Words, then pictures

I am slowly getting things organized – got all our pictures up on flickr and facebook. It takes SO long to go through the pictures and delete the ‘bad’ ones (as if there are any bad ones of Andrew, it’s so hard to scale them back!) and get them up for friends and family to see. But at least it’s up to date at the moment.

I found a few minutes yesterday to work on Andrew’s baby book as well as his first year calendar. Just putting in things like his weight for August, and what he likes/dislikes/things he’s been up to. One of the questions is, ‘What makes you special?’ and it’s so hard to just pick a few things to write about for that section. What DOESN’T make you special is something I sometimes start with! I’m happy that for the most part I’ve really kept up with filling the info in for his book and calendar. There are pictures and hand and foot prints and stickers and little momentos in there. So much to look back on in years to come!

I really want to get working more on his scrapbook but it’s a lot more time consuming, what with having to get a million supplies out. I never have time to work on that these days. Maybe this weekend James can spend a few hours with Andrew while I work on that project.

I used to stay up late after Andrew went to bed but not lately. I do stay up after he goes to bed (between 9-10 usually he’s out) but I’ve been getting to sleep by or before midnight this past week. I just find I am so tired that I don’t have the energy for anything late at night anymore. I never thought I’d be able to shake my late night pattern but I am getting there! I can’t handle the sleep deprivation, it causes me to feel so severely depressed even though in that moment I can rationalize it and tell myself WHY I am feeling so low. It doesn’t help me not feel it. So I’m working on bettering my sleep pattern and that way when I have to be up between 7-8 with babe in the morning, after generally still getting up once through the course of the night, I’m not a zombie.

Luckily it works that James can keep Andrew occupied for a while when he gets up – he starts work from home shortly after 7 and Andrew is either content to play in his crib or is in the living room playing till 8 or 8:30ish before James brings him to me for his first breakfast of the day. Our system works well! Sometimes he’s fussy earlier but that’s our general routine. I love that James’ work hours can be flexible like that and that Andrew is such a good boy and doesn’t need to feed immediately upon waking up in the morning!!

I’ve been going back through my blog/journal archives to note the date of some of Andrew’s ‘firsts’. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by, and how much he has changed in the last several months.

He’s FINALLY napping at the moment, after resisting since about 10am when I knew he was in need of a snooze. Now to transfer him from my lap to his blanket on the floor so I can get a thing or two done around here…


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