Hopeful that a new pattern of SLEEP is forming!

Ahhh, I need to start posting more REGULARLY so I don’t say a zillion things in one post that no one really wants to read about. Instead, it will mean just saying a few things no one wants to read about – Ha! Well, the way I see it is, if you don’t want to read it, WHY ARE YOU?? =P

So anyway…last night was another successful night of sleep! In the late afternoon, when Andrew woke up from his nap, I took him to the hotel lobby nearby and let him crawl around. Oh, first we went to Starbucks and I got a free frapuccino because Andrew was smiling so much =) He crawled around in the lobby (on a carpeted area) for a while and that was good, but then he started getting antsy because there wasn’t really all that much room for him to move around. James said he’d meet us at the park so we went there and Andrew crawled around quite a bit. He also met a dog who he proceeded to pull the fur of…although luckily the dog didn’t seem to mind! The dog owner said she thought it was good that we were letting Andrew explore things on his own and weren’t ‘afraid parents’ who wouldn’t let him try anything. At first I was like that, where I thought oh no, he shouldn’t do that, he can’t do that, ew that’s dirty, he better not touch that! But now, while sure there are times where I say those things (I am his MOM, after all! It’s part of my job!!) I do find myself more and more letting him do things on his own. He needs to explore to learn and as long as I am watching out for his safety, there’s no reason why he should have to be glued to my lap at all times not really getting a sense for anything.

Anyway, getting him out like that was such a good idea – it worked, lets put it that way! We got home and had supper – I made homemade Shepard’s Pie (vegetarian style, of course!) and he LOVED it! LOL A little baby eating Shepard’s Pie…He also had some Zoodles, which he tried for the first time at lunch yesterday and loved. He also ate banana chunks, a plum, and yogurt yesterday! He hated banana before but yesterday he kept opening his mouth up for more, so it’s great to see him liking food more and healthy stuff too!

After dinner he nursed and fell asleep, was in bed around 8. That’s a bit early for him – usually he’d be in bed more around 9, so I wasn’t surprised when he woke up for a feed just before midnight. I was up anyway so it wasn’t a big deal – I was finally getting all the pictures sorted and organized and up to date. So I fed him, he went to sleep, I went to sleep and I didn’t wake up till just after 7! It was James getting up for the day who woke me, Andrew was still quiet! Apparently he was awake when James got up, but he was quietly playing in his crib (how CUTE is that?!) but of course as soon as he saw that Daddy was up, he wanted out of his room!

Anyway, this sleeping through the night business really works for me and I hope SO much that Andrew keeps it up! The trick is tuckering him out through the day. He is BURSTING with energy, you can just tell, and the only way for him to be tired enough to sleep through is to get him really active through the day.

So today after lots of play time at home, I took him to the swings at the park. He was in the swing for quite a while, then we explored a bit more of the playground (though he’s a bit too little for it yet). There was another mom and her baby there and we’d met briefly before at a meet-up so we chatted a bit – our boys are about 4 months apart, hers being the older one. Then we went home, Andrew had some lunch, including Zoodles (not going to be a regular thing but I wanted to use up the tin I’d opened and he seemed to like them, so why not!), cheese crackers, hummus (yes, hummus!) and a plum. Which sounds like a weird combo but he seemed to like it! He washed it all down with some Happy Planet juice – LOL. Well, just a sip, he also had water =)

He napped and I got a few chores done. Then we went to James’ workplace for a company party, an office-warming party since they moved to their new location. I had a glass of wine – the most I’ve drank in quite a while! – and we listened to some music and chatted but then Andrew was getting fussy so I said my goodbyes. Everyone else was going out for dinner but I opted not to because I didn’t want to have to find someone to look after Andrew. I really want to be getting him into a routine of sleeping and I can’t do that if someone else is looking after him. And I’m going out for a ‘girls night’ tomorrow night (although since his dad will be looking after him I’m hoping he’ll continue with a good routine of sleeping!) so I didn’t want to be away from him two nights in a row given he’s not used to that. He does tend to get quite fussy if he doesn’t have his Momma to latch onto at night time! So we came home and he was a tad fussy but had a bit of supper, then did a lot of nursing and now he’s fast asleep.

I have a feeling when James gets home from this dinner thing, he’ll wake up and want to be up for a bit, but hopefully I can have him in bed by midnight so I can get a decent amount of sleep before tomorrow starts…

I’m really going to try to make my blog posts a little shorter and not always just about our day to day stuff. It’s just hard because it’s stuff I really do want to record to look back on – it has already come in handy at times when I wanted to remember exactly when Andrew did some particular thing. I can just go through my archives and oh, yeah, it happened that day! But I do want to write about other things too because I DO have other thoughts and ideas and so on. At least 90% of my life revolves entirely around Andrew right now, I won’t lie. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t more for me to write about! I just have to figure out how to find the time to write this stuff down AND get to the other stuff! I’m working on it…


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