Backtracking here...

Written just after 3am on Oct 6:

Andrew’s typical bed time (or…the FIRST bedtime of the night…before he’s up for middle-of-the-night feeds and cuddles…) is between 8 and 9pm. Tonight he was in bed for little more than half an hour before he was crying and desperate to get up. Usually if this happens he goes back to sleep after about 10-15 minutes of nursing. Not tonight, however. No, tonight he didn’t go back to sleep till about 12:30am. It was a struggle to get him to go back to sleep but FINALLY he gave in and couldn’t help but drift to sleep. James said, ‘Going to bed this late, he should sleep right through the night now.’

Funny – I didn’t even say a word to this. I’ve come to the point lately that I don’t even know what ‘sleeping through’ even means anymore. I WISH it would happen but I tend not to want to get my hopes up.

And for good reason, obviously.

At 3:12am I am awake, waiting at this point with crossed fingers that he’s drifted back to sleep to the soothing sounds of his aquarium mixed with the classical music of Tiny Tad.


I fed him and cuddled him and he fell back asleep, only of course no sooner did this happen that Moorka – stupid #^$&#&*@!()&@^%!! Moorka – decided to meow loudly and act like an idiot, alerting Andrew and causing him to suddenly be not only wide awake, but desperate to find the source of all the racket.

Please understand that while I DO love our cats, I just CAN’T handle this middle of the night issue I’m having of them (or, one in particular) keeping Andrew from rest, which in turn keeps me awake. When you’re getting to the point of thinking jumping out the window would be easier than being awake any longer (don’t worry, I wouldn’t actually do it!!) and then the reason you’re still awake is because of an effing cat who gets to sleep all goddam DAY…it’s a little hard to accept!!

But anyway…I think I’ve successfully lulled the boy to sleep with his toys so I am off to catch more zzz’s. I honestly don’t know how much longer I can go right now without a good chunk of sleep. I am getting desperate here. I need, like, 6 SOLID hours of rest. When’s it going to happen?! If only I knew.


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