Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A few finished projects

I keep putting writing on the back burner in order to get other things done. It’s a shame, because there is so much I want to record and remember! I did jot down a few things to write about later so hopefully it will happen. Still haven’t written about those horrible dreams I had…but maybe they’re best left forgotten anyway.

Due to the fact that Andrew has taken to not wanting to sleep much at night the past few nights, he’s taken to taking much longer naps through the day. While I am very tired, unless he was to nap at my usual crash time (anywhere from 3-5pm), I can’t nap with him during the day. For one, I find it’s my only time to get stuff done, but the other reason is traffic noise, the brightness of daylight shining through the cracks in the blinds…I just can’t fall asleep, even though I daydream often of getting a good chunk of sleep!

Yesterday while he slept I managed to just about finish the game we’re making for my aunt and uncle. We’re giving it to them tonight – I JUST finished cutting the last of the money and got it all into the box. It’s one of those make-your-own-OPOLY games. So it’s *insert-their-last-name-here*OPOLY. For the property we put all the apartments and places they’ve lived (luckily they’ve moved a lot so there was a fair bit to work with!) and for the other squares we did restaurants they like, hotels, and Vancouver hot spots. It was A LOT of work, waaay more work than I had expected. But it was a lot of fun too, and really gratifying to see the end result. Monopoly is their favourite board game so I KNOW they are going to LOVE this gift!

I also finished sewing Andrew’s Halloween costume – and it’s pretty much done, just a bit I want to fix. I don’t have a sewing machine and rarely sew by hand so basically you could say I DON’T SEW. While I purchased a knitted part of Andrew’s costume online (the cutest part of it, really), I also wanted to take part in creating the finished product, since I am his MOM and I wanted to make it myself. One day I hope to learn how to sew properly so I can make more things. But for now…I did my little part and put the pieces together and I LOVE it and he is going to look freaking ADORABLE in it!!! I can hardly wait, my little baby’s first Halloween! I haven’t been a huge fan of the holiday for years now but with him here, it has a whole new meaning.

Of course, boy woke up as soon as I started writing this so…time to go for now. We’re going to our mom/baby meet up, then off to my aunt and uncle’s for supper. Should be interesting with Andrew at their place – who knows what he’ll be trying to get into! Last time we were there he wasn’t very sturdy sitting up on his own and was just starting to crawl so he hasn’t explored their place yet. At least I will have a few extra people to help me keep him out of trouble ;)


chatwithu35 said...

That game sounds awesome....did you take any pics of it? I used to make my kids costumes when they were little too...I have a machine but can't sew anything too fancy haha When I go into fabric stores I wish I could sew because there is some awesome material. Can't wait to see pics of Andrew on Halloween!

Chandra said...

Is the game something you made from scratch or can you buy something like this to create?

What is he going to be?!@?!?! Pictures!!!

While I am not a mom, I understand about the sleep deprivation. Trust me, if you have good friends/family don't be afraid to let them babysit, even if it's so you can have a nap! It doesn't make you a bad mommy at all, in fact it makes you a refreshed mommy and all around happier person=Awesomeness!!! :)
Take care & Good luck with the bedtimes!


I took a few pics of the game but haven't put them on my computer yet. Most likely I will put them up on FB!

The game is a kit, (make-your-own)OPOLY. It comes with software for the computer (very basic, kinda TOO basic, but does the trick!) and the paper for printing all the stickers for each square. It was a cool idea and my aunt and uncle LOVED it but wow was it a lot of work!!

Andrew's costume will be revealed on October 31st ;) Hang tight! lol