Blowing bubbles

Written last night (one of these days I’ll be up to date with posting!):

Swimming went well this morning. We blew bubbles with straws. Andrew loved the straw and wanted to hold it the rest of class – tho eventually he lost it!

After class and feeding him – milk AND solids – he fell asleep in his stroller on the walk home so I took the opportunity to go to Baby Gap. Got a few cute onesies for him just because I couldn’t resist them…and I also got some things that will help complete his Halloween costume – which I am sort of making/sort of had someone else help in the making of! I’m SO excited about it. Oh and Andrew won a ‘cutest baby’ contest recently so we’re getting some professional pics taken and we chose to do that just before Halloween so we can get a few pics of him in his cute little costume =)

We were out for close to 4 hours this morning before coming home. I was able to have a quick bath without Andrew fussing – just to wash off some of the chlorine from the pool. Then I gave him his bath and we spent some time playing. He is seriously sooooo cute, I can’t stop kissing him and hugging him and telling him how much I love him! I was the ‘Kissing Monster’ this afternoon and kept giving him as many kisses as I could. He thought it was funny =)

He’s been laughing a lot more lately.

And he napped a lot today.

He also gave me a kiss for the first time today!! He wouldn’t repeat the gesture but I’m going to keep working on teaching him to kiss! Whenever he is at a mirror or has his little fabric book with the mirror on the front, I say, ‘Andrew, give the baby a kiss!’ and he leans in to the mirror and opens his mouth a little and presses his tongue on the mirror. LOL It’s not quite the way a kiss should be but he’s getting there! So this afternoon I was giving him kisses and then said, ‘Andrew, give Momma a kiss!’ and he leaned in and did his mirror kiss right on my lips! Then he grinned and did it again, but after that it was as if he forgot how. It was so sweet though, I can’t wait till I can ask him for a kiss or hug and he will know what to do!


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