Long weekend

I’m feeling slightly refreshed at the moment. Andrew was up through the night, but James took him for me in the morning so I could get some extra zzz’s. Woke up to feed him just after 9, then back to sleep for an hour. I could always use more but just that little extra goes a long way.

I’m in a good mood, despite that James has to spend the majority of our Saturday moving…His company is moving a block away from where they were before and it got organized for today which is absolutely RIDICULOUS but whatever. At least it’s a long weekend so we still have 2 days to enjoy together.

I hope the rain stops and the clouds move away…Come again some other day, like how about half way to never? The weather has been so amazing this summer, you could probably count on one hand how many times it has rained since May. Its been amazing – not so much for the plants and trees but for getting out and about its been wonderful. I’m hoping to get out with Andrew later but I’ll be less likely to do that if it’s crummy out.

Right now Boy is going between biting my knee and watching Treehouse! Toopy and Binoo is on at the moment. Oh, now Andrew’s crawling around and playing with his toys. He has taken to often wanting to be holding onto some little toy. Last night while he was feeding before bed he was rattling a little toy around! He is so cute. And I’m not the least biased ;)

I want to go to IKEA soon…but not having a car is going to make it a bit of a pain in the arse. It’ll take about an hour just to get there by bus/skytrain/another bus and then undoubtedly Andrew will be tired of being strapped into his stroller so he’ll fuss and squirm and want to be carried and blah blah we should probably wait till someone can drive us there! I just want to get little things but James said he could probably expense a few items for the new office if I want to do a little decorating =) Which of course I would love to do! Just a few pictures and plants and that sort of thing. Nothing too extravagant but I think I could do so much with so little!!

I want to get Andrew a little toy box and then paint it and maybe stencil his name on it or some such thing. Maybe it could be part of his Christmas or birthday present (the toy box with some sort of cool toy(s) inside!)

I was going to wait till Xmas but I couldn’t resist, and recently ordered him this from babies r us.

It looks/sounds like something that will keep him well occupied and learning while he plays. I’m hoping the size of it will work near the window in the living room so he won’t be constantly grabbing and pulling on the blinds anymore. I can’t wait till it arrives and he can start using it! I think he’ll love the fact that he’ll be able to stand and prop himself against it while he has play time. He’s spoiled, yes, but he loves his toys and really seems to learn a lot when we play with them together. And it will be a good toy to keep him busy with – hopefully – on rainy fall days =)


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