Date night!

Andrew’s new thing (for the past 2 nights) is not only not sleeping through the night, but wanting to be up for hours on end through the night. Usually it’s more like a 20 minute thing of nursing and going back to bed but no, now we’re up for about 2 hours because he refuses to go back to sleep. I’ve put him back in his crib now but he’s not sleeping. At least he’s calmed and is playing but I still can’t go to bed myself because he makes too much noise that the monitor would set off every few minutes. Aaaahhh, what I wouldn’t do for a good night’s sleep! All you people out there who are actually able to have a solid chunk of sleep, DON’T TAKE IT FOR GRANTED!!! ENJOY IT!!!!!

Last night we went out for dinner with James’ half sister and her boyfriend. We rarely ever see his sister. She lives in Victoria and while we all get along well, James didn’t actually grow up with her so it’s not your typical ‘brother/sister’ relationship. We probably only talk a few times a year and see each other the same. Actually, for most of my relationship with James (almost 11 years) we’ve gone a number of years without seeing each other at all. But I think that will change now that Andrew is around because she’s quite keen to spend time with her little nephew!

Today (I’m still thinking of today as Saturday even tho technically it’s Sunday morning!) we took them to the aquarium and that was a lot of fun! Andrew did really well and eventually fed and napped for part of our time there.

And then tonight James’ bro and girlfriend babysat Andrew for the first time and James and I got to have a DATE NIGHT!! A much needed one, I must say. I think our last date was maybe in August? I can’t even remember. We went for a bike ride that time, and a quick lunch. This time we went to a hotel lounge that I had been to once before and we had drinks and an appy to share. It was nice – when we got there it was still pretty early so it wasn’t very busy but the best seat in the lounge was taken. A short while later the couple sitting there left so we took that seat and got to cozy up a bit more. We had some great conversation – not JUST about Andrew, although of course he WAS discussed =)

From there we went to a pub near the convention centre and had another drink and shared a veggie burger. This was after skipping out on another place in a hotel before we ordered anything because I didn’t like the atmosphere and there was nothing on the menu I wanted to eat. You know when you just get that feeling that it’s not the right place for you – I’ve decided when I get that feeling it’s best to go with it and find something else because why waste money on something you don’t really want?!

After the pub we sauntered home along the water. It was such a great night out! We were in contact with N&M a few times just to check in and make sure they were doing well. They haven’t been around babies much at all and we didn’t want them having to deal with Andrew having too much of a fussy time. They did super well and we will definitely ask them to babysit again! It was hard to leave and I was worried they wouldn’t feel comfortable dealing with Andrew but it seemed to go quite smoothly and we actually tested the limits and stayed out for about 3 ½ hours I think it was – which is actually I think the longest we’ve ever gone out for a date when someone was babysitting for us.

It’s so hard to find the time to be a twosome these days. It’s wonderful being a threesome and I wouldn’t trade that for all the date nights in the world BUT it’s still good to reconnect from time to time and soooo relaxing for me since I don’t have to be constantly looking after someone else. I loved being able to sip my drink and have some food without feeding someone else, picking toys up off the floor, sweating bullets because I’m catering to someone else!

When we got home and we said goodbye to N&M, I nursed Andrew – who refused to go to sleep till we got home despite being exhausted because he loves to nurse at night and was waiting up for his mom and dad to get home! Once he was in bed I had a bath and then we watched the season opener of Dexter – which was SO good I must say! And the rest is history. I wish I was sleeping right now, but beyond the sleep issue it was a wonderful day/night. AND the weekend isn’t over yet!


Lojo Beautiful said…
I need to start watching the new season of Dexter!

I started watching this new show called Flash Forward. Suspense wise, it reminds me a bit of Lost. You guys should check it out.

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