Finally, someone who cares!

Almost 2 am…been awake for half an hour after sleeping for an hour and a half. Ahhh, why oh why can’t I get a full nights sleep?! Andrew was up and had a feed and cuddles and has gone back to bed but he’s been stirring so I don’t want to go back to bed if the monitor is going to continue going off. He’s not needing to get up again at this point but I can’t sleep when I’m anticipating the noise of the monitor clicking on…

Tonight (last night, technically) we found a new doctor, thanks to the recommendation of one of the other moms in the mom/baby group we go to. As it turns out, she, too, had been going to the same woman in Yaletown that we started going to after our time with our midwife ended. She felt the same about this woman as I did. She’s rather cold and abrupt in her approach. Uncaring is probably the best description. Just a total lack of care. Which of course makes a person totally uncomfortable addressing issues, which is kind of the purpose of having a doctor…

Since this doctor is currently taking new patients, I thought it was a good idea to go for a consultation visit and get the ball rolling to see about starting up with him. Boy am I ever glad we did. He is absolutely AMAZING. The old-school type of attitude where he is totally thorough and actually acts like he cares about us as individual people. Yet I would say he’s maybe in his late thirties or forty-ish. It’s actually like a dream come true to have found him, as cheesy as that might sound. He spent 40 minutes with us and asked James and I extensively about our health histories and wants us both to have blood work done – not because we’re thinking there’s something wrong but to be checked up so he knows for himself where we’re at with things. And he actually held Andrew, weighed him (he’s still at around 21lbs, which I suspected given I just weighed him the other day!), measured him (he’s 68 cms long, or about 2 ft 3 in). He also checked his hips and reflexes and heart. Which are all, of course, perfect =) Like I said, he showed an interest in all of us and we left feeling so good to have found such a wonderful doctor who happens to be very conveniently located in our general neighbourhood.

Yay!! I am still in shock since it’s near impossible to find a good doctor in these parts but it looks like it has finally happened for us after so many years of doing the painful walk-in clinic thing.

So that’s something to feel good about.

But more sleep would feel even better…time to go give falling back to sleep a whirl!


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