Catching up...

I’ve written over the past few days but never had a chance to post.

Here is what I wrote on Tuesday:

Yesterday we had swim lessons in the morning. We learned ‘the Starfish hold’ and ‘the Rocket Ship.’ LOL Andrew LOVES the water so much, as soon as he was in the pool he was splashing. I remember in first class the instructor said mom’s don’t have to get their hair wet in this class…Yeah right! Andrew had my hair soaked about 2 minutes in from all his splashing!

The only thing I’m sort of struggling with is getting us changed and ready to leave once class is over. Not that it’s that big a deal, but after getting Andrew changed I have to wrap him in a towel so I can carry him against me without getting him soaked again (the mistake I made first class) to take him to the women’s change room. I have to put him in a play pen in there in order to get changed as quickly as possible. Well yesterday I turned my back literally for one second just to grab my clothes out of my bag and he was wailing…I picked him up, thinking he was just upset that I’d turned away but there was blood all over his tongue. He must have fallen over and bit his tongue. There’s still a big red mark in the middle of his tongue and yesterday after class he had trouble nursing at first, I guess it was too painful to latch on. Poor little guy! So I have to work out a system for getting us changed without him getting injured!! If only we could bring the stroller downstairs, I could strap him in before I get changed but unfortunately the stroller has to stay upstairs.

Anyway, swimming was fun and I love watching Andrew smile and enjoy himself in the water!

I have to get used to seeing so many naked women though…I was a bit taken aback to see so many women just prancing around naked before and after their swim. This isn’t the moms I’m talking about from the baby group – but rather women in the regular women’s change room (not the ‘family’ change room)…They will be completely naked and just sit on the bench and just sit there for a while chatting and whatnot. I’m not freaked out by nakedness (most of the time) but it’s a tad weird – maybe foreign is more the word? It’s foreign to me because for one I don’t usually frequent places where people are going to be naked (I’d probably be one of the last people you’d ever find on Wreck Beach!) and because when I change I do it as quickly as I can…I even put my dress or top on and try to cover my lower half before my underwear go on so hopefully no one sees anything or sees things for the least amount of time possible! I’m not ashamed of my body but I don’t feel the need for everyone to see it either.

Here is what I wrote on Wednesday:

OK so we had swim lessons again this morning. Today the babies got their heads dunked under water! I was nervous about it because I didn’t want to have to be the one to do it to Andrew…but James has dunked him a few times so I wasn’t too worried that he’d be really upset by it. He did so well, he didn’t even whimper. Interesting little tidbit: babies at this age still have the ability to close their nasal passage as they did in the womb. So in teaching them to hold their breath, the first step is to blow into their nostrils, which causes them to close their nasal passages. Then you quickly dunk them under! It all takes just a matter of a second. It’s important not to do it too much though, it’s a gradual learning process. The instructor said not to dunk babies under more than once every 10 minutes when they’re first learning.

Andrew pinched a baby girl while they were playing before class started! Luckily I was watching and peeled his fingers away before she got upset. He’s a bit of a rough-houser! He doesn’t realize his own strength is the thing. He was also obsessed with the ruffles on her swim suit =) It’s so cute watching the babies interact.

Our system after class for getting changed and ready to go was much better this time so I think we’re going to be just fine. I have to race to get myself changed but it really doesn’t take long to throw some clothes on and get going. I don’t dry my hair or anything, which might be more of an issue once it’s much colder weather in October…But my new trick is to give Andrew something to play with in the playpen while I get dressed – and make sure it’s something he hasn’t ever played with before! Today it was my comb…We’ll see what he gets next time! I just need him to be occupied for a couple of minutes so it’s not so bad.

What reeeeally helped was the fact that he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT last night! It was glorious. He slept from 9pm-6:40am. I went to sleep just after 11 and the alarm was set for 6:50, so I only had to get up 10 minutes earlier than I needed to anyway. I did wake up around 5 thinking OMG we haven’t got up yet, what’s this about, I hope Andrew is OK! I’m just so used to getting up, so it took about 20 minutes or so to fall back asleep. But wow, it makes SUCH a difference getting that proper night’s sleep.

I know exactly why Andrew slept so well too. It’s because we had such a big day yesterday. I took him to our mom/baby group and he was literally on the move for an hour and a half. Just non-stop, racing back and forth from one end of the gym/meeting room to the next. He was chasing a ball for a while, then my water bottle. He was all over the place, also checking out the other babies (none of which can crawl yet so he was going up to them on their blankets!) and their toys =) He was a maniac. I was EXHAUSTED. I was sweating bullets by the end of it. Finally, about 5 minutes till the end, I was able to latch him on and he fell asleep. After all that, he falls asleep right at the end! Always the way…I put him into his stroller and he was so zonked that he didn’t even stir when I transferred him to it. His knees and the tops of his feet were just black from crawling around everywhere!

The session was on sleep, although it didn’t really give me any tips other than to realize what we’re going through with our sleep issues is normal. Every baby is different…One thing I did learn was that for a baby to ‘sleep through the night’ it typically means the baby sleeps for 5 hours in a row. It doesn’t mean an actual full night’s sleep like an adult would like to have! Although personally I have found that when Andrew sleeps ‘through’ it typically means he sleeps for about 6-9 hours straight. So I guess you never know…I don’t think I’d consider 5 hours to be a full night, although I would take it in a heart beat compared to our usual nights of about 3 hour intervals!

The nurses said it’s really a good idea that if a baby is sleeping, LET THEM SLEEP. Of course, there are times when you really have no choice but to wake them when they’re in the middle of a nap, but if you can let them sleep, do so. Andrew has been sleeping for about 2 hours now and I’m tempted to wake him up because I’d rather he sleep through the night than right now, but my plan is that once he wakes, I’ll take him out somewhere and get him crawling around and then he’ll be tired again by tonight =) He is unbelievably energetic so I think the key here is to get as much of it out as possible so by bedtime he’ll be zonked and will forget to wake up for a middle of the night feed! LOL

We got home yesterday and Andrew napped in his stroller for a bit. When he woke up, I gave him a bath to get rid of the filth he had on him and he fed and started napping again. Usually he rarely naps but maybe he’s going to start napping regularly now that he’s moving around more and more. (Which reminds me, he lost nearly half a pound – yesterday he was at 20.8lbs, but it’s normal because he’s so active!) Anyway, then James got home early and off we went to the aquarium. We had signed up for ‘Twilight Night’ a month ago. Basically it’s for members only and largely geared toward children. I thought it would be fun to go to a members only event because it wouldn’t be as crowded – and I can handle lots of kids being around because now that we have a baby, I am WAY more tolerant of the little ones!! It was SO quiet there compared to usual and we were actually able to look at things that normally have crowds around. Such as the jellyfish! We also went to see the 4-D Experience and what we saw of it was REALLY cool – on its own worth going to the aquarium to for sure! It’s basically one of those ‘rides’ where you sit there with 3-D glasses on and watch the show and unexpected things happen…For example, a dolphin comes out of the water and when it splashes back in, water sprays in your face from the seat in front of you.

Can you tell now why I said, ‘what we saw of it’??! Andrew started sobbing when the unexpected things happen, and I’m not surprised that half the audience (including us) left 5 minutes into the show – those of us who left all had younger babies!

Getting Andrew home was a challenge – he was exhausted and wanted to nurse. It was already dark out when we left at about 7:30 – I hate how it’s getting dark so early now! We ended up stopping on a bench along the sea wall and I nursed Andrew till he fell fast asleep and I carried him most of the way home (then transferred him to his Dad since my back was about to break!) and he slept the entire way! He woke up when we got home and had some supper with us (solids – he is actually starting to eat more and show a bit of an interest, yay!) and then he went to bed and the rest is history!


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