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Good night my angel

We went to Ikea on Sunday and I was excited to get Andrew a toy box. I got some cute decals from the kids section too, and put them on the toy box to make it more personalized and fun. Now all his little toys fit into one box so when he goes to bed I can have a few hours of a much cleaner looking living room. lol

I was concerned how it would go having baby with us while we shopped but it actually worked out really well. He had some macaroni and cheese at the cafeteria, then we put him in the seat of the shopping cart (his first time doing that!) to go around the showroom. We’d got him some toys and he managed to fling one thing right out of the package and all the pieces went flying but it wasn’t too bad collecting it up! I nursed him before we went downstairs, he fell fast asleep, and he slept through the entire shop in the downstairs area! It was glorious.

We didn’t get any major items or anything, just little odds and ends. It was his toy box that I wanted most of all! And…

Soup and a swim

I made a delicious Minestrone style soup about an hour ago and I’ve left it simmering on the stove. I love a good hearty soup, and now that the fall weather is here it will be comforting to have a hot meal for supper. I love making soup, most especially Minestrone, because it’s so easy, healthy, and fairly fool-proof (well, I made a few soup blunders in the past, but I learned from my mistakes!)

In this soup I put carrots, potato, turnip, green beans, a can of ‘bean medley’, stewed tomatoes, diced tomatoes, peas, little pasta noodles, onion, and garlic (and of course veggie stock and water - lol!) Add a little pepper and whatever else you might fancy (I added a pinch of dried basil) and Bob’s your uncle!

I love just throwing it all in the pot and seeing it magically turn into a delicious soup!

Luckily Andrew was a good boy and let Mommy get the soup started without grumping. I love his new House toy we got him because when he’s playing with it, he’s often pressing the various buttons…


James went to Victoria today. I got up when he brought the boy to me for a feed and he kissed me goodbye. It’s a short trip but still I miss him. Especially at night time when it’s quiet and Andrew has gone to bed. I’m not used to being alone. It’s good for me though, this time on my own to just think and be in my own head. I actually don't worry about being alone like I once did. Maybe it's a maturity thing, or maybe it's because I'm not actually alone! I have Andrew =)

He had play time this morning and then we met up with my mom for coffee. Andrew enjoyed having some of the foam from my latte! Then my mom looked after Andrew here at the apartment while I went and got my hair cut. I need the roots touched up too but I opted to just get a cut this time and in another month I will get the colour done too. I’m thinking maybe of doing something different with the colour next time but I’m not sure yet. Maybe I need a change. The cut is the same, just re-done a…

A little piece of me

I hate bottling things up inside, but some things are better kept hidden. I don’t hide much but sometimes I just think it’s not worth talking about certain things. Especially when you don’t have the time to really formulate your thoughts on them properly.

So I don’t really know how to approach the subject of a mother’s ‘invisibility’ once she has a child.

For the most part it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not one to enjoy being in the limelight – I don’t like all eyes on me. I love it when people pay attention to Andrew and would be far more upset if people ignored HIM than me!! He is adorable and a delight and I WANT him to be focused on.

But it’s interesting how even when I get together with people WITHOUT Andrew, I feel somewhat ignored. Not ignored but just…I don’t know. Certain people in my life used to compliment me on things and I’m not saying I never get any compliments anymore but…Even when I wear something brand new for the first time it goes unnoticed. And last night i…

Hopeful that a new pattern of SLEEP is forming!

Ahhh, I need to start posting more REGULARLY so I don’t say a zillion things in one post that no one really wants to read about. Instead, it will mean just saying a few things no one wants to read about – Ha! Well, the way I see it is, if you don’t want to read it, WHY ARE YOU?? =P

So anyway…last night was another successful night of sleep! In the late afternoon, when Andrew woke up from his nap, I took him to the hotel lobby nearby and let him crawl around. Oh, first we went to Starbucks and I got a free frapuccino because Andrew was smiling so much =) He crawled around in the lobby (on a carpeted area) for a while and that was good, but then he started getting antsy because there wasn’t really all that much room for him to move around. James said he’d meet us at the park so we went there and Andrew crawled around quite a bit. He also met a dog who he proceeded to pull the fur of…although luckily the dog didn’t seem to mind! The dog owner said she thought it was good that we …

Catching up...

I’ve written over the past few days but never had a chance to post.

Here is what I wrote on Tuesday:

Yesterday we had swim lessons in the morning. We learned ‘the Starfish hold’ and ‘the Rocket Ship.’ LOL Andrew LOVES the water so much, as soon as he was in the pool he was splashing. I remember in first class the instructor said mom’s don’t have to get their hair wet in this class…Yeah right! Andrew had my hair soaked about 2 minutes in from all his splashing!

The only thing I’m sort of struggling with is getting us changed and ready to leave once class is over. Not that it’s that big a deal, but after getting Andrew changed I have to wrap him in a towel so I can carry him against me without getting him soaked again (the mistake I made first class) to take him to the women’s change room. I have to put him in a play pen in there in order to get changed as quickly as possible. Well yesterday I turned my back literally for one second just to grab my clothes out of my bag and he wa…

Everything seems just a little bit better when the weather is good

I have the Weather Network on and I just saw that it’s supposed to be nice all the way through next week. Of course, I know the forecast can change any time, but still. The idea that there most likely won’t be rain for a little while yet sounds good to me!

I should be heading to bed but I want to wait till the dishwasher finishes running because it’s making a strange noise so I think I should monitor it. I worry about such things =P

Andrew slept so much today, it was ridiculous. We went to the market and he slept through that, didn’t wake up till we were heading home. He had some play time and enjoyed an audience when we had some friends over for the afternoon. But towards the end of their visit, he nursed and fell asleep and pretty much didn’t wake up for about 4 hours! It might have even been a bit longer. Then he was full of energy, had some cheerios, water, and a few bites of a cinnamon bun (!) and some play time. I figured he’d be up for ages but I just put him into his cr…

More of a calm day...

I’ve spent the past few hours organizing pictures on my computer, trying to downscale the last batch I uploaded from my camera. It’s so time consuming! But at least I got a good chunk of it done.

I feel like I accomplished a lot of little things today. We didn’t do a whole lot in terms of an outing, just went to the pet store to get food and litter for the girls. I got them some catnip as a treat and they lapped it up as soon as I put it in front of them!

Andrew was up twice through the night last night and was more tired today than usual. He napped for about an hour and a half in the early afternoon! I couldn’t believe he slept that long. I was able to get some laundry done, changed the sheets on the bed, dusted the bedroom and did some clothes tidying in there, did some tidying in Andrew’s room. A bunch of little things that were adding up on my ‘to do’ list. It would have been nice to have a nap myself but it’s either sleep or get the stuff done that really does need doing s…

Thank my lucky stars

My parents and grandma were in a car accident this morning. It wasn’t super terrible but still, a car accident. My parents were taking my grandma to her doctor’s appointment and all of a sudden they were slammed from behind by a woman changing lanes. She told them she wasn’t speeding, but how could she not have been going too fast if she hit right into them from behind?! She apparently didn’t even apologize or seem the least bit upset about what she had done. Meanwhile, my mom was thrown forward in the backseat and hurt her shoulder. My grandma luckily didn’t get injured considering it could have caused permanent damage to her recent surgery. Even my dad was shaken from the experience. And the woman at fault basically just shrugged about it. After the impact, it took my dad a few seconds (which is a long time in that situation) to get the car to slow down, because getting hit like that caused him to lose control and the car started swerving over the centre lane. LUCKILY ther…

Always look on the bright side of life

Random tidbit: We watched Jay Leno’s new show last night and I’m happy that Kevin Eubanks went with him, and I am also very happy that he’s still doing Headlines! I love Headlines. It’s pretty much the same show at a new time.

It’s so hard to find the time to do a whole lot from my list of ‘to do’. I don’t know what ‘time management’ means right now. I do a pretty good job most of the time – I mean, I manage to take care of Andrew, make sure we’re getting out and doing new things so he can learn and have new experiences all the time. I do that while also managing to keep the apartment clean and relatively organized. And have supper on the table when James gets home! I manage to get where we’re supposed to be on time and with everything we need. I’m not totally scattered – although my brain often feels like it is. BUT I just don’t have a lot of time to do other things, such as write (I have been posting lately, but I never have time to really delve into anything in my writing o…

Thursday to Sunday night recapped

On Thursday Andrew and I went to Nanaimo. We were lucky that the bus driver let us on to get there, as it was nearly a full bus already so we had to just park the stroller in the isle. People were barely able to get around us, but it worked out. And Andrew was so well behaved the entire ride there, there was not one peep out of him! He was content to just look around and smile at people.

On the ferry, we went to the cafeteria where I got a veggie burger combo. I was STARVING. A ferry worker was kind enough to bring a high chair over to us – it’s hard to balance a tray while pushing a giant stroller AND get a high chair set up! Andrew had a few bites of the burger patty and also a few bites of a French fry. His first taste of a fry – not something I would get in the habit of giving him at this age! He also ate Cheerios, but mostly he played with relish and mustard packets, the lid to a plastic cup, and his sippy cup. All of which he would throw on the ground for me to pick up …

Rest in Peace Patrick Swayze

I was so young the first time I watched Dirty Dancing that I really had no idea what was going on in the movie. I remember asking my mom what it meant to get 'knocked up' and when Baby's dad had to give Penny an illegal abortion, I had no idea what that was.

But I do remember knowing just how cute Patrick Swayze was, and how amazing he was at dancing. Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time favourite movies today.

Ghost is another favourite. Which I just realized is going to be kind of creepy to watch, now that Patrick Swayze is gone.

He suffered from pancreatic cancer for a number of years, and that particular type of cancer is apparently one of the worst in terms of pain. So at least he is no longer having to deal with that pain, but it doesn't make it any easier to hear that he is gone.

RIP Patrick Swayze, you will be missed.

Swimming like a fish!

I have to go back to last Thursday and recap what we did from then till now…but for this post I’ll just focus on today’s events (so far).

I got up just before 7am…So annoying, considering Andrew was still sleeping! I don’t want to encourage him getting up earlier than when he wakes up on his own! But today was his first swim lesson so I had to get up early to get ready. Of course as soon as I came out of the bedroom, he was awake and standing at his crib, waiting for me to come in and get him. I thought I would feed him right away (he had fed last at 3:30am…unfortunately it wasn’t a ‘sleep through the night’ night) but we picked up his new toy last night and James put it together so he could see it all set up and he couldn’t think to feed – he wanted to play! It felt like Christmas morning. He was so intrigued by his new toy! It’s big, although it fits perfectly where I wanted to put it by the window. It’s the house thing I posted about recently, that we ordered from Babies R U…

A lazy sort of day

We’re having a lazy sort of day. It really feels like fall, it’s dark and dreary outside and its been raining on and off since this morning. We changed into fresh jammies but I decided we’d have a stay-in-our-jammies day.

I don’t know if the weather is getting to Andrew or if it’s just a fluke, but he’s been napping a lot today. I just hope this doesn’t mean he’ll be up through the night. We’re now at 4 nights in a row of sleeping through the night and I don’t want to break that cycle!! He did get up just after midnight BUT I had only just fallen asleep literally a few minutes earlier than that, so getting him back to bed just after 12:30, I was able to fall asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow and didn’t wake up till after 7. After feeding him, James watched him so I could go back to sleep till 8:30. What a difference it makes to be getting better sleep. I still get exhausted in the early evening but sometimes a coffee gives me the extra boost I need to finish up …

Old hat

My aunt came over today and we took Andrew to the swings at the park. He was all smiles as soon as we put him into the baby swing. It’s SO cute the way he holds on while he’s swinging. Once again he was intrigued with the older kids and their ability to run around and play on the big kid playground. It’s hard to believe that next summer he’ll be running around too.

We went for lunch at a little café on the sea wall. The panini was delicious and filling – I was so happy not to have to think about cooking a lunch! Andrew had a few very small bits of tortilla chip and that kept him occupied for most of the lunch – although he did have to do some nursies and then when he got really fussy, we decided we’d better leave. We walked a bit and he had a bit of a cry and then he was out like a light! Soon it was time to say goodbye to my aunt and head to the mom and baby group meet up.

I was hoping to see some familiar faces from spring time, and see how the other babies had grown like Andr…

I hope a new pattern of SLEEPING is forming!

Last night Andrew slept straight through for nearly 12 hours! He just got up before 7:30 this morning. I can’t believe it! And he was so happy when he woke up, he voiced that he was ready to get up but he wasn’t fussy.

What’s really cute is that last night after he went to bed, I put a few toys into his toy box that he hasn’t played with for a while. One was fairly deep in the box because I piled a bunch of other things on top of it afterwards when I was cleaning up more of his stuff. When he crawled to the box this morning to play, he actually picked out the three toys he hadn’t seen for a while. I thought it was quite clever, especially given the one that wasn’t easy to get to. He purposely wanted it out because he hadn’t played with it for some time, whereas all the other toys are out on a daily basis!

It’s amazing when you think that just some MONTHS ago, he couldn’t even roll over on his own, let alone sit up, crawl, work on standing, or decide on his own which toys to play …

I've got the theme song for Littlest Hobo stuck in my head and I have no idea why!

Tonight we watched the first part of a 2 part miniseries called Guns. It explores rising gun violence in Canada. I found it really gritty and almost hard to watch at times, but we will definitely be tuning in for the 2nd part tomorrow night.

I like watching Canadian shows for a change. Though I did mention to James that I reeeally want to start watching some happier-content shows. I feel like everything we watch is so negative. For example, we just finished watching Dexter Season 3 recently. An amazing show and I can’t wait to see the 4th season start up, but the point is that I also need some uplifting shows in my life! I guess there’s always Treehouse – when I watch shows with Andrew there’s always a positive message!

We didn’t end up doing a whole lot today. I really felt fall starting to creep into my bones today. Not because I felt cold at all but it’s just this feeling. Most likely a result of the greyness outside – the clouds, the bouts of rain. Sigh. I am already…

Hangin' with the fam

I’ve read a few stories recently of mothers losing a child at a young age. A 2 year old being struck out of nowhere by a car, a young baby dying after having been born premature. It’s almost too much for me to even read about it. My heart goes out to parents who lose their children so young – or at any age for that matter. Children should never die before their parents. I don’t know what I would do if I was to lose Andrew. I don’t think I’d be able to survive without him. If that makes me sound totally weak, so be it. How could I possibly go on if he weren’t here? My heart would shatter into a million pieces. I can’t even think about it. All I can do is thank my lucky stars that he IS here and thank my lucky stars that he was born so healthy. As much as I was desperate for his arrival, I think it’s actually good that he was 8 days late. The over-ripeness made him that much stronger and healthier!

Last night we had his aunt and uncle over – James’ brother and girlfriend. T…

Long weekend

I’m feeling slightly refreshed at the moment. Andrew was up through the night, but James took him for me in the morning so I could get some extra zzz’s. Woke up to feed him just after 9, then back to sleep for an hour. I could always use more but just that little extra goes a long way.

I’m in a good mood, despite that James has to spend the majority of our Saturday moving…His company is moving a block away from where they were before and it got organized for today which is absolutely RIDICULOUS but whatever. At least it’s a long weekend so we still have 2 days to enjoy together.

I hope the rain stops and the clouds move away…Come again some other day, like how about half way to never? The weather has been so amazing this summer, you could probably count on one hand how many times it has rained since May. Its been amazing – not so much for the plants and trees but for getting out and about its been wonderful. I’m hoping to get out with Andrew later but I’ll be less likely to do th…

Keeping true to my promise, this post might INCLUDE Andrew but it’s ABOUT fire!

About an hour ago Andrew and I were playing in the living room when I heard a smoke alarm going off on our floor. It happens from time to time – I don’t freak out over someone’s smoke alarm, although I do keep an ear peeled to make sure it goes off shortly after. It didn’t, and if anything it started to sound louder (which is strange) so I went and looked through the peep hole. I couldn’t see anything, but through the crack of the door I could smell smoke. This DID freak me out!

I threw some clothes on in a matter of seconds (if there were flames licking obviously I’d rush out in my nightgown, but realistically I think it’s better to have something a little more appropriate on! In our old apartment, the one with the arsonist and therefore MANY fires as well as false alarms) I remember a woman once came out in a sheer leopard print mini-housecoat. I didn’t want to be that person! Not that I have a leopard print ANYTHING, but you know what I mean!!)

Anyway, I grabbed Andrew’s dia…

Let there be sleep!

I got less than 4 hours sleep last night. I was SURE that because of how much Andrew was up through the night, he would have had a good long nap today. Not so. He literally did not even sleep one wink the whole day through. He would feed and immediately want something else, he wouldn’t close his eyes for fear he might miss out on something!

By 8pm he went from overtired to zonked and fell asleep – although he’s already been up twice since then to feed and drift back. I hope SOOOOO much that he will sleep for a good amount of time tonight – how about all night, Andrew – that sure would be a nice treat for Momma!

I think his teeth are bothering him. For the most part the teething process has seemed to come easy for him, but I have a feeling that is what’s bugging him. Of course, not being able to ask him what’s wrong, I can’t know for sure. Poor little guy. He so rarely cries for any length of time. I feel so bad for him when he’s sobbing but you should see how adorable his face…

Finally, someone who cares!

Almost 2 am…been awake for half an hour after sleeping for an hour and a half. Ahhh, why oh why can’t I get a full nights sleep?! Andrew was up and had a feed and cuddles and has gone back to bed but he’s been stirring so I don’t want to go back to bed if the monitor is going to continue going off. He’s not needing to get up again at this point but I can’t sleep when I’m anticipating the noise of the monitor clicking on…

Tonight (last night, technically) we found a new doctor, thanks to the recommendation of one of the other moms in the mom/baby group we go to. As it turns out, she, too, had been going to the same woman in Yaletown that we started going to after our time with our midwife ended. She felt the same about this woman as I did. She’s rather cold and abrupt in her approach. Uncaring is probably the best description. Just a total lack of care. Which of course makes a person totally uncomfortable addressing issues, which is kind of the purpose of having a doctor…

Since …


Those of you who have access to my facebook can see these pictures there, but I thought I would do a picture post seeing as I so rarely seem to put any on here these days...which is something that must change.

A backwards glimpse into our August...Backwards because it goes from most recent to oldest, but I dont feel like rearranging the order so this is what you get!