Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thursday to Sunday night recapped

On Thursday Andrew and I went to Nanaimo. We were lucky that the bus driver let us on to get there, as it was nearly a full bus already so we had to just park the stroller in the isle. People were barely able to get around us, but it worked out. And Andrew was so well behaved the entire ride there, there was not one peep out of him! He was content to just look around and smile at people.

On the ferry, we went to the cafeteria where I got a veggie burger combo. I was STARVING. A ferry worker was kind enough to bring a high chair over to us – it’s hard to balance a tray while pushing a giant stroller AND get a high chair set up! Andrew had a few bites of the burger patty and also a few bites of a French fry. His first taste of a fry – not something I would get in the habit of giving him at this age! He also ate Cheerios, but mostly he played with relish and mustard packets, the lid to a plastic cup, and his sippy cup. All of which he would throw on the ground for me to pick up and the cycle would repeat. But at least he was occupied while I ate.

After that, I took him to the Kid Zone play area. He had fun crawling around, propping himself up on the toys. It was amazing how much easier he was getting around from the last time (a month ago) that we were in there. He was intrigued by the other kids, who were all older than him. Unfortunately he grabbed a little girl’s dress pretty hard and then she was yelling at him every time she laid eyes on him after that! LOL But he had no idea what he had done, or that she was angry! He just stared at her in awe.

It was nice to be in there because it wasn’t very busy, and once Andrew got fussy and tired I was able to nurse him and he fell fast asleep for the rest of the ride.

That night my mom and I went to Superstore and I splurged and got Andrew a bunch more clothes. I say ‘splurged’ because I got quite a few pieces, but everything is so cheap there so it’s not like I spent a whole lot! I got him some really cute pants, including a pair of cords, and a super cute brown sweater with little animals on it! Oh he is going to look SO CUTE in his fall/winter wardrobe =) He just looks so good in everything.

On Friday we pretty much just hung around the house with my parents. We went for a short visit to my grandma’s to check in on her. She had knee replacement surgery at the beginning of the month so she’s not very mobile at the moment. She enjoyed seeing Andrew again and couldn’t believe how much he had changed and grown again since the last visit! I went to get her mail for her and just in the short time I was gone, he managed to rip the basket off her walker. Oh Andrew, what a little scamp!!

Saturday was my mom’s birthday. James came over in the morning, we hung around the house for a while, then my mom and I went out for some girl time. We had brunch at Moxie’s and went to the mall. I got a few things at Reitman’s, and we got Andrew yet more toys from Toys R Us. Mostly toys for when he’s in Nanaimo, like this little walker thing (which he LOVES because he can walk with it – I was so surprised that he was able to use it pretty much right away and doesn’t fall over nearly as much as I thought he would, considering he’s not completely steady on his feet yet!) I couldn’t resist buying him a Brobee toy (he’s a monster character from Yo Gabba Gabba on Treehouse). He was regularly $34.99, on sale for only $9.98! A steal! He is big – half the size of Andrew just about – and when you press his foot he flails his hilarious monster arms around just like he does on the show, and he talks and dances. I LOVE HIM! Everyone said I bought him for me, not for Andrew…but I swear I bought him for BOTH of us! LOL Andrew loves him, today he was grinning at him and then pounced on him while he was dancing and started biting him. LOL Now if that’s not love, I don’t know what is ;)

We ordered food in for my mom’s birthday supper (after Andrew had some pool time in the back yard!) and then sat outside in the yard and had drinks and cake while Andrew slept just inside on the dining room floor. Their yard is so peaceful, with the torches lit over their beautiful garden. It’s so quiet there. In a way, it’s a different world compared to what we’re used to over here.

On Sunday we lounged in the morning, then went over to my uncle’s new place to check it out. Andrew was sooo fussy, it was ridiculous. Basically as soon as we got to his house he was bawling and wouldn’t stop pretty much the entire time we were there. I think he was teething. It was terrible though, especially since my uncle rarely gets to see him and usually he’s as happy as a clam but not for that visit. My uncle’s new place is really impressive though, great ocean views and very bright. We stayed for maybe an hour, then left since Andrew was being so fuss budget-y. We had some lunch, I got all our stuff sorted and packed, and soon enough it was time to go.

We got on the ferry and took Andrew to the Kid Zone play area. He played on one of the toy cars and seemed quite intrigued by the other kids again, but it got so over-crowded in there so we left and found another seat on the ferry. My uncle’s girlfriend was on the ferry with us so we spent some time chatting with her. Luckily she got to hold Andrew when he wasn’t fussing and got to see him as his ‘true’ self where he was happy and playful and interested in what was going on.

It was a long trip though, we got the bus home and he got quite fussy on there but it was a full bus so we couldn’t take him out of the stroller because there was nowhere for us to sit with him. Finally we got home and the rest is history.

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