange to be answering so many questions like that as if I’m an expert when I’m definitely not! I did talk to a few of the moms who have been there each week I’ve gone so far this fall so it was good to connect a little bit more. It's also a GREAT way of getting Andrew moving around like crazy for a solid hour or more, which makes him tired, which Mommy likes!! =)


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