Old hat

My aunt came over today and we took Andrew to the swings at the park. He was all smiles as soon as we put him into the baby swing. It’s SO cute the way he holds on while he’s swinging. Once again he was intrigued with the older kids and their ability to run around and play on the big kid playground. It’s hard to believe that next summer he’ll be running around too.

We went for lunch at a little café on the sea wall. The panini was delicious and filling – I was so happy not to have to think about cooking a lunch! Andrew had a few very small bits of tortilla chip and that kept him occupied for most of the lunch – although he did have to do some nursies and then when he got really fussy, we decided we’d better leave. We walked a bit and he had a bit of a cry and then he was out like a light! Soon it was time to say goodbye to my aunt and head to the mom and baby group meet up.

I was hoping to see some familiar faces from spring time, and see how the other babies had grown like Andrew has. But out of probably 10-12 of us there, I didn’t know any of the other moms and babies! They were all newborns. One baby was about 5 months, otherwise they were all 3 months and under. Some were even just a few weeks old! So while all the other babies just laid on their blankets and stared up at the ceiling, Andrew was refusing to stay on the mats and was chasing after anything and everything. He even darted across the room towards another baby’s toy as the mother held it in front of her baby’s face! LOL He was a menace, but a happy and cute one =) We knew one of the volunteers from where we go to get Andrew’s immunizations, so he was playing with him for a while.

It felt strange being the one with the oldest baby in the room! When we were going in the spring time, Andrew was usually one of the youngest babies, or else in the middle. We went around in a circle talking about good things that are happening in our lives right now, as well as challenges. I found there was interest in hearing my opinions and advice on certain challenges being faced. It seemed sort of funny to me that people thought of me as the more experienced one! I mean, compared to them I am, I’m just not used to that! It was kind of nice though. As wonderful as I think it might be at times to have the baby who just lays there not doing a whole lot (I thought I was tired then but now I imagine all I could do while not having to worry about what baby was up to because he couldn’t really be up to much at all!!) I love the stage Andrew is at now. I love that I know so much more about him now – his likes, his dislikes. And I see him doing so much more. Even his crawling has really improved in the past little while. He can be crawling along and then get himself sitting with ease, so I’m not as worried about him falling over. He still takes tumbles of course but not nearly as much.

He was getting a bit fussy at the meet up but then we started singing and signing the song and he watched me intently as I sang to him. He calmed right down! I can’t wait to start taking him to storytime/sing-along in the coming weeks. We actually have quite a few activities to look forward to each week, which definitely will help break up the day. There are so many groups and activities to get involved with in this area, it’s actually quite amazing.

Anyway, time for night nights for this person! Andrew has already been sleeping for a few hours – lets hope he sleeps through the night for the 4th night in a row! That would be a first…!!!!


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