I hope a new pattern of SLEEPING is forming!

Last night Andrew slept straight through for nearly 12 hours! He just got up before 7:30 this morning. I can’t believe it! And he was so happy when he woke up, he voiced that he was ready to get up but he wasn’t fussy.

What’s really cute is that last night after he went to bed, I put a few toys into his toy box that he hasn’t played with for a while. One was fairly deep in the box because I piled a bunch of other things on top of it afterwards when I was cleaning up more of his stuff. When he crawled to the box this morning to play, he actually picked out the three toys he hadn’t seen for a while. I thought it was quite clever, especially given the one that wasn’t easy to get to. He purposely wanted it out because he hadn’t played with it for some time, whereas all the other toys are out on a daily basis!

It’s amazing when you think that just some MONTHS ago, he couldn’t even roll over on his own, let alone sit up, crawl, work on standing, or decide on his own which toys to play with.

And now!


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