Hangin' with the fam

I’ve read a few stories recently of mothers losing a child at a young age. A 2 year old being struck out of nowhere by a car, a young baby dying after having been born premature. It’s almost too much for me to even read about it. My heart goes out to parents who lose their children so young – or at any age for that matter. Children should never die before their parents. I don’t know what I would do if I was to lose Andrew. I don’t think I’d be able to survive without him. If that makes me sound totally weak, so be it. How could I possibly go on if he weren’t here? My heart would shatter into a million pieces. I can’t even think about it. All I can do is thank my lucky stars that he IS here and thank my lucky stars that he was born so healthy. As much as I was desperate for his arrival, I think it’s actually good that he was 8 days late. The over-ripeness made him that much stronger and healthier!

Last night we had his aunt and uncle over – James’ brother and girlfriend. They even changed a poopy diaper, putting them high on the list for babysitter ability! It was a great visit. I love having family visit with Andrew and get to know him better. I want him to be close to his aunts and uncles.

James completed the move for his company yesterday (with the help of the movers of course!) and once everything was in the new space, Andrew and I headed over to have a look. I was impressed – it could use work but it’s far better than where they were before. The last place had at least 50 rather rickety stairs and only a service elevator we weren’t allowed to use, so when Andrew and I went to visit it was really difficult to get up to the office. We also had to leave the stroller downstairs by the door and I was always afraid, given the area, that a homeless person would come in and either steal the whole thing to sell it or steal my valuables out of it. That sounds bad but it really isn’t the best area – the homeless are addicts and therefore more likely to steal because of their need to satisfy their addictions.

Anyway, the new place isn’t far from the old one but I like it better. While James was getting the payment sorted for the movers, Andrew and I went into the main office area. I was appalled by how dirty their desks were! So Andrew crawled around and explored the ground while I washed all of the desks.

I had brought James a beer, since I figured he could use a drink after the move – and I brought some Sangria for myself! We had our bevies, then hit up a small cafe nearby for some sandwiches. I had a bocconcini sammy that was quite tasty (although of course has nothing on Baguette Time!) Andrew was loving the cheese – I was worried he’d be squirmy in his stroller but as long as I shared my sandwich with him, he was happy =)

We came home and that’s when N&M came over. It turned out to be a good day, despite James sort of having to work for a lot of it.

Not sure what’s in the cards for today. Crummy weather makes it more difficult to make plans. Oh fall, what have you done to summer?


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