Keeping true to my promise, this post might INCLUDE Andrew but it’s ABOUT fire!

About an hour ago Andrew and I were playing in the living room when I heard a smoke alarm going off on our floor. It happens from time to time – I don’t freak out over someone’s smoke alarm, although I do keep an ear peeled to make sure it goes off shortly after. It didn’t, and if anything it started to sound louder (which is strange) so I went and looked through the peep hole. I couldn’t see anything, but through the crack of the door I could smell smoke. This DID freak me out!

I threw some clothes on in a matter of seconds (if there were flames licking obviously I’d rush out in my nightgown, but realistically I think it’s better to have something a little more appropriate on! In our old apartment, the one with the arsonist and therefore MANY fires as well as false alarms) I remember a woman once came out in a sheer leopard print mini-housecoat. I didn’t want to be that person! Not that I have a leopard print ANYTHING, but you know what I mean!!)

Anyway, I grabbed Andrew’s diaper bag, picked him up, grabbed my cell phone and we were out the door. By this time the building fire alarm was going off, and given I could smell smoke right outside our door I knew it wasn’t a false alarm. I should point out that I DID feel the door first and did what I could to make sure it was safe to open the door (I remember what I learned from fire safety in elementary school!) I felt a slight panic inside when I opened the door and the suite right next to ours had the door wide open and it was obvious the smoke was coming from that suite. My biggest fear was thinking about our two cats being left behind. For one thing we’re not actually supposed to have cats here so unless the situation seemed really dire, I don’t think it would be a good idea to take them with us (obviously if I thought they were going to go up in flames or die from the smoke I would try to do something for them). But realistically, too, how could I carry Andrew AND two cats?! That would be impossible and ultimately my goal is to get Andrew to safety above all else. He was really good about the whole thing, was just wondering what was going on but didn’t react nervously. Probably because I didn’t either, really – despite feeling freaked on the inside I tend to remain pretty calm outwardly in these situations (most of the time, at least!)

We got downstairs and as it turns out, our neighbour had forgot about breakfast on the stove and the oil had overheated. It was smoking pretty badly so she put the frying pan in the sink and just the sudden movement caused a flame and then, while the flame was gone, it was just a LOT of smoke. So in a bit of a panic of trying to clear the air, she opened the door to her suite and propped it to keep it open (never a good idea in a fire/smoke situation!) Of course, the smoke entering the main hallway caused the whole building’s alarm to go off.

It worries me a bit, given they’re our new neighbours and this happens fairly soon after they move in – although I also know that it could happen to anyone, really, and it’s unlikely to happen again because she was so distraught, I am sure she won’t forget about something like that ever again!

Interestingly, we had a chat yesterday when it was the building’s annual fire DRILL. LOL We just went through all of this yesterday (to get us prepared in case of a real fire) and then today it happens (sort of).

I like our new neighbours and the fact that they have a one year old – a potential friend for Andrew. I feel bad for her because she was so upset about causing such a disruption and worry for so many people in the building. I’d feel the same if I had done something like that. But live and learn, right? It could have been a lot worse.

I admit, I do have a fear of fire after all we went through in our last place. But I have to put this into perspective and know it really could have been a lot worse. I guess it was a test and a reminder of how careful we all have to be.

Thankfully there is no smoke damage in our place. Hopefully that will be the last of having to rush down the stairs to the sound of alarms for a very long time! (Forever would be nice!)


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